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"My Fair Sticksy" is the fifth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 19 November 2014 in France and on 22 November 2014 in the United States.


When Sticks is invited to a fancy gala, she admits that she doesn't know how to behave in polite society. Amy teaches her to be a lady.







The episode begins with a meteor shower raining down on a village, causing the residents to panic. On the scene, an awestruck Team Sonic observes the chaos unfold, and despite Amy's optimism, they are forced to take cover. There, Sticks reveals that she had been expecting such a situation and has therefore set up a meteor defense system (which also works as a defense system against wildfires, floods and mind readers). Activating the interface for her system, Sticks is able to deflect all the meteors remotely by having giant racquets placed all over town knock them away.

Later, back at Tails' house, Sticks arrives with a letter, having no idea what it is. Taking turns to read the letter, Sonic reads up that Sticks has been nominated for an Awardy Award in recognition of saving the village and that she and (conveniently) her four closest friends are invited to the Awardies as well (Comedy Chimp shows up to come with, but is sent away). Sonic also reads up that the Awardies will be held at the Mayor's Mansion with elegant food and guests, to which Sticks responds with made-up excuses explaining why she cannot attend it in spite of her friends' persuasion. Eventually, Amy makes her admit that she is afraid of embarrassing herself there with her primal behavior. Amy therefore offers to teach Sticks to be a proper lady, which she accepts, and nominates Sonic as Sticks' escort, which he begrudgingly accepts upon Sticks' pleads as long as he does not have to wear pants.

Sticks' training begins, and Amy starts teaching her about making proper compliments, but her response to that is by sniffing Amy for any perfume while giving a blunt response. Sticks then begins training with Sonic in being escorted, but Sticks starts picking a fight with a figurative guest during practice; Amy responds by saying a lady does not fight. Moving on, Amy tries to teach to Sticks to drink while lifting her pinkie, but while Sticks get the pinkie part right, she laps the tea with her tongue. She and Sonic then practice dancing with their friends' assistance in Sonic's Shack, but Sticks lets her paranoia over the music get the better of her. Tired, Sonic declares her ready.

At the evening of the gala, everyone has arrived at the mansion where Sticks makes a decent arrival with Sonic. Amy urges her to try and mingle with the other guests, but Sticks still has trouble containing her primal behavior, much to Amy's annoyance. As Sonic and Knuckles check out the food with limited interest, Knuckles makes friends with Admiral Beaverton and Professor Cluckins, who are impressed with his honesty over the food. Meanwhile, Sticks tries her best being formal, but with limited success, when Mayor Fink welcomes all and announces the Awardy Awards will begin soon.

At the dinner, Sticks has trouble with the cutlery when Dr. Eggman suddenly shows up and explains that he has been nominated for an Awardy Award as well (in truth, he used his Ballot Stuffer Bot to give himself extra votes). Remembering her training, though, Sticks shows the doctor courtesy. Eventually, Mayor Fink is ready to give out the Awardy Award and reveals the winner to be Leroy the Turtle. Furious over not getting the award, Eggman tries to obtain it by force using Ballot Stuffer Bot, but when that only succeeds in littering the room with ballots, he summons his Bee Bots. As the guests flee, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy get ready to fight, but Sticks remains behind because she grew into her lady-like training and thus refuses to join the battle. Eggman manages to trap Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in force fields before going after Sticks, who struggles to maintain her lady-like composure. However, she eventually has enough, returns to her primal nature, and attacks Eggman, managing to free Knuckles and Tails. Knuckles is nearly shot by Ballot Stuffer Bot's lasers, but is saved by Admiral Beaverton. Sticks then succeeds in freeing Sonic and Amy, and Sonic manages to distract Ballot Stuffer Bot long enough for Sticks to damage it, forcing Eggman to retreat with his robots.

With the guests returning, Sticks and Leroy agree that she was the real hero, so Sticks forcefully takes the Awardy Award from a reluctant Leroy. Amy then thanks Sticks for saving them and admits it does not always pay off to be proper. She then asks Sticks if she could teach her to follow her own instincts like her, which Sticks agrees on and starts with by pulling Amy into a dumpster with her.


  • In the beginning of the scene where Sticks is learning how to hold a teacup properly, her eyelashes are missing.
  • When Sticks rips off her dress, she has her normal clothes on underneath. However, how could she keep her furry boots within those heels?
  • When Knuckles makes the comment about the food, he is shown to be eating the food other than the one he was commenting on.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Um Dia de Dama A Lady Day
Chinese 可爱的斯迪克斯亲 Cute Sticks Pro
Finnish Hienohelma Sticksy Fine Lady Sticksy
French Madame Sticks Madame Sticks
German Märchenfee Sticky Fairy Sticksy
Hungarian Illemtudó Stick Stick-mannered
Italian La signora Sticks Ms. Sticks
Japanese レディになるためのレッスン Lessons for Becoming a Lady
Korean 숙녀 수업 Class for Ladies
Polish Uczłowieczanie Sticks The humanization of Sticks
Romanian Draga mea Sticks My darling Sticks
Russian Моя прекрасная Стикс My fair Sticks
Spanish (Latin America) Mi bella Sticks My beautiful Sticks
Turkish Sticks Hanımefendi Olursa If Sticks Becomes a Miss
Ukrainian Моя чесна Стіксі My honest Sticksy


  • This is the first episode to air in French before the English version as the originally-intended third episode.
    • The English version of this episode was originally meant to air on 15 November 2014 as the third episode,[3] but was delayed a week later.
  • This episode aired the same day as "Fortress of Squalitude".
  • This is the first time Sonic is seen without his neckerchief on.
  • It is also the first time where Tails is seen without his work-belt.
  • The English title of this episode is a reference to the title for the 1956 musical My Fair Lady.
  • This is the first episode where Orbot and Cubot do not appear.
  • Comedy Chimp was first heard in "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?" when Eggman was forcing Sonic and Tails to watch TV at a late time.
  • Sticks' calendar that she shows to her friends is Sticks' Biography, a toy that can be found in Q-N-C's Toy Shop in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.
  • The book that Amy reads in Tails' House is Sonic's Autobiography, a toy that can be found in Q-N-C's Toy Shop in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.
  • This episode aired in Finland as the third episode in the series.
  • In the Finnish dub, in the scene where Sticks has trouble with Cutlery, Leroy calls the Fumble Fork as "Fingerpori" Fork. This is a reference to a Fingerpori called Finnish Comic.


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