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Muttski is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is the former pet dog of Sonic the Hedgehog and Uncle Chuck, who was roboticized by Dr. Robotnik.


Muttski was once a non-anthropomorphic dog with mostly dark yellow fur. He also had cream fur on his belly, his muzzle, and on the inner sides of his ears. He also had black eyes and a brown nose. For attire, he wore a red dog collar.

After being roboticized, Muttski became a mechanical dog with gray-purple armor and red eyes, which would turn while whenever his free will returned to dominance. As a Worker Bot, Muttski also possesses several sharp teeth.


TV series


Hedgehog Family photo

A photo of Muttski prior to his roboticization.

In the past, Muttski was Sonic and Uncle Chuck's pet dog. Supposedly, Sonic and Chuck had him go through four years of obedience school. After Dr. Robotnik came to power in Robotropolis however, Muttski was roboticized and became a slave to the evil doctor.[1]

Season one

Eventually, Sonic and Tails stumbled upon the roboticized Muttsky during a mission to Robotropolis. Although Muttski initially attacked them, he would ultimately listen to Sonic's commands. This caused his free will to reassert itself, resulting in Muttski calming down and becoming an affectionate dog again. After some time, however, Robotnik's programming resurfaced, causing Muttski to revert back to being an aggressive machine. He then began to attack Sonic and Tails by spitting metal at them. In the end, Sonic decided to run away instead of fighting his friend, but promised him that they would be back together some day.[1]


Muttski is a friendly, affectionate, and well-trained dog. After being roboticized however, he became an aggressive machine.[1]

Powers and abilities

In his Worker Bot form, Muttski has very sharp teeth which are powerful enough to let him bite through metal. He can also ingest metal, chew it, and spit it out like bullets at his enemies.[1]




In other media

Archie Comics

New Muttski

Muttski in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Muttski was original Sonic the Hedgehog pet mobini dog. After Robotnik's coup d'état, Muttski was among the many residents of Old Mobotropolis who got captured and roboticized. Now turned into a mindless slave, Muttski became one of Sonic's most dangerous enemies early on. Eventually though, Sonic and co. managed to restore Muttski's free will. Later, thanks to the Bem, Muttski was fully deroboticized and returned to being Sonic's normal pet.

In the reality created by the Super Genesis Wave, Ben Muttski is a Mobian dog. He was one of the refugees who fled to Knothole Village during the Eggman Invasion. Eventually, he became Sir Charles the Hedgehog's apprentice.



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