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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby

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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a view of Scratch at the laundromat.]

Scratch: You're all washed up, you "Big deal, I'm a hero!" rodent wise guy pain in the neck!

[Grounder, who is holding a remote control in his right hand, is standing next to Scratch. He presses a button with his left index finger, and a the door closes on a giant lottery ball spinner that Sonic and Tails are in.]

Grounder: Yeah, Sonic! See you around! And around, and around!

[The spinner spins Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Yeow! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Tails: [screams] Sonic, I'm getting dizzy!
Scratch: Bwahaha!
Grounder: Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Sonic spins through the spinner, escaping it. Scratch and Grounder turn around and stare in shock.]

Scratch and Grounder: [both scream]

[Sonic reaches into the spinner with his left hand and pulls Tails out of it.]

Sonic: Heh, you're also getting that annoying static cling, little bud!

[Static electricity forms in Tails' fur, and a piece of paper flies onto his body.]

Scratch: And now that you're fluffed and dried...

[Grounder rolls up to a satellite, known as the Automatic Static Schmatic Beam, pointed at Sonic and Tails.]

Grounder: It's time to turn on Dr. Robotnik's Automatic Static Schmatic Beam!
Sonic and Tails: [both scream]

[Scratch walks up to Grounder.]

Scratch: You'll be destroyed by your own body's electricity! Bwahaha!

[Grounder pulls the lever with his left hand. The Automatic Static Schmatic beam zaps Sonic and Tails, and various clothes and pieces of paper stick to their bodies.]

Sonic: Ew, I hate when that happens! I've got an idea!

[Sonic spins around the Automatic Static Schmatic Beam.]

Sonic: Sorry, I didn't hear that! Could be a little too much... static!

[Sonic points the Automatic Stactic Schmatic Beam at Scratch and Grounder and pulls the lever with his right hand. The beam zaps Scratch and Grounder.

Grounder: Oops! We're gonna get it now!
Scratch: Ow-how-how-how! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!

[Sonic reaches into an open dryer with both his hands and tosses various clothes at Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Incoming!
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Grounder: Whoa!

[Scratch and Grounder get buried in a pile of clothes. Tails walks up to the pile, pulls out a pair of white boxer shorts with red hearts, and stretches them out.]

Tails: Hmmm. Robotnik must do his wash here.
Sonic: Right, like Robotnik washes his underwear!

[Sonic jumps on top of the clothes pile and reaches offscreen with both his hands. He pulls out a slingshot, which launches the clothes and Scratch and Grounder away.]

Grounder: Yipes!
Scratch: Yeow-how-how-how!

[Sonic walks up to the spot where Scratch and Grounder were launched to.

Sonic: So long!

[Sonic waves with his right arm. Tails walks up to Sonic and waves with his left arm. Dr. Robotnik appears onscreen, revealing that the events were recorded onto a videotape that he is reviewing with Scratch and Grounder.]

Dr. Robotnik: Well, that was the videotape, boys. What do you have to say for yourselves?

[Scratch and Grounder are now seen sitting in movie theater-style seats.]

Scratch: I laughed, I cried. I give it a thumbs-up!

[Grounder turns his left drill into a thumb and two fingers.]

Grounder: I give it a thumb and two fingers!

[Grounder sprouts two more thumbs and two more fingers from his left hand.]

Grounder: No, uh, three thumbs and four fingers!
Robotnik: Well, I do have one small criticism; the ending, it was a little, uh... predictable!

[Scratch and Grounder flinch in fear.]

Scratch: Ya-ha-ha-ha!
Grounder: Yipe!

[Robotnik puts his left hand on Scratch's head and his right on Grounder's, and pushes them together. Scratch and Grounder then stare in silence.]

Robotnik: I might as well face it; with you two idiots working for me, it may take me years to catch Sonic!

[Robotnik points at Scratch and Grounder with his right index finger and walks towards a calendar.]

Scratch: He's more of an idiot than me!

[Scratch points at Grounder with both his hands.]

Grounder: No, he is!

[Grounder points at Scratch with his left drill. Meanwhile, Robotnik is sitting on a stool, crying, and pulling pages off a calendar, until he reaches "13".]

Robotnik: I'll be an old man!

[Scratch runs up to Robotnik.]

Scratch: But so will Sonic!

[Scratch puts his right hand on Robotnik's right shoulder as Grounder rolls up to Robotnik.]

Grounder: Yeah, he'll be easier to catch then!
Robotnik: That's idiotic! Oh! But it's perfect! Perfect! Your stupidity has finally paid off!

