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This transformation exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I will conquer the world for Eggman as Eggman. And you will tell me where he is so I may hand over control to him.

— Neo Metal Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog #7

Neo Metal Sonic[2] is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is an upgraded and more advanced form of Metal Sonic, achieved through unknown means. Metal Sonic once attempted to take over the Eggman Empire in this form, a plan that was thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog. Most recently, he used the form while overseeing the empire after Dr. Eggman went missing.


Neo Metal Sonic shares some distinctive traits with his normal form, such as black eyes with red irises, similar torso with a rocket engine, and the primary blue color with red shoes, but he has a number of differences too. His head has five long quills as opposed to his regular three, with white stripes and markings around his eyes, similar to that of Shadow's. The yellow color in his ears has been replaced with red.

He also possesses more pronounced body armor, with black and curved shoulder plates, larger gauntlets and leg armor with pointy knee caps that have white outlines, a plate covering his pelvis and elf-like shoes. He also sports a spiky belt with a black cape that protrudes out of the back of his waist.



Neo Metal Sonic betrays Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

In the recent past, Metal Sonic transformed into Neo Metal Sonic in an attempt to take over the Eggman Empire.[2] After disguising himself as Dr. Eggman, he eventually clashed with Team Heroes in the Egg Emperor mech.[5] Not only did he lose in this battle, but after he was found out to be a fake, he was defeated by Team Heroes and turned back to normal. After this defeat, Eggman repaired Metal Sonic and removed the rebelliousness from his coding.[2]

The War and aftermath

Neo Metal Sonic in the ruins of Metropolis, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Eggman eventually decided to upgrade Metal Sonic to Neo Metal Sonic once again so he could be used as his greatest weapon in the final battle during the war between the Eggman Empire and the Resistance. As a part of the upgrade, Eggman added his own bio-data to Neo Metal Sonic, giving him his creator's drive, vision and genius.[2] In addition, Eggman removed the limitation to Neo Metal Sonic's transformation into his final form; all he now needed to assume it was Sonic and Shadow's bio-data and the Master Emerald.[6] However, Neo Metal Sonic's upgrade was not completed until after Eggman had lost and went missing.[2] Determined to make sure the Dr. Eggman's reign remained unbroken, Neo Metal Sonic decided to use Eggman's persona and lead the Eggman Empire, with the intention of conquering the world as Eggman and then find the real doctor so he could hand the control of the world over to him.[2]


Approximately a month after the end of the Eggman Empire-Resistance war, Neo Metal Sonic, disguised as Dr. Eggman, made his first move by taking control of the Eggman Empire's wayward Badnik hordes that had been scattered everywhere and directing them into attacking various villages across the globe.[5][1][7][8]

Neo Metal Sonic watching Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

As his first "trial" for Sonic, whom he kept a close eye on via a Flapper, Neo Metal Sonic had a Badnik battalion attack a village called Vista View in order to draw Sonic into a fight. When Sonic met up with Tails there and the two emerged victorious, Neo Metal Sonic had another Badnik battalion attack a nearby village called Riverside to lure Sonic into an ambush. He also made sure Sonic's success reached the Resistance so that the group's core staff member, Amy Rose, would join Sonic on the battlefield and get crushed with him.[5] After both hedgehogs ended up defeating the Badniks though, Neo Metal Sonic noticed that Sonic was deviating from his projected path, much to his annoyance. However, when Orbot reported that Sonic was heading for a village where Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk resided, Neo Metal Sonic had hopes that the skunk brothers could finish Sonic for him.[1] Although the skunk brothers failed, Neo Metal Sonic learned from surveillance that Knuckles was still not protecting Angel Island. This meant the Master Emerald was there for the taking, which Neo Metal Sonic realized would accelerate his master plan significantly.[7]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

While following his forces via surveillance from a Flapper, Neo Metal Sonic caught sight of Sonic and the Chaotix just before his Flapper got taken out by Charmy Bee. This made Neo Metal Sonic suspect either that his forces had found another settlement, or that Sonic had figured him out.[9] Regardless, once Orbot reported that the Egg Fleet was getting into position, Neo Metal Sonic decided to join up with it in order to carry out the next phase of his plan.[10]

