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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Chris knows how to take care of himself. And you know it's never wise to underestimate a Thorndyke.

— Nelson Thorndyke, "H2 Whoa"

Nelson Thorndyke (ネルソン・ソーンダイク Neruson Sōndaiku?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is a human and the son of Chuck Thorndyke, the husband of Lindsey Thorndyke, and father of Christopher Thorndyke. He is the wealthy president of Thorndyke Industries, whose company has succeeded well enough for him to be a famous celebrity. He is usually very absorbed in work and as such spends little time with his family. Despite this, he is a very caring man who is willing to risk everything for his family.


Nelson is an average-looking adult human with slightly broad shoulders. He has peach skin, short brown hair and wisteria eyes. For attire, he typically wears a blue shirt with a dark blue tie, and a beige suit and pants.




Born as the son of Chuck Thorndyke, Nelson would, as a child, wander about and forget about the time on a few occasions.[2] Eventually, Nelson became the president of Thorndyke Industries, a software and housing company which came to hold 70% of the Earth's computer market.[3] He eventually married Lindsey Fair and had a son with her who came to be named Christopher Thorndyke. Together, they would live in a luxurious mansion in Station Square. Wanting to give their son the best, Nelson and Lindsey chose to focus on their careers so that Chris would never need anything. However, they unintentionally ended up neglecting Chris, who just wanted parental love. This led to Chris developing unnoticeable problems dealing with separation.[4]

One summer, Nelson and Lindsey took Chris to their summer villa near a beautiful lake in the mountains. This turned out to be the only summer that Nelson, Lindsey and Chris spent together as a family.[4]

New World Saga

Some time after Chris turned twelve, Nelson received a phone call from Lindsey who told him that Chris went swimming in the adult pool at night in order to fish a cat out of the water. Wanting to check up on Chris, Nelson phoned him himself. After Chris assured him that everything was fine though, Nelson bid Chris a warm farewell and returned to work.[5]

Nelson and Lindsey hugging Chris at home.

Eventually, Nelson and Lindsey found the time to visit Chris at home. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Ella, Mr. Tanaka and Chuck. While Nelson was eager to see Chris, he did not come home from school as promised. This made Nelson extremely worried, but Lindsey convinced him to trust Chris and wait. That did not stop Nelson from attempting to contact the President for help though. Eventually however, Chris returned in the evening, and Nelson and Lindsey gave their son a loving embrace before having dinner with him as a family.[6]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Eventually, Nelson suggested to Chris that he, Sonic and their friends spent their vacation going on a luxury cruise on his yacht. Although Chris and his friends took Nelson's offer, he was soon contacted by the group, who asked him to pick up Sonic, who was going stir crazy on the ship. Instead, Nelson had Mr. Tanaka bring some folks from the Silver Star Retirement Home onboard the ship to teach Sonic and co. how to relax.[7] Some time after, Nelson and his company sponsored the race between Sonic and Sam Speed. Taking part in the awards ceremony, Nelson and Lindsey would give the prize to the winner at the finish line. When Sonic emerged as the victor of the race, Nelson congratulated the hedgehog while Lindsey handed him the flowers.[8]

Nelson's wedding surprise as it falls apart.

Later, Nelson stopped by a jewelry store to find a ring to give to Lindsey as an wedding anniversary gift, and happened to find a Chaos Emerald. Seeing it as the perfect ring for Lindsey, he purchased it and then had Chris come to Filmdom City with Chuck, their staff, and Sonic with his friends to be part of his surprise for Lindsey, whom he planned to present the ring to during the filming of her latest movie by disguising himself as her co-star and surprising her on set with the ring. When Chris arrived, Nelson was introduced to Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Mr. Stewart, the last of whom had invited himself. Nelson then tried showing the Chaos Emerald he had bought to the others, but when he opened the Emerald's box, the Emerald had a violent reaction with the other Emerald Sonic had until Nelson closed the box. Without giving it much thought, Nelson hurried to Lindsey's set. There, Nelson tried to give Lindsey the Emerald as he had planned. However, he tripped and dropped the Emerald, which fell out of its box and had another reaction until Tanaka boxed it. This prompted an argument between Nelson and Lindsey when she angrily asked him what he was doing, thinking he was trying to ruin her movie. However, it was brought to an abrupt end when Dr. Eggman crashed the set, and in the confusion, Rouge stole the Emerald from Nelson. When Eggman unleashed E-74 Weazo against the Thorndykes, Nelson attempted to protect Lindsey and Chris from the robot. Once Sonic and Knuckles destroyed E-74, Nelson was relieved to find Lindsey and Chris unharmed. With Nelson and Lindsey making up, the wedding anniversary celebration went on without further problems.[9]

Shadow Saga

Nelson bringing emergency supplies to Chris' school.

After Station Sqaure was left in ruins following Perfect Chaos' attack, Nelson brought emergency supplies to Station Square Elementary School with his helicopter. While there, he got to see Chris. After that, Nelson came to see Chris, Chuck, Ella, Mr. Tanaka, Cream and Cheese off, who had to move to another city while the Thorndyke Mansion underwent repairs from Chaos' attack.[10] Some time after, Nelson called Chuck to tell him that Sonic had been spotted fighting a giant robot on Downhill Street.[11]

