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The Nebula is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a pod-based Badnik model created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik and were standard flying units in the doctor's Badnik army.


Nebulas look like small creatures hiding inside an egg-shaped metal shell that they control by seemingly clutching a pair of control levers. It is unclear what these creatures fully look like, but they do have two eyes, short arms and gloves. Their shell has a hole on the bottom where a small cannon is equipped and a propeller on top. Their color scheme varies.


During Dr. Robotnik's reign over Mobius, some Nebulas and a squadron of Badniks found Tails. During their attempt to catch him though, they got smashed as the fox cub outmaneuvered them.[1] More Nebulas were sent to attack the Metropolis Zone to remind the citizens that Robotnik was in charge, where they fought the Freedom Fighters. Amidst this, the Nebulas were wiped out by Commander Brutus' own Badniks as the rogue Trooper revolted against Robotnik.[2][3] On another occasion, the Nebulas helped corner the Freedom Fighters when they were at their weakest, but their attempt was thwarted by Shortfuse the Cybernik.[4]

On the day where Robotnik's tyranny ended, Nebulas and hundreds of other Badniks were summoned by Grimer to stop a rebellion in the Metropolis Zone, but a global electromagnetic pulse created by Super Sonic shut them down.[5][6]

The Nebulas were not seen again until they joined a horde of Badniks for a surprise attack on the Freedom Fighters, which was later revealed to have been set up by Agent X.[7] Later, a single Nebula tried to get rid of Tails, but crashed into a building.[8]



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