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The Mystic Genies,[1] also referred to as just Genies, are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a species of supernatural entities used by the people of Shanazar for protection.



In their spirit form, the Mystic Genies take the appearance of smoky spectral forms. After having procured a vessel, they assume more humanoid forms, usually appearing as muscular males with wispy tails instead of legs.

Characteristics and culture

Genies are spiritual beings which can only take a solid form when they bond with a selected child host in the Ritual of Transformation. This ritual is the only way the genies can leave the Mystic Mountain, unleashing their true potential.[2]

In return for a vessel to inhabit, the genies become their host's slaves and follow their orders without question. The downside to this symbiotic relationship is that the genies' presence causes their children to age rapidly, leaving them with only five more years to live. Upon a child's death however, their genie becomes truly free.[2][3]

Powers and abilities

Usually known for granting wishes, genies are often shown to have vast amounts of magical power when bonded to a person; one alone was easily able to defeat Sonic.[3] Without a physical body to inhabit though, the genies can at best conjure up illusions.[1]


For generations, Mystic Genies have been a renowned force of power on Shanazar. From within their home in the Mystic Mountain, they would each bond with a selected child during the Ritual of Transformation. By giving themselves up as slaves to the children, who would gain the ability to summon their genie and its power in times of great danger for the benefit of the kingdom, the genies got to leave Mystic Mountain and ultimately earn their freedom upon their child's death. Additionally, the genies' masters are treated like royalty while a genie is at their beck and call. However, the bonding ritual would leave the children with only five more years to live. This deal kept the kingdom of Shanazar strong for generations.[1]

Upon discovering this deal, Sonic took issue with this and destroyed the Mystic Globe which housed many of the Mystic Genie spirits, putting an end to the rituals.[2][1]


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