[Robotnik walks away as Scratch puts his left index finger on Grounder's head.]

Scratch: I'm stupider than he is!

[Grounder pushes Scratch away with his right drill.]

Grounder: No, you're not! I am!

[Grounder points to his head with his right drill. Robotnik then sits down near his computer.]

Robotnik: I'll invent a ray that will prematurely age Sonic until he's just a wrinkled old bag of bones!

[Robotnik presses the red button on his computer. The screen turns on, and a picture of Sonic near the words, SONIC THE HEDGEHOGS is shown. A simulation on the computer ages Sonic until he is old and wrinkled.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Even you two morons can catch him when he's slowed down to a crawl!

[Grounder is now seen sitting on Robotnik's lap, and watching the simulation.]

Grounder: It'll be just like taking candy from a baby! Uh, eh, a really old baby.

[Robotnik stares at Grounder irritatedly. The screen transitions to the next scene, where a pair of rats, a blue boy and a pink girl with a red bow, are seen chasing each other in a cage.]

Robotnik: Welcome to the rat race...

[A beam from Robotnik's new ray, the decrepitizer, zaps the rats, aging them until they are old and wrinkled, and wearing glasses, hats, and sweaters. Due to an animation error, the rats also switch places.]

Robotnik: ...senior division!
Female Rat: Four thousand sixty two grandchildren, and not one comes to visit.

[Robotnik is now seen holding the decrepitizer above his head with both his hands.]

Robotnik: My Decrepitizing Ray works! Get ready to retire, Gramps Hedgehog!

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: Permanently!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails is seen sitting at a table, holding a knife in his left hand and a fork in his right.]

Tails: I'm hungry! Sonic promised he'd be right back with some major munchables!

[Sonic runs towards the table, jumps over a tree, and lands near the empty chair.]

Sonic: Have I ever lied to you, little buddy?

[Tails jumps out of the chair.]

Tails: Oh, boy! What'd you get?

[Sonic reveals a sand-like substance he is holding in his left hand.]

Sonic: Chili dogs! Is there anything else?
Tails: Uh, looks a little dry, huh?
Sonic: That's 'cause they're instant chili dogs! Check this out!

[Sonic sets two piles of the instant chili dog mix on the table. He then pulls out a canteen, which he is holding in his right hand, and pours them on the instant chili dog mix. The mix turns into chili dogs.]

Sonic: Better eating through chemistry!

[Sonic and Tails pick up the chili dogs with both their hands and eat them.]

Sonic: Mmmm!
Tails: Delicious!

[Sonic puts his hands on Tails' shoulders.]

Sonic: And there's more where that came from! Look!

[Sonic points towards a pile of sand with his right index finger. Tails turns around and stares at it in amazement.]

Tails: Wow!

[Tails runs up to the pile of sand, holding a watering can in his right hand. He pours the water onto the sand, but since it is just sand, nothing happens to it after it gets wet. Tails jumps into the wet sand and eats it, but finds it tastes terrible.]

Tails: Mmmm. Tastes like mud!

[Tails spits out the wet sand as Sonic walks up to him.]

Sonic: That's cause it is mud, little buddy! I was pointing there!

[Sonic points with his right index finger, to a factory that says, INSTANT FOOD, and has a sign that says, FOOD TASTERS near the entrance. A billboard of Robotnik's face is seen near the factory, implying that Robotnik built the factory in an attempt to lure Sonic into a trap.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: Wow! A whole instant food factory!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Yeah, and they even want food tasters!

[The screen transitions to a view inside the instant food factory, where various piles of instant food are travelling across a conveyor belt and put into bags. A mechanical arm peels off a sticker of a hot dog and places it on one of the bags. Another mechanical arm holding a squirter squirts water at the hot dog bag, turning the instant food mix inside it into a hot dog. Tails, who is standing on a chair, picks up the hot dog with his left hand and eats it. Sonic is standing on the chair next to him, holding a slice of pizza in his left hand. Tails then rubs his stomach with his right hand.]

Tails: Mmmm! Keep it coming!
Sonic: The service in this place is too slow! Let's go into turbo-munch!

[Sonic tosses the pizza slice aside and pulls the lever in front of him with both his hands. The bags of instant food travel across the conveyor belts faster, the mechanical arm with the squirter turns them into various foods, and Sonic and Tails pick up the various foods with both their hands and eat them. Tails ends up with his hands and face looking messy, and he wipes them off with both his tails. Sonic, who is standing next to him, looks messy himself.]

