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Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
Neo South Island Zone

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Neo South Island Zone is the first Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure.


The Zone is visually similar to Green Hill Zone, but the actual level layout is a condensed version of Emerald Hill Zone with more loops.




Act 1

Neo South Island Zone Act 1 begins with a large open area with some Badniks and a Super Rings item box. A small ramp slows Sonic down just before the first waterfall is reached. From here, multiple paths emerge. The lower of them leads below the previous waterfall and to many secrets, while the upper route leads towards multiple loops and a ramp that sends Sonic flying into the air. The act condenses around the first Start Post, before becoming just two relatively parallel paths. Still, many springs connect the areas together.

By crossing the floating platforms over the first Start Post, two corkscrews will be found. If the second is gone through without slowing down, Sonic will be sent flying backwards by a red diagonal spring placed right at the end of the path. If the player instead crosses under the previous path, they are met with more loops, waterfalls, and Badniks before connecting with the upper path to reach the goal plate and completing the Act.

Act 2

Neo South Island Zone Act 2 is substantially shorter than Act 1, but it follows the same general format. The Act opens with more dangers than the last, as both a Coconuts and some Mashers are right in front of Sonic when he arrives. The path is also littered with spikes, so the player must be carful, as there are many ramps that can send them falling to their doom. After two loops, the path splits into multiple different routes yet again. By continuing straight forward, the player will come across a massive vertical tunnel.

There are many different pathways that lead to the end, and the player can splice them together by using tunnels, loops, and springs. After a corkscrew through the air, the final Start Post is passed and the boss fight will ensue. Once the boss is defeated, the player can open the nearby capsule and complete the Act.


The unnamed Neo South Island Zone boss, from Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure.

The boss of Neo South Island Zone is Dr. Robotnik in a vehicle armed with a giant mallet. In the boss battle, Robotnik rolls back and forth along the ground, pounding the earth with his mallet. After taking four hits, Robotnik will pause when he reaches the middle of the arena to slam the ground with the hammer, creating a shockwave that will inflict damage if Sonic is standing on the ground. After hitting him four more times, Robotnik's vehicle will begin to explode before he takes off in his Egg Mobile.

Photo piece locations

Act 1

  1. Down the first hole at the start, Spin Dash through the wall on the left and then hop the gap to reach the platform with the photo piece.
  2. Go down at the first waterfall and use then the Spin Dash to go through the wall at the end.
  3. On the upper route by the first red diagonal spring, don't hit the spring but go underneath the ledge ahead. Continue then jump into the corner of the wall right of the small third platform.
  4. Grab the Power-Sneakers then run through the two loops on the upper route. From there, go fast up the ramp at the end, and land on a platform in the sky. From there, jump up to the next moving platform and hop to the left.
  5. Below the last piece is a waterfall, stand above it on the left, and then do a regular Spin Jump off the edge while holding right on the control stick. Sonic will subsequently barely make it to an invisible hole, with the photo piece sitting just to the right.
  6. Just past the second corkscrew, slow down to avoid the red diagonal spring at the end.
  7. Between the two corkscrews, use the yellow spring on top of the shortest tree to jump to the top of the loop. Two photo pieces lie here.

Act 2

  1. On the upper route, near the start of the Act, above the first red spring.
  2. Top of the second loop, jump off the diagonal red spring and then the yellow spring where Sonic lands. Jump from the three red diagonal springs, then walk off the left of the ledge and hug the right side to find two photo pieces.
  3. Use the Power-Sneakers to launch Sonic into the first loop of the upper route. Then, jump to the moving platform on the right and hop down to the loop below.
  4. From the last photo piece, use the diagonal red spring on top of the loop to get to the moving platform, then jump on top of the next loop.
  5. Go right through the lower route's Start Post and up to the ledge, then jump as far to the left as possible. After Sonic lands on a moving platform, jump to the left when close enough.
  6. Past the corkscrew just before the end of the zone, on the upper path.
  7. Just after the big vertical tunnel, use the red spring to jump left into the wall beside the spikes on the ceiling.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Neo South Island Zone: Act 1 Maitaro 1:43
Neo South Island Zone: Act 2 Maitaro 2:17


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