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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
N'rrgal Colony

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The N'rrgal Colony (ナーガルコロニー Nāgarukoronī?) is the ninth area that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and as well the second area encountered in the Twilight Cage. It first appears in Chapter 8.

The N'rrgal Colony is a massive planetoid drifting in the void of the Twilight Cage, and is located in Sector Scylla. The N'rrgal Colony is home to the N'rrgal, an alien race of slug-like energy eaters, who were banished to the Twilight Cage. Since arriving in the Twilight Cage, the N'rrgal Colony has been in war with the Zoah on the Zoah Colony. When Imperator Ix provided the N'rrgal with a Chaos Emerald to use against the Zoah, the residents of the N'rrgal Colony allied themselves with the Nocturnus Clan, unaware that Ix planned to keep them occupied while he and his clan escaped the Twilight Cage. This scheme amounted to nothing however, thanks to the efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog and his team.


The N'rrgal Colony is a massive, sickly green worldlet of a planetoid. The surface of the N'rrgal Colony is a colossal rock-like swamp area. It has ravines filled with green ooze that which cuts and winds directly through surface. Beside the ravines, the landscape is mainly composed of white plateaus at different highs, with luminescent orbs, that discharges energy, embedded into the cliffside. The passages through the N'rrgal Colony make up a viridian labyrinth of different paths, each which has a bioelectric field blocking any advances, except for N'rrgal or those who have physical endurance enough to pass through, such as Big the Cat. The flora that can be found on the N'rrgal Colony include orange grass, purple flower-like bushes and spherical-rooted trees.

Unlike the other colonies in the Twilight Cage, the N'rrgal Colony does not feature any kind of settlements for the N'rrgal.


Thousands of years ago, the N'rrgal Colony was a part of the N'rrgal's original homeworld. One day, however the entire race of N'rrgal and a fragment of the N'rrgal's homeworld were pulled into the Twilight Cage by a mysterious force known as Argus, possibly because the N'rrgals were too powerful of a species. The fragment of the N'rrgal's homeworld that was pulled into the Twilight Cage would then become the N'rrgal Colony.

After being pulled into the Twilight Cage, the N'rrgal settled down on the N'rrgal Colony, making it their new home. Not long after arriving there, however, the N'rrgal Colony came under attack from the Zoah from the Zoah Colony, in an attempt to conquer the N'rrgal Colony and the N'rrgal. The N'rrgal, however, were able to fight back by absorbing the Zoah's energy weapons, but their conflict led to the races becoming sworn enemies. Eventually, the N'rrgal Colony and the Zoah Colony ended in a war with each other, which would rage on for millennia (according to time flow in the Twilight Cage), while fighting the other residents of the Twilight Cage in an attempt for conquest.

During the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, after the leader of the Nocturnus Clan, Pir'Oth Ix stole the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald from Earth, the N'rrgal learned that the Zoah had acquired a new secret weapon that could destroy the N'rrgal race and allow them to conquer the N'rrgal Colony once and for all. Around this time, however, Pir'Oth Ix gave a Chaos Emerald to the N'rrgal Colony to the alien race the means to defend themselves and to destroy the Zoah if the need arose. In gratitude for this apparently benevolent act, the N'rrgal allied themselves with the Nocturnus Clan.

With both races in possession of a weapon that could destroy each other, neither the N'rrgal Colony or the Zoah Colony dared launch an attack, out of fear that they destroy each other, leaving their conflict in a stalemate. The N'rrgal, however, planned to take the Zoah's weapon, but if an resident of the N'rrgal Colony were to send out on this mission, the Zoah would see this as an act of war and would not hesitate to use their weapon to take over the N'rrgal Colony.

At some point after that, Sonic the Hedgehog and his team arrived at the N'rrgal Colony in an attempt to keep the Nocturnus Clan from taking over their world, by taking back the emeralds they had stolen. At first, the N'rrgal mistook them for spies send by the Zoah and the N'rrgal Drones drained their spaceship, the Cyclone, of energy, trapping them on the N'rrgal Colony. When they realized it was Sonic, however, the N'rrgal had Sonic and his team meet up with the N'rrgal Queen, as they had been told by Pir'Oth Ix that Sonic was public enemy number one. After Sonic and his made it to their audience with the N'rrgal Queen, the queen gave the team a proposition: go to the Zoah Colony and take away the Zoah's secret weapon, and the N'rrgal would give them back their freedom and their Chaos Emerald, as without the Zoah's weapon, they had no need for it anymore. Refuse, and they would be trapped on the N'rrgal Colony as their prisoners.

Sonic accepted the request on behalf of the team, and the N'rrgals locked the Cyclone to take them from the N'rrgal Colony to the Zoah Colony. When Sonic and his team later returned to the N'rrgal Colony with the Zoah's secret weapon, they revealed to the N'rrgal Queen that it was another Chaos Emerald that Pir'Oth Ix had given to the Zoah, as a part of a scheme to keep both colonies distracted while the Nocturnus Clan escaped the Twilight Cage. Furious over Pir'Oth's lies, the N'rrgal Queen gave their Chaos Emerald to Sonic as well, and promised his that, while the N'rrgal would not fight the Nocturnus Clan as they were too powerful, he had the entire N'rrgal Colony as his allies.




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