For the Archie Comics character, see Muzy (Archie).

Muzy (ミュージー Myūjī?) is an anthropomorphic koala who appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. He is a member of the Coconut Crew, a youth association formed on Southern Island, and a wandering musician.

Muzy can be talked to on Seagull Beach after clearing Big Swell to access the Sound Test. He also assigns Sonic missions that will unlock more sounds and songs when completed.


  • Muzy's name is most likely a reference to the fact that he allows the player to listen to music.



  1. Setter said near the end of Sonic Rush Adventure that "Now that all the members of the Coconut Crew are back, the village is nice and lively again." At that point, Daikun, Colonel, Kylok, Muzy, Setter and Tabby are all present at the island. Excluding Marine, everyone else on the island (namely Sonic, Blaze, Tails, Norman and Gardon) is a foreigner, meaning that Setter most likely referred to the previously-mentioned group of koalas as the Coconut Crew.

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