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All living things kneel before your master!

— Neo Metal Sonic, Sonic Heroes

Neo Metal Sonic[3] (ネオメタルソニック Neo Metaru Sonikku?) is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is one of Metal Sonic's transformations which he once used to disguise himself as Dr. Eggman and copy the data of those he fought against in order to make himself more powerful.


Neo Metal Sonic shares some distinctive traits with his base form, such as black eyes with red irises, a similar torso with a rocket engine in the center, and the primary blue color with red shoes. There are a number of differences that Neo Metal Sonic features as well. His head has five long quills as opposed to his regular three, with white stripes and markings around his eyes, similar to that of Shadow the Hedgehog. The yellow color in his ears has been replaced with red and his once grey nose is now black.

He also possesses more pronounced body armor, with black and curved shoulder plates, larger gauntlets and leg armor with pointy kneecaps that have white outlines, a plate covering his pelvis and elf-like shoes. He also sports a spiky belt with a black cape that protrudes out of the back of his waist.


Sonic Heroes[]

Prior to Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic assumed this form as he sought to defeat Sonic on his own and conquer the world himself, as he held the "key to destroy the world."[4] To this end, he betrayed Dr. Eggman, took control of the Eggman Empire and began seeking out the data needed for him to transform into Metal Overlord. To achieve this, Neo Metal needed to copy the lifeform data of other beings. Using his shapeshifting abilities to pass as the real Sonic, Neo Metal would also kidnap Froggy and Chocola in order to obtain their data on Chaos as well.

Dolphin 2015-08-23 21-53-57-065

Neo Metal Sonic frees Froggy and Chocola after copying the needed data, from Sonic Heroes.

When Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Dark, and Team Chaotix began their adventures, Neo Metal Sonic would cross paths with the groups on various occasions in the guise of Dr. Eggman and get the lifeform data he needed from them. By the time Team Dark and Team Sonic defeated the Egg Albatross, Neo Metal Sonic had successfully copied Shadow's data and that of all the teams, and when Team Rose defeated Neo Metal Sonic in the Egg Emperor, he had copied Chaos' data as well, making him release Froggy and Chocola from captivity.

With all the data he needed, Neo Metal revealed himself to the heroes and destroyed the Final Fortress' tower before using the debris to transform into Metal Madness, and later Metal Overlord. However, he was later defeated by Team Sonic and reverted to Neo Metal Sonic, and then back to his original form with Sonic promising him a rematch at any time.

Sonic Frontiers[]

In Sonic Frontiers, Sage mentions Neo Metal while telling Dr. Eggman that he and Sonic worked together many times to stop threats, such as the former and the Space Colony ARK.[2]

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Speed Simulator[]

In Sonic Speed Simulator, as stated by Sonic, him and Dr. Eggman were working together during the Super Sonic: Powering Up event. Later once the player finishes the event, the Neo Metal Sonic Boss Battle is unlocked, where the player can take on Neo Metal Sonic as Super Sonic.

Neo Metal Sonic later appeared as a playable character during the Neo Metal Sonic Boss Event.

Image Unlocking requirement Rarity
  • Complete all five tasks during the "Neo Metal Sonic Boss Event"
  • Purchase for Robux during:
    • The Hunt Event / Neo Metal Sonic Boss Event

Powers and abilities[]

Dolphin 2015-08-23 21-58-11-309

Neo Metal Sonic shapeshifting, from Sonic Heroes.

Neo Metal Sonic is, like his normal form, able to scan the life data of other life forms, allowing him to copy and replicate others' attributes and abilities flawlessly. Due to his actions throughout Sonic Heroes, it can be assumed that he possessed the abilities of all the teams, plus those of Chaos himself, at the climax of the story.

Neo Metal Sonic has the power to shapeshift, allowing him to change his appearance and body structure. When shapeshifting, he turns into a puddle of liquid metal and then emerges in a new form. This allows him not only to perfectly imitate the appearance of organic creatures, but also the appearance of robots as well, such as fake Dr. Eggman robot copies, though Tails could tell it was not an Eggman robot. He can also safely contain creatures such as Froggy and Chocola inside of himself until he had copied Chaos' data.

Dolphin 2015-08-23 22-12-33-270

Neo Metal Sonic launching a lightning bolt, from Sonic Heroes.

As demonstrated when he first revealed himself to the heroes, Neo Metal Sonic can create lightning bolts from his hands, launch them into the sky and then bring it back down with enough power to blow up the Final Fortress' largest tower. He can also manipulate outside elements through unknown means to rebuild himself, such as when he used the debris from the Final Fortress' tower to rebuild himself into Metal Madness.

In Sonic Speed Simulator, more of his armaments are shown, including the ability to launch Chaos Spear-like projectiles and energy beams from his hands, sending out pink energy waves resembling laser beams, and projecting protective force fields that can repel attacks.


Metal Madness[]

Main article: Metal Madness

Metal Madness, from Sonic Heroes.

By combining the data from Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose and Team Chaotix with the data from Chaos, Neo Metal Sonic is able to rebuild himself into a much stronger form called Metal Madness. In this form, Neo Metal Sonic's strength and power are highly increased, and he gains new abilities and weaponry, such as launching the spines on his back which will sprout into a sharp spike formation, a large flamethrower, missiles which can trap his enemies in crystal cages, and a powerful sweep with his tail.

Metal Overlord[]

Main article: Metal Overlord

Metal Overlord, from Sonic Heroes.

After completing his transformation as Metal Madness, Metal Madness grows a pair of mechanical wings on his lower body, becoming Metal Overlord. In this form, Metal Overlord is nearly invulnerable and is powerful enough to fight on par with Super Sonic, Super Knuckles and Super Tails. He is capable of flight and is strong enough to throw entire battleships. As Metal Overlord, he can fire a barrage of crystal pillars from his torso, launch the spikes on his back as homing missiles, fire crystal encasing missiles, and perform Chaos Control.

