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The Mystic Ruins Garden is the second Chao Garden that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


The Mystic Ruins Garden in Sonic Adventure with the removed bridge.

The garden is placed on a wide flat cliffside at high altitude with wood railings on the edges and features a view of the sea. The place is overgrown with lots of grass and soil rounded in the medium by the mountains. In the middle, there is a lake with a waterfall running into it, and behind it there is a cave with Minecart tracks that serves as the exit. In the lake, there is a little island with a fruit palmtree on it. Placed in the center of the garden, there is also a broken ancient stone bridge which stand next to a natural soil bridge. Around, there are four palmtrees with rocks and additional ruins, and near the cave there are two Warp Holes to access the other gardens and a Chao Machine. Like in the other gardens, there are two Chao Eggs here.

Depending on the period of time during Story Mode, the Chao Garden's background will match that period of time. When that Story Mode is completed though, the Garden can't be seen at sunset again, as the period of time will be always be at midday in all places, except if one plays as E-102 Gamma on the Gamecube version, where the Garden will always be night.

This garden is located in Mystic Ruins. To access it, the player have to go to a hidden cave next to Tails' Lab and take the Minecart there. It is available from the beginning, leaving the player with the only requirement of accessing the Mystic Ruins for the first time. It can also be accessed through a Warp Hole like the other Chao Gardens, with the teleporter leading there displaying a green hologram with a palmtree sign and the title of Mystic Ruins in a triangle and between its acronym, "M R". Once the player enters the Mystic Ruins for the first time, the player can unlock the Warp Hole there without accessing its garden.


  • This is the only Chao Garden that can be in midday, sunset, or at night depending on the story mode period of time. The other Chao Gardens are always in midday.
  • There are two differences between the Dreamcast and the Gamecube versions:
    • The bridge and the raised area that was connected to it was removed in the Gamecube version.
    • An invisible wall was added to stop the player jumping over the fence and dying in the Gamecube version.


Sonic Adventure DX



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Theme of "CHAO" Fumie Kumatani 2:27

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