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Quotation1 We have selected you... Aurora, you... Athair, and Merlin Prower to maintain the balance of the Chaos Force and protect the world in our stead. Quotation2
— The Ancient Walkers, Sonic the Hedgehog #162

The Neo Walkers are a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. They are a trio of powerful beings with skill in mystical energies, particularly the Chaos Force: Aurora, Athair, and Merlin Prower. Chosen as successors by the ailing Ancient Walkers, they were given the task of watching over Mobius in the stead of their predecessors. As yet, however, they have not achieved the same state of connection with the Chaos Force.



The members of the Neo Walkers had been prepared for some time previously before assuming their role. Aurora had been an aid to the Ancient Walkers from the start, Athair had been one of their emissaries and servants since relinquishing his title of Guardian, and Merlin had spent his whole life developing his magical talents. When the Ancient Walkers, wounded due to the actions of Mammoth Mogul, realized that they would die regardless of Merlin's efforts to save them using the last remnants of the Source of All, they announced to a present Aurora and Athair that the two of them and Merlin would become the Walkers' successors. Soon enough, the Ancient Walkers were killed by a dimensional breach between Mobius and the Zone of Silence which resulted in Ixis Naugus' escape.[1]

While Aurora and Athair remained in the Virtual Zone to continue their role, Merlin spent some time in Knothole and then New Mobotropolis aiding the Knothole Freedom Fighters before departing to complete his training so that he could rise to his new role.[2]


  • Merlin Prower is the only member of the Neo Walkers that is not an echidna.


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