Tails: Hey, I've got a better idea!

[Tails runs past Sonic, spinning him around.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[When Sonic stops spinning, the mess is no longer on him. He holds his head with his left hand, and stars spin around his head. Tails is now lying on the conveyor belt with the bags, below the chute that loads the instant food mix. The chute pours the instant food mix in his mouth, and he swallows it. He then jumps off the conveyor belt.]

Tails: Not bad! Now for something to wash it down.

[Tails walks away. Sonic, having witnessed this, stares in shock.]

Sonic: [screams] I think I just lost my appetite!

[Scratch and Grounder, who are both carrying the decrepitizer with both their hands, are now standing on a conveyor belt.]

Scratch: That's not all you're gonna lose!

[Sonic runs onto the conveyor belt.]

Sonic: Sorry to eat and run, but I gotta buzz, cuz!

[Sonic runs on the conveyor belt, then runs off it, launching Scratch and Grounder into the air.]

Grounder: Whoa!
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

[Scratch and Grounder land on the floor, and when they stand up, stars spin around their heads. Grounder holds his head with his left hand, and Scratch holds his head with his right hand. When Scratch's stars stop spinning, Scratch slaps Grounder's head with his right hand, making it spin.]

Grounder: Whoa!
Scratch: D'oh, what were you waiting for?

[Grounder holds his head with both his hands, making it stop spinning. Scratch points with his left index finger.]

Scratch: Blast him!
Grounder: I thought you were gonna blast him!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails, having gained some weight, is holding a cup of water in his left hand. He fills it up at the cooler next to him as Sonic runs up to him.]

Sonic: Come on, Tails! It's happy trails!
Tails: Just one little sip of water!

[Tails drinks the water.]

Tails: Ahhh.

[Tails drops his cup and stares in shock, as he suddenly realizes that the water is about to turn the instant food mix inside him into food.]

Tails: Uh-oh!

[Sure enough, the water turns the instant food mix inside Tails into food, making Tails' body swell up to the size of a parade float. Sonic flinches as this happens.]

Sonic: It must have been something you ate!

[Sonic knocks on Tails' stomach with his left hand. He then looks back and sees Scratch and Grounder running towards him.]

Sonic: Uh-oh. Here come Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber! Let's race, Ace!

[Sonic runs away. He grabs Tails' left arm with his left hand, and Scratch and Grounder chase after them. Sonic runs through a doorway, but Tails' enormous size gets him stuck in it and pulls Sonic back. Sonic rubs his head with his right hand.]

Tails: Sonic! Help! I'm stuck!
Sonic: You'd better start digestin', pronto!

[On the other side of the doorway, Scratch and Grounder are standing near it. Grounder is holding the decrepitizer in his left hand.]

Scratch: Now, remember what our glorious leader, Dr. Robotnik said.
Grounder: Uh, yeah, first trap them, then press the... uh...

[Scratch taps Grounder's right shoulder with his left index finger.

Scratch: Cause the last time, you really blew it! Hmmm.
Grounder: The blue button!

[Grounder presses the blue button with his right index finger, and the beam fires at Tails.]

Scratch: What?! No-ho-ho! You put it in reverse, you ninny!

[The beam zaps Tails. Sonic stares in shock as the beam not only decreases Tails' weight, but his age as well, clearing the doorway. Sonic points at Tails with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Hey, that's quite a metabolism you got there!

[Tails de-ages into a baby wearing a diaper and a bonnet, essentially looking just like he did during Sonic's flashback in "Tails' New Home". The beam now zaps Sonic.]

Sonic: Whoa-ho-ho! What's with the moodlighting? That tickles.

[Sonic de-ages into a diaper-wearing toddler. Baby Tails walks up to him, puts his right thumb in his mouth, and sucks on it. Baby Sonic looks down and presses his hands against the front of his diaper.]

Baby Sonic: I gotta go potty!

[Baby Sonic runs away. His diaper comes off and spins in midair. Baby Sonic then reaches with his right arm, grabs his diaper, and runs away. Baby Tails then stops sucking his thumb and walks towards the doorway. On the other side, Scratch is berating Grounder for messing up.]

Scratch: Now you went and did it!
Grounder: Oh, no! You're the one who did it! If you hadn't confused me, I wouldn't have pushed the red button instead of...

[As Scratch talks to Grounder, Baby Tails walks up to the decrepitizer. Scratch and Grounder are too busy arguing with each other to notice him.]

Scratch: D'oh! You still don't have it right, battery brain! If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times...
Baby Tails: Goo goo poo poo.
Scratch: Goo goo poo poo?

