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The Mystic Ruins are a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They were the remains of a temple south of the Great Rainforest near Station Square and the País Misterioso. It was a large area filled with ancient buildings and trees.



The Mystic Ruins were created at an unknown time in Mobius' past, and became home to a number of Chao and their protector, Chaos. They were rediscovered when Echidnas from the great Knuckles Clan started a colony in Soumerca after venturing forth from Albion. Desperate for the means to win a war the tribe was losing against the native Felidae and the rival Nocturnus Clan, their chief Pachacamac attempted to seize the Super Emeralds from the Ruins' altar, hurting many small creatures known as Chao, (and his daughter, Tikal) in the process. This angered Chaos, and he destroyed the entire Knuckles Clan settlement, turning its remains into part of the Ruins.[1][2][3]


Hundreds of years later, Dr. Eggman re-discovered the ancient temple ruins and began excavating it to locate and release Chaos from within the Ancient Onyx. Following its release, Chaos led Eggman to a mural depicting to him the means to restore Perfect Chaos.[4] During the event of Chaos' reawakening, some of the shattered Master Emerald shards landed in the Mystic Ruins.[5] As Knuckles explored them he encountered Tikal, who explained the history of her clan and the ruins.[1][6]

The ruins later on became a secret location of a Dark Egg Legion chapter of cats and wolves led by the joint Grandmasters Drago and Razorklaw. The ruins, being on Felidae territory in the País Misterioso, were considered taboo by the Felidae and outside the boundaries of the Wolf Pack Nation, which is why neither side discovered the base initially. Fortunately, Sonic the Hedgehog helped both groups uncover the Legion, who were driven from the ruins and forced to establish a new base elsewhere.[7][8]

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  • The Mystic Ruins is a based on the location introduced in Sonic Adventure.
  • In Sonic Universe #51, it was mentioned by Sonic that him and Tails were going to go on an adventure to the Mystic Ruins, only for Tails to be kidnapped and roboticized and cancelling their plans thanks to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily.

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