Super Neo Metal Sonic[]

Main article: Super Neo Metal Sonic

By harnessing the Master Emerald's power for himself, Neo Metal Sonic is able to attain a Super State called Super Neo Metal Sonic. In this state, all of Neo Metal Sonic's abilities far surpass his normal ones. He is also able to project harmful energy blasts and bolts, also has infinite energy.

Master Overlord[]

Main article: Master Overlord

With the bio-data of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, and the Master Emerald itself, Neo Metal Sonic is able to transform into a giant, dragon-like robot called Master Overlord. In this state, Neo Metal Sonic is even stronger than his Super Neo Metal Sonic state. Some of the abilities that he commands include flight, crystal generation, and enhanced strength and durability.

IDW Publishing[]

Neo Metal Sonic is a very powerful transformation with seemingly limitless potential. On his own, Neo Metal Sonic was able to fight Sonic to a standstill, and eventually overpower him.

Neo Metal Sonic is able to scan the bio-data of other life forms, allowing him to copy and replicate others' skills and abilities flawlessly, also he takes on the personality of the person he is copying. On his own, he is also surprisingly durable, being able to take a barrage of attack from Sonic and emerge from them almost undamaged. He also possesses limitless stamina and the ability to fly via the rocket engine on his back.

Neo Metal Sonic also has the power to shapeshift, allowing him to change his appearance and body structure. This allows him not only to perfectly imitate the appearance of organic creatures, but also the appearance of robots as well.


Neo Metal Sonic is a boss in Sonic Speed Simulator that appears during the Super Sonic: Powering Up and The Hunt / Neo Metal Sonic Boss events. He was first engaged by the player optionally after unlocking Super Sonic as a playable character during the former event, but can be challenged at any time during the Neo Metal Sonic Boss event.

Boss guide[]

To defeat Neo Metal Sonic, the player must target him while his shield is down, which leaves him vulnerable to Super Sonic's attacks. Neo Metal Sonic mainly attacks by throwing blasts of electricity at the player, but may also send large Chaos Spear-like yellow beams and a pink beam which will track the player. Getting hit by attacks will cost the player Rings, which the player needs to stay in the battle. Each of his attacks can be avoided simply by steering the hedgehog out of the way. After attacking three times, Neo Metal Sonic's shield will go down which will leave him temporarily vulnerable, giving the player the opportunity to attack him as many times as possible before he reassumes his shield. The boss must be successfully hit thirty times before he is defeated.

To acquire an S-Rank for this boss battle, the player must finish it in under three minutes.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"WHAT I'M MADE OF... / LAST BOSS ver. 2 : METAL OVERLORD" Crush 40 3:44

In other media[]

Archie Comics[]

StH 270 Neo Metal Sonic

Neo Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #270.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, an army of Neo Metal Sonic robots, called the Metal Sonic Troops, appeared. These robots were created by Sir Charles Hedgehog and Rotor to serve as protectors of Knothole after Sonic was lost in the battle with the Xorda. While they were never activated by their creators, when Sonic returned, A.D.A.M. managed to assume control of them and send them on a rampage against Knothole and Dr. Eggman. The entire army was destroyed however, when Shadow the Hedgehog used Chaos Control.

After the Super Genesis Wave, just like in the games, Neo Metal Sonic was an alternate form of Metal Sonic, assumed after usurping control of the Eggman Empire from his creator.

IDW Publishing[]


"All life form data... successfully copied."
—Neo Metal Sonic after Team Sonic defeats the Egg Albatross, Sonic Heroes
"Ultimate life form data... has been copied."
—Neo Metal Sonic after Team Dark defeats the Egg Albatross, Sonic Heroes
"Chaos data... has been copied."
—Neo Metal Sonic after Team Rose defeats the Egg Albatross, Sonic Heroes
"It's no use... but why can't I defeat you?"
—Neo Metal Sonic's final words before reverting back to normal, Sonic Heroes


Jakks 4in figure Neo Metal Sonic pose

The articulated figure by Jakks Pacific.

In 2019, a skateboard deck with artwork of Neo Metal Sonic was released by Finesse. The design was later reused for a Tech Deck. In 2024, a 4″-scale articulated figure of Neo Metal Sonic was released by Jakks Pacific.


Heroes HC NMSstatue

The statue of Neo Metal Sonic in Hang Castle, from Sonic Heroes.

  • To avoid revealing Neo Metal Sonic's identity, the English instruction manual for Sonic Heroes lists him as "Mystery Monster,"[4] while the Japanese manual simply calls him "???" and "Unknown."[5]
  • In Sonic Heroes, in Hang Castle, when the player looks at the Eggman statue upside-down, they can see Neo Metal Sonic.
    • Another hint is in Team Dark's Egg Hawk level. When "Eggman" saw Omega, he said, "You must be Omega..." when the real Eggman should already know who Omega is.
    • Another hint which revealed the twist to many is when Team Chaotix is about to fight the Robot Storm, Vector refers to Eggman as a "mustached moron," their mysterious client becomes enraged, saying "I'm the world's greatest..." before stopping himself.
  • Neo Metal Sonic was designed by Kazuyuki Hoshino, who also designed the original Metal Sonic for Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • Neo Metal Sonic's shapeshifting ability is similar to Mimetic polyalloy, a shapeshifting liquid metal that T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day was made from.
    • As well as T-1001 aka Catherine Weaver, and T-X aka Terminatrix from the Terminator franchise.
  • Neo Metal Sonic's voice is actually just Ryan Drummond's Sonic voice with lots of voice filters applied.











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