[Grounder turns to Scratch and points at him with his right index finger.]

Grounder: No, you never said that!

[Just then, a pounding sound is heard. Scratch and Grounder suddenly take notice as Baby Tails is now sitting and holding the decrepitizer in his left hand, using it as a hammer to a peg and hole toy inexplicably placed in front of him.]

Grounder: [screams]

[Scratch walks up to Baby Tails, grabs the now-smashed decrepitizer with his left hand, and pulls it away from him. The decrepitizer falls apart, and Grounder rolls up to Scratch.]

Grounder: Looks like the decrepitizer's decrepitized!

[Baby Sonic, who having put his diaper back on, runs up to Scratch and Grounder and picks up the piece of the decrepitizer that broke off with his left hand.]

Baby Sonic: I'll fix it, mister! I'm real good at fixing things! Really, mister! Okay, mister? Can I, huh, can I?
Grounder: No, you little brat, give me that!

[Grounder grabs the piece of the decrepitizer with both his hands and pulls it away from Baby Sonic. Tears now roll down from Baby's Sonic's eyes.]

Baby Sonic: I'll tell my Mommy! Waaah!

[As Scratch talks, Baby Sonic continues crying.]

Scratch: Let the kid fix it! Anything to stop that racket!

[Scratch puts his hands on his head. Baby Sonic stops crying as Grounder hands him the decrepitizer.]

Baby Sonic: Sucker!

[Scratch ducks towards Baby Sonic and cups his left hand to his left ear.]

Scratch: What was that?
Baby Sonic: Thank you, mister chicken robot man.

[Baby Sonic sets the decrepitizer down and reaches behind his back. He is now holding a hammer in his right hand and a wrench in his left, which he uses to attempt to repair the decrepitizer with. As he creates a huge cloud of dust, Scratch and Grounder look down and stare in shock.]

Baby Sonic: I just gotta put the doohickey on the thingamamob, and connect the spring to the spine.
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!
Grounder: Whoa!

[When the dust clears, the decrepitizer looks like a pile of pieces in a cone.]

Baby Sonic: There, all done!

[Scratch picks up the decrepitizer with his right hand and points to it with his left.]

Scratch: Now look what you did!
Baby Sonic: Can we eat now?

[Scratch pushes a button on the decrepitizer, and a beam flashes, indicating it is somehow working.]

Scratch: Hoo, what do you know? It works!

[Baby Sonic points to himself with his right index finger.

Baby Sonic: And I fixed it! I told you! Well, what is it?
Scratch: D'oh, it-it's, it's a, it's... it's a camera! Yeah, yeah, that's it, it's a... I'm gonna take a beautiful picture of you, okay?

[Baby Sonic can now be seen through the viewfinder.]

Baby Sonic: Cheese!

[Baby Sonic runs away just before Scratch can zap him. Baby Sonic then appears hanging upside down, waving his right arm.]

Baby Sonic: Over here! How's this?

[Baby Sonic falls down, then zooms in on the viewfinder, stretching out his mouth with his index fingers.]

Baby Sonic: Want a close-up?

[Grounder is trying to aim at Baby Sonic, while Scratch points with his right index finger.]

Scratch: Aim it there! Uh, there! Uh, this way! No! No! No, go back!

[Scratch and Grounder weave about, creating a cloud of dust. When the dust clears, stars spin around their heads.]

Grounder: D'oh-oh, stay still, you little brat!

[Baby Sonic runs up to Scratch and Grounder and takes the decrepitizer from Grounder with both his hands.]

Baby Sonic: Can I take your picture now? Can I, huh, huh, can I?
Scratch: Let go!
Grounder: Give me that!

[Grounder grabs the decrepitizer with both his hands, and Scratch grabs Grounder's shoulders with both his hands. Both they and Baby Sonic pull on the decrepitizer, each one trying to pull it away from each other.]

Baby Sonic: Hey, two against one! You big bullies! No fair, I'm telling!
Scratch: D'oh, I've got one thing to say to you, kid!

[Just then, Baby Tails, who is holding a bottle of baby formula in his left hand, walks past Scratch. He squirts the bottle, spraying a puddle of baby formula behind Scratch.]

Baby Tails: Ha ha, goo goo poo poo!
Scratch: Goo... goo poo poo!
Grounder: And that goes double for me!

[Scratch backs up. He slips on the formula, and he and Grounder, who is still holding onto the decrepitizer, fly into the air. Baby Sonic lets go of the decrepitizer just before this happens.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho-oh!
Grounder: Whoa!

