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Sonic Shuffle
Nature Zone

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Nature Zone (ネイチァーゾーン[1] Neichi~āzōn?) is the third board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in Nature Zone.

Nature Zone is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy being close to nature and its beauty. When Void passes through this world in his pursuit to become whole, his darkness mars the landscape with dark pillars that slowly drain the life force of all the plant life, and it is up to Sonic and friends to collect the Precioustones and liberate the forest ruins from Void's darkness.

Players must be careful of the crocodiles that patrol the river. When their mouths are closed, players can safely pass over them; but if they open their mouths, players are blocked off. As the game progresses, the dark pillars will collapse and block off shortcuts, forcing players to find another route.

This board's quest will not appear until the first six Precioustones have been acquired. When it happens, a bird will place a treasure chest containing four keys in the corner of the board. Players must race to collect a key, then bring it to the action space in front of the ruins to unlock the door leading to the final Precioustone. The first player to bring a key to the ruins will win an Emblem at the end.

List of Mini-Games


  • This is the only board that requires the completion of the Quest to finish the board.
  • This is shown to be Amy's dream world in the opening of the game.


  1. Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast) Japanese instruction booklet, pg. 20.

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