Neo Metal Sonic threatens Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Onboard his flagship, Neo Metal Sonic got a surprise visit from Sonic when he infiltrated his ship. Neo Metal Sonic tried fooling Sonic with his Eggman disguise, but Sonic saw through it because he had met Eggman earlier. Neo Metal Sonic thus decided to drop his disguise and let Sonic in on his motivations for taking over for Eggman, whose whereabouts he intended to get from him. This prompted Sonic to try and defeat Neo Metal Sonic, but the robot soon gained the upper hand by copying his bio-data. Eventually, Sonic tried to escape, which Neo Metal Sonic tried to prevent with the aid of his Badniks and his ship's artillery, which Sonic destroyed in the process. In the end, Sonic escaped with Tails and the Tornado's aid. Having nothing left to fight the escaping duo with, Neo Metal Sonic allowed them to flee, and resumed his plan with the knowledge that Sonic was unaware of what he was up to. Soon after, Neo Metal Sonic and the Egg Fleet reached the airspace surrounding Angel Island.[2] Taking over Angel Island, Neo Metal Sonic fashioned himself a throne on top of the Master Emerald. Sitting there, he challenged Sonic to come and stop him, either as himself or as Super Sonic, as he held all the cards that made Sonic powerless to stop him.[11]

Battle For Angel Island

Having turned Angel Island into a flying fortress, Neo Metal Sonic would sit on his throne on top of the Master Emerald inside his fortification on Angel Island and reflect on his successes and realized victory. Soon after, he was confronted by Sonic and Knuckles, who had arrived with a group of their allies to liberate Angel Island. Unconcerned with the Resistance's paltry efforts, Neo Metal Sonic turned his attention to Sonic and Knuckles. Using the Master Emerald, Neo transformed into Super Neo Metal Sonic and challenged the two heroes to come at him.[4]

Neo Metal Sonic before transforming into Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #10.

Taunting the heroes into stopping him, Super Neo Metal Sonic proceeded to toy with Sonic and Knuckles. After defeating both of them easily, Super Neo found disappointment in them as he never had to unleash his final form. Suddenly, however, he was attacked by Shadow, who forced him back to his previous form and beat him back to his throne on the Master Emerald. Before Shadow could destroy him however, Neo told them how Eggman had directly upgraded him to his current form and that all he needed was Sonic and Shadow's bio-data in addition to the power of the Master Emerald itself to complete his final form. With this, Neo Metal Sonic absorbed his fortification and grew into a form more monstrous than the last―dubbing it Master Overlord―and demanded that Sonic bowed before him.[6] Master Overlord was soon after defeated though, causing him to revert back to his regular Metal Sonic form.[12]

Powers and abilities

Neo Metal Sonic is a very powerful transformation with seemingly limitless potential. On his own, Neo Metal Sonic was able to fight Sonic to a standstill, and eventually overpower him.[2]

Neo Metal Sonic is able to scan the bio-data of other life forms, allowing him to copy and replicate others' skills and abilities flawlessly, also he takes on the personality of the person he is copying. On his own, he is also surprisingly durable, being able to take a barrage of attack from Sonic and emerge from them almost undamaged. He also possesses limitless stamina and the ability to fly via the rocket engine on his back.[2]

Neo Metal Sonic assuming Eggman's form, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Neo Metal Sonic also has the power to shapeshift, allowing him to change his appearance and body structure. This allows him not only to perfectly imitate the appearance of organic creatures, but also the appearance of robots as well.[2]


Super Neo Metal Sonic

Main article: Super Neo Metal Sonic

By harnessing the Master Emerald's power for himself, Neo Metal Sonic is able to attain a Super State called Super Neo Metal Sonic. In this state, all of Neo Metal Sonic's abilities far surpass his normal ones. He is also able to project harmful energy blasts and bolts.

Master Overlord

Main article: Master Overlord

With the bio-data of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, and the Master Emerald itself, Neo Metal Sonic is able to transform into a giant, dragon-like robot called Master Overlord. In this state, Neo Metal Sonic is even stronger than his Super Neo Metal Sonic state. Some of the abilities he commands include flight, crystal generation, and enhanced strength and durability.


  • Neo Metal Sonic is based on the transformation of the same name that debuted in Sonic Heroes.
    • Likewise, Neo Metal Sonic running the Eggman Empire while disguised as Eggman is also similar to his role in Sonic Heroes.

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