[Scratch and Grounder land on a conveyor belt. The decrepitizer falls near them, and Scratch catches it in both his hands.]

Scratch: Got it!

[Grounder grabs the decrepitizer with both his hands and tries to pull it away from Scratch.]

Grounder: No, I got it!

[Scratch looks over his right shoulder and stare in shock at what the conveyor belt is leading to.]

Scratch: It doesn't matter who got it!
Grounder: It don't? Why?

[Scratch points with his right thumb. He and Grounder then raise both their arms.]

Scratch: Cause' we're both gonna get it!

[Scratch and Grounder go into a machine, and the lightbulb on it lights up. Baby Sonic and Baby Tails walk up to the machine, thinking it's a television.]

Baby Sonic: It's "The Scratch and Grounder Show"! My fave!

[Baby Sonic sits down, and Baby Tails puts his right thumb in his mouth and sucks on it. Inside the machine, Scratch and Grounder get sprayed with a powder.]

Baby Tails: My fave!

[Baby Tails puts his right thumb back in his mouth and sucks on it.]

Scratch [heard inside the machine]: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Grounder: Oh, oh!

[Scratch, Grounder, and the decrepitizer all come out of the machine frozen. The conveyor belt then takes them to a pile driver, which squashes them flat. Baby Sonic and Baby Tails, the latter of whom is sucking his right thumb, stare in amazement. The pile driver then rises, revealing three piles of sand, the first of which has Scratch's eyes and tail feathers, the second of which has Grounder's eyes and antenna, and the third of which is shaped like pieces of the decrepitizer. Baby Sonic and Baby Tails then laugh at the sand piles. The conveyor belt then takes the three sand piles over to the chute, which loads them into three separate bags. The mechanical arm near the stickers puts a sticker with Scratch's head on the first bag, a sticker with Grounder's head on the second, and a sticker with the decrepitizer on the third. The mechanical arm holding the squirter squirts water onto the three bags, turning Scratch, Grounder, and the decrepitizer back to their not-quite-normal selves. Specifically, Grounder has his head where his left arm should be, and vice-versa, and the decrepitizer is still in pieces. Scratch is now standing near the conveyor belt, putting his right hand on his head, and Grounder is now rolling against the conveyor belt's direction.]

Scratch: Whoo-hoo-hoo! What happened?

[Robotnik runs in between Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: The usual!
Scratch: Dr. Robotnik!
Grounder: Rotop Totopnik!
Robotnik: Pull yourself together, nincombot!
[Grounder grabs his nose with his right hand and puts it in Robotnik's hands. As Robotnik is talking, Grounder's right hand picks up his right arm and puts it back on his right shoulder.]
Robotnik: I send you off to do one simple thing, and what happens?

[Robotnik hands Grounder his head. Grounder picks his head up with both his hands and puts it back on his body. Scratch then raises his left hand.]

Scratch: Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh!

[Robotnik turns to face Scratch.]

Robotnik: Scratch?

[Scratch hides his hands behind his back.]

Scratch: We goofed up, turned Sonic into a baby instead of an old man, and now we got freeze-dried, and you're real ticked off?
Robotnik: Correct! I'll just give you one more chance!

[Grounder is now off the conveyor belt, and is holding his head, which is upside down, in his left hand.

Grounder: What can't if catch Sonic we?
Robotnik: This time, even you should be able to catch him!

[Robotnik pulls out the decrepitizer, which he is now holding in his left hand, as Grounder puts his head back on his body again.]

Robotnik: After all...

[Baby Sonic and Baby Tails are now revealed to be sleeping on their stomachs.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: It's nap time, and the brats are helpless!

[Robotnik's shadow hovers over Baby Sonic and Baby Tails, as Robotnik has sneaked up to them. The screen then fades to black. The next scene takes place where the previous one left off. Baby Sonic and Baby Tails are still asleep, and snoring, with Zs emitting from them. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are standing behind them, and Robotnik is holding the decrepitizer in his left hand as he points to Baby Sonic and Baby Tails with his right index finger.]

Robotnik: Time to decrepitize that toddling twit and his drooly little friend! Hmmm, not quite the design I remembered. Oh, well. Genius is genius!

[Robotnik tosses the decrepitizer at Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Go ahead, make my day!

[Scratch and Grounder pick up the decrepitizer with both their hands and try to pull it away from each other.]

Scratch: No, hey!
Grounder: Give me that!
Scratch: No, it's mine, it's mine! Dr. Robotnik said it's mine! Let go!

