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Naugus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a very powerful sorcerer whom Dr. Robotnik imprisoned in the Void.


Naugus is short, although taller than Sonic. He is a humanoid creature whose anatomy does not fit any identifiable species, although he has some features of different animals.

Naugus possesses a light complexion, red eyes and has a hunched body posture. He also has a pointy nose, sharp teeth, bat-like ears, and a horn on his head. He also has a long, white beard. His right hand resembles that of human's, while his left hand resembles the craw of a crab's. He also has stubby legs and a long, reptilian tail that he drags along the ground. For attire, Naugus wears a purple suit covering his whole body. In addition, he wears a black cape, gray gloves on both hands, and black shoes.


TV series


The Void 058

Naugus working with Robotnik.

In the past, Naugus discovered the Void, an alternative dimension full of crystals. He later collaborated with Dr. Robotnik and Snively, who created a portal for him into Void. One day, Naugus decided to head into the Void through the portal and he ordered Robotnik to pull him out after an hour. As a warning in case he wanted to betray him, Naugus temporarily turned Robotnik's head into that of a crow's. Even so, after Naugus got dragged into the Void by the portal, Robotnik sealed the portal behind him, leaving Naugus trapped in the Void. Over the years, Naugus plotted to get out of the Void.[1]

Season two

The Void 235

Naugus humiliating Dr. Robotnik.

Over a decade after his imprisonment, Naugus opened a portal into the Void in the middle of the Great Unknown which nearly pulled in Sonic. Although Sonic managed to escape the portal, Naugus left behind an artifact on the other side of the portal that Sonic found and took with him. From within the Void, Naugus watched Sonic with interest, whose speed would allow him to get out of the Void. To this end, Naugus planned to pull Sonic into the Void with the artifact the hedgehog had picked up. Unfortunately for Naugus, Sonic left the artifact in the care of Sally and Bunnie, so when the artifact activated, its magic ended up taking the girls into the Void instead of Sonic. When they arrived, Naugus began to interrogate them and learned that Sonic had not been affected by the artifact. Nevertheless, he knew that Sonic would come to save his friends, so he froze the girls in crystal. When Sonic later arrived in the Void, Naugus greeted him and unfroze Sally and Bunnie. He then explained that Sonic's speed was needed to get them all out of the Void. Sonic, however, took only Sally and Bunnie with him and tried to escape the Void through a portal Naugus had opened. Naugus cut off their escape route however, by putting up a crystal block inside a tunnel they had to pass through. Afterward, he took the form of a sick King and lured the heroes to his palace. When the heroes found him and fell for his disguise, Naugus told Sonic that he needed his help and that he needed to get out of the Void as soon as possible. Showing no hesitation, Sonic grabbed the disguised Naugus and ran through a portal out of the Void and into the Great Unknown with him. There, they faced the forces of Dr. Robotnik. Soon after, Naugus shed his disguise and crystallized Sonic from the neck down so that he would not attack him. After a while, he turned his attention to a Surveillance Orb sent by Dr. Robotnik. After greeting the doctor over the camera, Naugus released Sonic and let him return to the Void to get his friends out of there. Naugus himself then forced Robotnik to meet him. The doctor apologized to Naugus and tried to cover up his betrayal. Naugus, however, would not listen to him and began humiliating Robotnik by turning his head into various animals'. Eventually, however, he discovered that his legs had begun to crystallize because he bad been too long in the Void. After allowing Robotnhik to escape, Naugus told Sonic and Sally that he and the King, who had also been brought out of the Void and had begun to crystalize as well, had to go back into the Void or they would both die. As such, Naugus opened a portal into the Void with his magic and returned there with the King.[1]

After the Doomsday Machine was destroyed, Naugus was seen emerging from the remains in an elevator with Snively.[2]


Naugus is grim and cunning. Highly vengeful, he hates Dr. Robotnik for imprisoning him in the Void. As such, he seeks to take revenge on the doctor by torturing and humiliate him.[1]

Rather amoral, if not desperate, Naugus was shown to use any available means to get out of the Void, even resorting to kidnapping some close friends of Sonic in order to lure the hedgehog to him or disguising himself as a sick KIng in order to use the King's allies. Despite this though, he does have a small sense of morality, as he let Sonic save his friends from the Void after he pulled him out of the Void himself.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Void 108

Naugus having crystalize Sally and Bunnie.

