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Mystic Haunt Zone

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Mystic Haunt Zone is the fifth Zone in Sonic Rivals 2. It is a haunted-themed zone featuring a haunted mansion with collapsing floors, acres of graveyard real estate and even ghostly copies of Sonic and Tails.


Sonic and Tails

As soon as they enter the zone, Sonic and Tails run into ghosts that look shockingly similar to them. The duo go through the 3 Acts defeating these scary spirits. At the boss, Sonic (still unaware that they've been pursuing a disguised Eggman Nega) concludes "Eggman's" strange behavior is because he possessed by a ghost.

Shadow and Metal Sonic

Shadow and Metal Sonic, before entering the Zone, are informed by Dr. Eggman that it will be difficult for him to relay orders in this Zone (as with Sunset Forest Zone). Shadow orders Metal Sonic to pursue Knuckles and Rouge to prevent them from collecting all the Chaos Emeralds for Doctor Eggman Nega. Shadow races to search for the remaining Chaos Emerald.

Knuckles and Rouge

Knuckles follows Rouge to Mystic Haunt, who has been directed there by her mysterious client. Knuckles' emerald detector runs out of Rings again, so he races off to find more. Latter on, Rouge spots Espio and misidentifies him as the person who hired her and goes into pursuit.

Silver and Espio

Silver and Espio find Eggman Nega in Mystic Haunt Zone. Eggman Nega claims to be holding a roomful of Chao in the haunted castle, and he wants to feed them to the Ifrit to give it power. The duo sets off to save the Chao. After the Chao have been saved, they follow Eggman Nega through a portal into Chaotic Inferno Zone.

Level composition

ACT Sonic Tails Knuckles Rouge Shadow Metal Sonic Espio Silver
Act 1 Race: Ghost Sonic Race: Ghost Tails Collect 100 rings Race: Espio Time Attack (2:40) Race: Silver Time Attack (2:40) Race: Metal Sonic
Act 2 Knock Out (5): Ghost Tails Knock Out (5): Ghost Sonic Knock Out (5): Metal Sonic Knock Out (5): Espio Knock Out (5): Silver Knock Out (5): Knuckles Knock Out (5): Rouge Knock Out (5): Shadow
Act 3 Race: Tails vs. Ghost Tails Race: Sonic vs. Ghost Sonic Race: Rouge vs. Silver Knuckles - Collect 100 Rings Race: Metal Sonic vs. Silver Shadow - Time Attack (2:40) Race: Silver vs. Metal Sonic Espio - Time Attack (2:40)
Boss Vs. Ghost Sonic Vs. Ghost Tails Vs. Espio Vs. Silver Vs. Espio Vs. Silver Vs. Shadow Vs. Metal Sonic


  • Instead of each team paired with another as rivals, Sonic and Tails face ghost versions of themselves while all three of the other teams are each others' rivals.


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