[Scratch and Grounder fight each other in a cloud of dust they created.]

Robotnik: Knock it off!

[Scratch and Grounder stop fighting as the cloud of dust clears. Scratch then aims the decrepitizer at Baby Sonic and Baby Tails, which flashes.]

Grounder: Your pettiness, just to make sure...

[Robotnik points at Grounder with his right index finger.]

Robotnik: The red button, you monkey wrench!
Grounder: I knew that.

[Robotnik walks up to Scratch.]

Robotnik: Ready, aim, fire!

[Grounder presses the red button with his left drill. Due to the way Baby Sonic attempted to fix the decrepitizer earlier, the decrepitizer is pointed at Robotnik and zaps him.]

Robotnik: You stupid cretins!

[As a side effect from Baby Sonic's attempt to fix the decrepitizer, the functions of the red and blue buttons are now reversed. As a result, Robotnik de-ages into a diaper-wearing toddler (who, despite his age, retains his mustache). His voice gets higher as his age decreases.]

Robotnik: Look what you did to Wobotnik! Me vewy mad now! Vewy mad! Arrgh!

[Baby Robotnik cries and pounds his fists and feet.]

Grounder: Uh-oh! We're gonna get it now!
Scratch: Maybe not now, but when he grows up!

[Scratch points at Baby Robotnik with his right index finger. Baby Sonic wakes up and notices Baby Robotnik. Baby Tails then wakes up as Baby Sonic points to Baby Robotnik with his left index finger.]

Baby Sonic: Hey, look! A new kid!

[Baby Robotnik continues crying and pounding his fists and feet as Baby Sonic and Baby Tails run up to him.]

Baby Sonic: Hey, kid, wanna play with us? Huh? Huh? Huh?

[Baby Robotnik stops crying and turns to face Baby Sonic and Baby Tails.]

Baby Robotnik: Robotnik don't wike pway. Like bweak things, like squash things. Like you!

[Baby Sonic and Baby Tails walk backwards as Baby Robotnik walks toward them.]

Baby Sonic: Well, I don't like you! You're a...
Baby Tails: Goo goo poo poo!
Baby Sonic: X'actly!

[Baby Sonic and Baby Tails walk backwards until they reach a conveyor belt. On the conveyor belt are a squirter and a bag of instant food mix. Baby Sonic picks up the bag with his left hand and the squirter with his right. He squeezes the squirter, which turns the instant food mix into a cream pie. Baby Sonic then throws the cream pie at Baby Robotnik, which hits him in the face.]

Baby Robotnik: Oooh! Wobotnik weally mad now! Me hate cweam pie!

[Baby Robotnik wipes the cream pie off his face with both his hands. Baby Sonic then throws a chocolate pie at Baby Robotnik, which hits him in the face. Baby Robotnik then licks the chocolate pie.]

Baby Robotnik: Chocowate not bad... but me still gonna get ya!

[Baby Robotnik wipes the chocolate pie off his face with both his hands and chases after Baby Sonic and Baby Tails, who run out the doorway. Scratch and Grounder follow Baby Robotnik. Meanwhile, Baby Sonic is now running through the city, with Baby Tails running behind him. They pass by an ice cream store, which Baby Sonic runs back to and looks through the window. He then suddenly notices Baby Tails running back to the ice cream store and stares in shock at him. Baby Tails then runs right into Baby Sonic and knocks him over.]

Baby Sonic: Ooof!

[Inside the Ice Cream Store, a fat man wearing an apron is holding an ice cream cone in his left hand and an ice cream scoop in his right. He scoops some ice cream onto a cone as Baby Sonic and Baby Tails look through the window. When Baby Robotnik catches up to Baby Sonic and Baby Tails, he looks through the window as well. Baby Sonic, Baby Tails, and Baby Robotnik all cry, as they all want some ice cream. They stop crying when they hear Miss Saccharine, an elderly lady in a green dress who runs a daycare center, and turn to her.]

Miss Saccharine: Now, what's the matter with you three little angels?

[Baby Sonic sniffles.]

Baby Sonic: We want ice cweam!

[Baby Robotnik jumps furiously.]

Baby Robotnik: We want ice cweam!
Baby Sonic: We want ice cweam!
Baby Tails: Ice preem!
Miss Saccharine: What you poor darlings need is someone to look after you!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place outside Miss Saccharine's Daycare Center, which has a sign that says, DAY-CARE CENTER in red letters. Miss Saccharine picks up Tails in her left arm.]