Naugus is a powerful sorcerer whose power manifests in the form of blue energy around his hands. When casting his spells, Naugus usually only needs to snap his fingers.[1]

Naugus' magic allows him to achieve various reality-bending feats. For example, he can imitate the appearance of others through shapeshifting down to the tiniest detail, including the voices of those he imitate. His magic also allows him to shapeshift others, as seen in the case of Dr. Robotnik when he transformed the doctor's head into those of various animals'.[1]

Inside the Void, Naugus' magic is at its strongest. He is nearly omnipotent inside the Void, with his magic being able to let him do anything, except allow him to escape the Void. Within the Void, Naugus can manipulate the local crystals to form various shapes or even freeze his victims in them. Naugus can also produce special artifacts with different properties, such as putting his victims in a trance and taking them straight to him through telekinesis. In addition, Naugus has learned to open portal into Void, although they can only go one way.[1]



In other media

Archie Comics

Main articles: Walter Naugus and Ixis Naugus
Walter Naugus v2

Naugus in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off published by Archie Comics, Ixis Naugus was one of the last members of the disbanded Order of Ixis. After the Forgotten War that resulted in the Order of Ixis's destruction, the few remaining mages fought over the scraps of knowledge left over from the war. But three worked together: Agunus Rhino was a master of earth-magic, Nusgau Bat of air-magic, and Suguna Lobster of water-magic. Each taught the other while investigating the Order's past. Eventually, they competed for the remaining element: fire. Their vicious rivalry returned, and the three were last seen struggling towards the Sun to reclaim its power. The mixing of powers fused the three into Ixis Naugus. He made himself Royal Wizard to King Frederick Acorn. From Mobotropolis he created a doorway to the Zone of Silence. When he felt threatened by Nate Morgan, he conspired with the Warlord Kodos and had Nate Frame for treason.

As the Great War loomed, Naugus escaped into his zone. Julian Kintobor sealed the exit. Naugus was almost god-like in the Zone of Silence. He perfected crystalline magic, using it to protect the zone's other prisoners - if they served him. Over ten years later he escaped, planning to conquer the Kingdom of Acorn by possessing King Maximillian Acorn. Sonic and Tails chased him down and he was sealed back in the Zone of Silence with the help of Nate Morgan.

Naugus was later summoned back by the Arachne, but was forced to submit to Mammoth Mogul, and was later captured by Dr. Eggman and sealed within his Egg Grapes. While Mogul protected them both for a time, eventually Naugus was left to fend for himself. He was released by Anonymous as part of a larger scheme, but the damage were done: Naugus was a feral animal. However, he was later restored by Geoffrey St. John and the purple Chaos Emerald.. Through manipulative magic and politic Naugus was crowned king. After the Genesis Wave, Naugus past lives returned to haunt him, causing him to suffer from random mutations.

In the reality created by the Super Genesis Wave, Walter Nagus is one of the last trolls on Sonic's World. Becoming the Royal Wizard to the Kingdom of Acorn, Naugus plotted to seized the kingdom for himself. After several setbacks however, Nagus was rendered powerless by the first Genesis Wave and sought to restore his powers.


  • Naugus eyes

    Naugus peers out from Snively's pod

    In the cancelled third season of the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series, Naugus would have returned and become the show's most prominent villain, forcing Robotnik and the King to serve as his minions and reducing Snively to a more pathetic lackey than he had been previously. However, this plot never went through, though the red eyes seen looking out from Snively's escape pod in the finale are revealed to have been Naugus' by writer Ben Hurst.[3] However, the red eyes showed features more similar to Sonic's design as opposed to Naugus', although the laugh is clearly Naugus's.
  • Naugus has a very slow, raspy voice and sounds as though he has trouble breathing.
  • Ian Flynn has revealed that, contrary to what was previously believed, the term "Ixis" for Ixis Naugus was applied to Naugus in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon production materials, and not invented by Ken Penders.[4]


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