Nestor the Wise (ネスター・ザ・ワイズ Nesutā za Waizu?) is a character from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. He is a legendary echidna historian. He is a traitor to the Nocturnus Clan, having spoken out publicly against Ix's ways and subsequently taken refuge with the Kron Colony. Nestor chose to live with the Kron because they were planning a rebellion against Ix's master rule.


He met Sonic and his friends after they entered his home and he asked if they could bring him some relics from Nocturne because he felt homesick. In return, he translated some ancient Precursor Tablets for them.

Nestor used to know a Gizoid from before the Argus Event, even referring to it as a friend. However, the Gizoid did not get sucked into the Twilight Cage during the Argus Event, thus separating him from the Gizoid. It is implied that this Gizoid friend was Emerl, as he was the only Gizoid known to have evaded the Argus Event.


If you collect all of the Nocturne Relics and Precursor tablets, Nestor reads to you a tablet with, "The will of Argus, must escape Argus." Nestor seems to go a little mad after reading this and refuses to read any more.


  • Nestor is named after the ancient Greek hero Nestor, who took part in the Trojan War on the side of the Greeks. Nestor was an old man, but offered wise advice to the other, younger warriors. (Scylla and Charyb are also named after characters from Greek mythology.) This is backed up that Nestor the Wise (as old) had offered advice to Sonic and his friends by translating percusor tablets (younger warriors). 

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