Miss Saccharine: Now, you boys will have to stay here with me in the daycare center, until we can find out where you belong!

[Miss Saccharine, Baby Sonic, and Baby Robotnik walk inside the daycare center. Inside the daycare center, children are playing.]

Miss Saccharine [heard offscreen]: I'm Miss Saccharine, and we're going to have a wonderful time today!

[Miss Saccharine puts Baby Tails down as Baby Sonic looks around the daycare center.]

Baby Sonic: Whoa! Gweat stuff! I'm gonna like it here!

[Baby Robotnik walks away.]

Baby Robotnik: Wobotnik has pwan!

[Baby Robotnik giggles.]

Miss Saccharine: Now, we'll all go into the play yard!

[Miss Saccharine walks away, and Baby Sonic and Baby Tails follow her. Baby Robotnik walks up to some blocks and picks them up with his left hand, building a tower.]

Baby Robotnik: First, I get wid of wittwe Sonic, then take ovew pway yard, then whole pwanet!

[Baby Robotnik juggles the block tower, then walks away, giggling. Scratch and Grounder look in through the window.]

Scratch: We gotta get Dr. Robotnik out of there and back to normal!
Grounder: Yeah, uh, but how?

[Scratch scratches his head with his left index finger.]

Scratch: Hmmm. Wait, I got it!

[Grounder points to his head with his right drill.

Grounder: A head?
Scratch: D'oh, no, an idea, you maroon! Come on!

[Scratch walks away, with Grounder following behind him. In the play yard, Sonic and Tails are playing on a seesaw. A pile of explosives is under Tails' end of the seesaw.]

Baby Tails: Whee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

[The explosives' fuse leads to Baby Robotnik, who is holding the plug in his left hand, which he plugs into the electrical outlet in the wall.]

Baby Robotnik: Teeter-totter go boom!

[Baby Robotnik giggles and claps his hands as Baby Sonic and Baby Tails continue playing on the seesaw. Miss Saccharine walks up to Baby Robotnik.]

Miss Saccharine: Are they not sharing with you, dear?

[Baby Robotnik sees Miss Saccharine and stares in shock at her.]

Baby Robotnik: Huh?

[Miss Saccharine grabs Baby Robotnik's right arm with her left hand and pulls him away.]

Baby Robotnik: [screams]
Miss Saccharine [heard offscreen]: Everybody gets a turn, children!
Baby Robotnik: No! No! Me no wanna!

[Miss Saccharine picks up Baby Robotnik with her left hand and pushes Baby Tails off the seesaw with her right. She then puts Baby Robotnik on Baby Tails' end of the seesaw, and Baby Tails runs away.]

Baby Sonic: Watch me go real high!

[Baby Sonic points upwards with his left index finger and his end of the seesaw goes up. The explosives at Baby Robotnik's end of the seesaw explode.]

Baby Robotnik: Yeow!

[Baby Sonic's end of the seesaw goes down as Baby Sonic and Miss Saccharine watch Baby Robotnik fly into the air.]

Baby Sonic: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

[Baby Tails runs up to Baby Sonic and Miss Saccharine and joins them in watching Baby Robotnik fly into the air.]

Miss Saccharine: [screams]

[Baby Robotnik lands in a garbage can with a crash. Miss Saccharine walks up to the garbage can and pulls Baby Robotnik out of it by his feet with both her hands.]

Miss Saccharine: Oh, my!

[Miss Saccharine carries Baby Robotnik, who has a fish bone in his mouth, away. Baby Robotnik groans, and the screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place inside the daycare center. Miss Saccharine is holding a red washcloth in her right hand, and a brush in her left, both of which which she is using to wash Baby Robotnik, who is sitting in a washtub with.]

Miss Saccharine: Let's try not to have any more accidents!

[The doorbell rings. Miss Saccharine walks to the door and opens it with her left hand. Scratch and Grounder, who are now dressed like policemen, are at the door.]

Scratch: We're here from the, uh, Department of Lost Kids!
Grounder: Uh, yeah! We're here to pick up those brats, uh, I mean, uh, children you found.

[Sweat rolls down Grounder's head as Miss Saccharine stares at him and Scratch angrily.]

Miss Saccharine: Can I see your badges?
Scratch: Badges?
Grounder: We don't need no stinking...

[Miss Saccharine throws Scratch and Grounder out.]

Scratch: Whaa-ho-ha-ho!
Grounder: [screams]

[Scratch and Grounder land with a crash as Miss Saccharine walks out the door, dusting off her hands.]