Emerl Saga

While at the office, Nelson received several complaints for Thorndyke Industries' products from Miranda Curtis. These complains concerned the declining quality of the company's products, which was a result of the company's workers spending more time on the growing Freedom Movement than their work. Soon after, Nelson received a phone call from Ella, who told him that Chris had a mild fever. Disregarding his work upon learning his son was ill, Nelson went home to see to Chris, as did Lindsey. After they got there however, Nelson got into a heated argument with Chuck, who called both him and Lindsey out for abandoning their responsibilities over a minor issue. To lighten the mood, Lindsey suggested they should all help make a cake, which a sour Nelson went along with. In the kitchen however, Lindsey was attacked by their mixer. Responding quickly, Nelson protected Lindsey and Ella from the mixer until Sonic took it out. Sonic and Emerl then took out the other appliances that turned rogue. As it turned out however, electronic appliances all over the city had begun attacking people, and the only thing that could stop them was water. However, the city's water supply got cut off while the citizens were trying to fight back. As such, Nelson, Amy and Tails flew to the municipal water control system. There, Nelson got the system up and running. However, in order to return water to the city, they had to open the dam outside the city. Nelson thus flew with the heroes to the dam, where he, Chris, Chuck, Tanaka, Lindsey, Tails and Amy managed to open the dam. While this brought an end to the rogue electronic equipment, it also meant that appliances all over the city had been destroyed. Nelson however, saw this as an opportunity for his company to sell its products again.[12]

Nelson is defeated by Chris in the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournamen.

When the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament came around, Nelson signed up himself, Chris, Chuck, Tanaka, Ella, Tails and Amy for the tournament. At the day of the event, Nelson entered the arena in a spectacular fashion when he had to fight Chris. However, Nelson was easily defeated.[13] Later, when Chris forfeited the competition in order to avoid a fight with Knuckles, Nelson congratulated Chris for making it so far.[14]

Homebound Saga

Eventually, Nelson took some free time off, along with Lindsey, and organized a family barbecue. However, the idyllic mood did not last long. The very same evening, Nelson and Lindsey received a visit from the President's adviser, Christina Cooper, and Dr. Kim Bickley, at the mansion. They revealed that Sonic and his friends had to return to their world soon, or time would stop forever. It was then that Nelson discovered that Chris had been listening, but the boy refused to believe that Sonic had to leave, and ran away. When they could not find Chris, Nelson thought about contacting the president until Chuck told him that Chris was looking for Dr. Eggman. Although Nelson was unnerved by this news, Chuck told him that it would be good for Chris to see Eggman. Much later, when Nelson was starting to lose his patience, Chris returned, safe and sound. Nelson and Lindsey promptly embraced their son in relief and escorted him back to his room.[15]

Not long after, Nelson had some breakfast with the family until Chris went to school. When the day then finally came for Sonic and his friends to return to their world during Project Homebound, Nelson and Lindsey initially stayed behind in the mansion when Chris and the others left, but then decided to follow them and watch Chris in secret. At the site of the portal leading back to Sonic's world however, Chris shut off the portal when Sonic had to go through.[16] Chris then took Sonic and escaped with him, shocking Nelson.[17]

Nelson and Lindsey looking for Chris.

Nelson and Lindsey awaited Chris' retrieval at the site of the portal, but neither Mr. Tanaka or Topaz were able to find him or Sonic. Returning to the mansion, Nelson called everyone he knew in order to use every resource at his disposal to find Chris. Eventually however, Nelson and Lindsey were interrupted by Chuck, Tanaka and Ella. Talking in a scolding tone, Chuck told Nelson and Lindsey that the reason Chris left with Sonic was because he did not want to be left alone again, like how Nelson and Lindsey left Chris to himself while they worked on their careers to give him the best they could offer him. With that, Nelson and Lindsey understood that they had been neglecting Chris in spite of their good intentions. Chuck then added that, as Chris' parents, they would know where to find Chris. Remembering their summer vacation spot, Nelson and Lindsey went there in hopes of finding Chris and making things up to him. There, they found Chris, alone but happy, whereas Sonic had returned to his own world.[17]

Metarex Saga

Over six years after Sonic and his friends' departure from Earth, Nelson and Lindsey discovered that Chris had recently gone to Sonic's world through a portal he had made. Meeting up with Chuck, Helen, Frances, and Danny at the portal, they learned that they were unable to reactivate the portal and follow Chris to Sonic's world. Calming his worried wife, Nelson decided not to panic and instead have faith that Chris would be fine.[18] When Chuck later figured out how to sent items through the portal, Nelson and Lindsey would sent extra luggage to Chris through the portal.[19]

Archie Comics


Nelson is caring, helpful, generous, and bright. His luxurious lifestyle and power however, tends to make him take some quirky actions; for example, rather than arriving at the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up like everybody else, Nelson arrived there by parachute after jumping out of a plane.

Though he is very busy with his job, Nelson often tries to be the best father he can be for his son, Chris. Regardless, Nelson was oblivious how deeply emotionally scarred Chris was by his and his wife's absence in his life, but they made it better in the end when they remembered a special vacationing area they all once visited when they seemed more like a normal family. His faults aside, Nelson is a caring and devoted husband, as seen by how he went out of his way to give Lindsey the most romantic and expensive wedding anniversary possible.[9]

Overall, Nelson is a protective father and husband who cares deeply for his family and will not hesitate to put himself in harms way in order to protect those he loves. However, his family's wellbeing also tends to make him dismiss his responsibilities as president of Thorndyke Industries: when Chris was mildly ill, Nelson chosen to abandon his company during a crisis in order to see to Chris' recovery.

While very composed, Nelson tended to be oversensitive and overreact when worried (especially when it came to Chris' safety), but would act afterwards as he had remained in control of his worries. In time, however, he changed his attitude and has become more composed. Most noticeably, he calmly noted that Chris could look after himself after he went to Sonic's world alone.

Powers and abilities

Being the president of one of the world's largest computer companies, Nelson is an experienced IT specialist.[12] His considerable fortune and influence also gives him a large amount of resources and connections. However, he is quite clumsy and not very strong physically; even his own son was able to overpower him in battle.[13]





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