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The Mystic Cave Zone is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an underground cave Zone found on Mobius which is used as a hideaway by the Sky Pirates.


Seemingly located deep underground, the Mystic Cave Zone is a labyrinth of tunnels and caves, although at least one cave opens out into the sea. This Zone is particularly dangerous, being littered with traps installed by multiple parties. Captain Plunder installed security doors while Dr. Robotnik added spiked gaps and pits with electrified staircases and enclosing spikes (although the latter included an off switch). In addition, Crawltons and Flashers infest the caves.

During Robotnik's schemes in the Mystic Cave Zone, he added lights to the walkways and an underground facility for his followers.


Using the Mystic Cave Zone as their hideout, Captain Plunder and his Sky Pirates filled it with traps and stolen Badniks with no organic batteries as defense against intruders. Eventually, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters traveled to this Zone to rescue Amy Rose, who had been kidnapped by the Sky Pirates. The two groups nearly came to blows before Amy explained that it would be more profitable for both groups to work together.[1]

Dr. Robotnik later arrived in the Mystic Cave Zone where he set up new traps and a facility for his cult named the "Followers of Doctor Sun" where he got children to become Badniks. Sonic and Tails soon after visited the Mystic Cave Zone to investigate the cult after narrowly escaping the local death traps. There, Sonic discovered that Doctor Sun was really Robotnik in disguise and put a stop to his cult.[2]

After escaping prison, Captain Plunder returned to his Mystic Cave Zone hideaway, only to learn from Filch that most of his crew was in jail. Rather than rescuing them and share his booty, Plunder decided to get a new crew.[3]

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