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The Mystic Ruins (ミスティックルーイン Misutikku Rūin?, lit. "Mystic Ruin") is a location in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Although it is situated on the surface of Sonic's homeworld, it is closely connected to Angel Island since it is the ancient homeland of the Knuckles Clan. In modern day, the Mystic Ruins is a swampy, overgrown rainforest.



Four thousand years prior to the main events of the Sonic series, the Knuckles Clan echidnas ruled a city on the site of what would become Mystic Ruins.[1] The Clan chieftain, Pachacamac, attempted to remove the Chaos Emeralds from the ancient Chao shrine on the outskirts of the city. This angered their guardian, Chaos, who destroyed almost the entire Knuckles Clan civilization in vengeance.

Some remnants of the echidna city remained on the surface, where they were gradually overrun by the encroaching jungle flora. It is this swampy, ruin-studded rainforest which forms the modern-day Mystic Ruins.

Sonic Adventure

Mystic Ruins Adventure Field map from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

The Mystic Ruins first appeared in Sonic Adventure. In this game, a group of archaeologists have gone to the Mystic Ruins to explore those ruins of the Knuckles Clan's city which remained on the planet's surface. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for the crash landing of Angel Island. Some of the archaeologists have gotten themselves lost in the maze of the thick jungle that surrounds the Shrine of Knuckles's race, while the others who had stayed behind, near the Mystic Ruins Train Station, built a log cabin to make camp. The archaeologists who built camp are constantly worried about their friends but are to afraid to go in the jungle to find them. If Sonic and his friends find any of the archaeologists that are lost in the forest they will state that they cannot find the ancient shrine or their way out, they however kindly refuse the help of the heroes saying it would not be very adventurous.

During the events of Sonic Adventure, Angel Island crashed back to the surface of the planet, on the shoreline next to Mystic Ruins; but it floated away again after the Master Emerald was restored.

Sonic Forces

The restored Mystic Ruins as it appears in Sonic Forces: Stress Test.

In Sonic Forces, after getting the Phantom Ruby, Dr. Eggman tested its power on Angel Island, seemingly restoring Pachacamac's village to what it looked like thousands of years ago. When Knuckles and Silver noticed the village, Silver saw something rise from the Master Emerald. Knuckles told him that it was just Chaos, and that it was harmless. Much to the contrary though, Chaos proceeded to punch Knuckles, prompting the echidna and Silver to battle Chaos. When Silver caught Chaos in his telekinesis while Knuckles delivered the final blow however, Chaos suddenly disappeared, along with Pachacamac's village, leaving Knuckles bewildered.[2]

Other game appearances

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Sonic in the Mystic Ruins

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the Mystic Ruins again features as a game area, although the characters visit a more swamp-like section than those seen in Sonic Adventure. Mystic Ruins is home to many wild animals, such as Queen Wasps, Giant Millipedes and Colossal Worms. Toxic, malodorous gases are emitted into the air by the Nocturnus Clan's forces, in a bid to clear the area of G.U.N. soldiers. The gas is only passable by Big the Cat.

Mystic Ruins now hosts one of Dr. Eggman abandoned bases. Said base has been taken over by the Nocturnus Clan's forces, who are using it as a prison to hold Knuckles captive.

Later, Shadow the Hedgehog can be seen here when the player begins their search for Dr. Eggman, and also unintentionally helps them on their quest in Chapter 3.

Points of interest

In other media


Sonic X

The Mystic Ruins in Sonic X.

Knowing of the transportation of Angel Island to Earth, the President's advisors planned to turn Mystic Ruins into a tourist attraction in order to boost the economy. Knuckles and Sonic were later shown the past of the Mystic Ruins by Tikal.


Archie Comics

IDW Publishing

Main article: Mystic Ruins (IDW)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Mystic Ruins is based on how it appeared in Sonic Adventure. Its past is virtually identical to its game counterpart's up until after Sonic Forces.


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