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Naugus is an antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a sorcerer who discovered the Void. He hates Dr. Robotnik, who imprisoned him within the Void.


Naugus is short, although taller than Sonic, but does not appear to be any identifiable species. His facial features are more human than the others, maybe even bat-like, and he has a long white beard, large pointed ears, sharp teeth, and a horn on his forehead. His left hand is a claw, and he has a long, reptilian tail that drags on the ground. Naugus wears a purple outfit that completely covers him, including his tail. Over that, he wears gray gloves, a black belt, boots, and a short black cape with a high collar.


After Naugus discovered the Void, he was trapped inside it by Dr. Robotnik while exploring (Robotnik's fear of reprisal for this treachery leading to Naugus being one of the few characters in SatAM the dictator was visibly fearful of), later to be joined by the former ruler of Mobius, the King. Eager to escape and seek his vengeance, he sought the help of Sonic and Princess Sally, leaders of the Freedom Fighters. He managed a brief escape from the Void by using his ability to transform himself to make himself look like the king, tricking Sonic into freeing him, and attacked Robotnik with his magic. Unfortunately for Naugus, he proved unable to remain outside the Void for long, his body having acclimated so much to it that he began to turn to crystal soon after leaving it, forcing him to return.[1]

Powers and abilities

Naugus has the ability to transform himself and others, as seen in the episode "The Void", wherein he changes Robotnik's head into that of a slug, a crow, an ape, and finally a pig. He also transforms himself to look like the King in order to trick Sonic into freeing him from the Void. Naugus also had some abilities of persuasion, making him capable of forcing Sally to tell him about Sonic. Magic allowed Naugus to manipulate matter inside the Void, traditionally summoning structures of crystal such as chairs, buildings, and barriers.


  • Naugus eyes

    Naugus peers out from Snively's pod

    In the cancelled third season of the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series, Naugus would have returned and become the show's most prominent villain, forcing Robotnik and the King to serve as his minions and reducing Snively to a more pathetic lackey than he had been previously. However, this plot never went through, though the red eyes seen looking out from Snively's escape pod in the finale are revealed to have been Naugus' by writer Ben Hurst.[2] However, the red eyes showed features more similar to Sonic's design as opposed to Naugus', although the laugh is clearly Naugus's.
  • Naugus has a very slow, raspy voice and sounds as though he has trouble breathing.
  • Ian Flynn has revealed that, contrary to what was previously believed, the term "Ixis" for Ixis Naugus was applied to Naugus in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon production materials, and not invented by Ken Penders.[3]


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