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The tower of the Enchanter Kings in the Nameless Zone, from Sonic the Comic #18. Art by Dave Windett and John Burns.

The Nameless Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the original home of Miles "Tails" Prower.


A mystical pocket dimension that exists close to Mobius' reality, the Nameless Zone is inhabited by a large kingdom of foxes ruled over by the Enchanter Kings. The Enchanter Kings have the ability to open magical green portals between the Nameless Zone and Mobius, through which Tails has traveled on many occasions. Across the Dimension Bridge, which spans a great void, lies the Land Beyond, a hellish realm of monsters.[1] To the north of the Nameless Zone is the centaur village of Portstable[2] and, further north, the Goblin Nation, ruled initially by Queen Vulpecula Huntar out of Castle Morbidden[3] and later by King Roubal.[4]

Tails' two main allies in the Nameless Zone are Errol Blackthorn and Morain, brother and sister and both renowned warriors. Morain is well known for her hair-trigger temper, especially if she thinks somebody is doubting her skills because she's a girl.


There were originally three Enchanter Kings that ruled the Nameless Zone. When Tails was still young, the third Enchanter King, Shirob was transformed into a monster named Trogg after an encounter with the powerful demon known as the Dark One. The Enchanter Kings believed that Trogg had killed Shirob, and exiled him across the Dimension Bridge into the Land Beyond.[1][5]

Some time later, Tails left the Nameless Zone for Mobius to seek his fortune - he believed that the Emerald Hill Zone was literally paved with emeralds.[6] He wrote many letters back to his family in the Nameless Zone (it's unknown how he did this), talking about his adventures, but saying he was the hero and Sonic was his sidekick. The Nameless Zone inhabitants believed this, and the stories spread so far that even the two remaining Enchanter Kings knew of his exploits.[7]

When Trogg tried to invade the Nameless Zone with his new monstrous hordes, a protective spell by the Enchanter Kings prevented him from doing so unless he defeated the Kings' champion upon the Dimension Bridge.[1] The Enchanter Kings chose Tails, summoning him back from Mobius and giving him a suit of Enchanted Battle Armour.[7] Mostly through luck, Tails managed to defeat Trogg, and was hailed as a hero.[8]

Tails has been repeatedly called back to the Nameless Zone since then, when the foxes are in serious trouble and require the help of a great hero. He clashed with Trogg on two more occasions. On the first, he entered the Land Beyond with the fox warrior Errol Blackthorn in an attempt to rescue Shirob, only to discover the truth that Trogg and Shirob were the same person.[1][5] The second time, the Dark One was destroyed, Trogg was returned to his original self, and Knuckles the Echidna became the only person on Mobius to know about Tails' secret life as the Nameless Zone's champion (Having followed Tails through the portal in the belief that he was being kidnapped; although everyone in the Nameless Zone assumed that Knuckles was Sonic, Knuckles never corrected the assumption because he was grateful to be in a zone where people didn't worship Sonic as an infallible hero). Shirob subsequently rejoined the ranks of the Enchanter Kings.[9]

On one occasion, Tails was called back by Shaman Warpull and the Village Elders to rescue two fox cubs named Jimmy and Jilly from the goblins at Castle Morbidden.[3][10]

Some time later, the Goblin Nation came under the command of Goblin King Roubal. Seeing himself as a modernizer, Roubal brought many reforms to the goblin way of life. He also made a deal with the Enchanter Kings, so that the Goblin Empire will no longer attack the Nameless Zone as long as the Enchanter Kings hold a ceremony every year in which they pledge allegiance to the Goblin Empire. Wishing to avoid a bloody war that the goblins would almost certainly win, the Enchanter Kings agreed. While this is presented as a mutually beneficial alliance, bringing peace and prosperity to both nations, it effectively made Roubal the ruler of the Nameless Zone and the Kings his puppet monarchs.[4]

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