Miss Saccharine: I knew that black belt in Tae Kwon Do would come in handy one day!

[Miss Saccharine walks back through the door and shuts it with her right hand. Stars now spin around Scratch and Grounder's heads.]

Grounder: We'll never save our glorious leader...

[The stars clear up. Before Grounder can finish, Scratch points to his head with his left index finger.]

Scratch: I got it!
Grounder: Another idea?
Scratch: No, a headache. Oh-ho-ho!

[Scratch literally falls to pieces, and Grounder shrugs his arms. Back at the play yard, Baby Robotnik, who is holding a bag of jelly beans in his left hand, is laying a trail of red jelly beans as part of a plan to lure Baby Sonic and Baby Tails into a trap.]

Baby Robotnik: Now me get that bad fuzzy hedgehog! Me so smart!

[Baby Robotnik ends the trail at the merry-go-round, which is tied to a sleeping dog. The dog snores, and Zs emit from him. Baby Sonic and Baby Tails follow the trail of red jelly beans, picking them up with both their hands and eating them.]

Baby Sonic: Wow! Someone planted some jelly beans! Yum!

[Halfway through the trail, Baby Sonic and Baby Tails stop and look up at Miss Saccharine.]

Miss Saccharine: Now what do you think you're doing? You mustn't eat so many sweets! Time to brush, brush, brush those teeth, teeth, teeth!

[Miss Saccharine points to the trail of red jelly beans with her left index finger, then pushes Baby Sonic and Baby Tails away with both her hands. Baby Robotnik peers out of a bush, then walks out of it. He is holding a bag of jelly beans in his left hand.]

Baby Robotnik: Dwat! Double Dwat!

[Baby Robotnik pours some black and green jelly beans into his right hand.]

Baby Robotnik: Yum!

[Baby Robotnik tosses the black and green jelly beans into his mouth, only to find out they taste terrible. He then looks inside his bag.]

Baby Robotnik: Yuck! Ptoo! Only bwack and gween jewwy beans weft!

[Baby Robotnik then notices the trail of jelly beans he left earlier, forgetting it was part of the trap he set.]

Baby Robotnik: Mmmm! Wed jewwy beans!

[Baby Robotnik picks up the red jelly beans with his left hand and puts them in his mouth.]

Baby Robotnik: Mmmm, yummy!

[Baby Robotnik eats the red jelly beans and crawls onto the merry-go-round. He then stares in shock when he realizes he just fell for his own trap, and that Baby Sonic has returned, carrying a stick in his right hand.]

Baby Robotnik: Eeek!
Baby Sonic: Wow! Nice doggie! Fetch!

[The Dog wakes up, and Baby Sonic tosses the stick. The dog runs after it, and the rope it is tied to spins the merry-go-round with Baby Robotnik on it. The merry-go-round then flies away.]

Baby Robotnik: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[Baby Sonic looks up at the flying merry-go-round with Baby Robotnik on it. He points to it with his left thumb.]

Baby Sonic: I like him! He plays good!

[Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are behind the wall of the daycare center.]

Scratch: Okay, on the count of three!

[Scratch and Grounder look up.]

Grounder: One...
Baby Robotnik [heard offscreen]: [screams]

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock, with their eyes popping out of their heads, as the merry-go-round with Baby Robotnik on it casts its shadow over them.]

Scratch: Two...

[The merry-go-round with Baby Robotnik on it falls on Scratch and Grounder, flattening them.]

Scratch and Grounder: Ooof!

[Stars spin around Baby Robotnik's head. Baby Robotnik groans, then he stands up and grabs one of the merry-go-round's handles with his right hand. He has a hypnotic effect in his eyes.]

Baby Robotnik: Wobotnik gonna thwow up!

[The stars clear as Miss Saccharine opens the gate and points to Baby Robotnik with her left index finger.]

Miss Saccharine: There you are, you little rascal! You mustn't play outside!

[Miss Saccharine grabs Baby Robotnik by his right arm with her left hand and pulls him away. Scratch and Grounder emerge from under the merry-go round.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Grounder: Oh!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Baby Sonic is playing jump rope with two Elephant Girls. The Elephant Girls are holding the rope in their right hands, and he is jumping over the rope as they swing it.]

Baby Sonic: Check it out! Turbo tot!

[Baby Robotnik runs up to the rope, grabs it with his left hand, and pulls it away from the Elephant Girls. Baby Sonic continues jumping, not knowing the rope is missing.]

Baby Sonic: Whee!

[Baby Sonic continues jumping, but when he opens his eyes, he sees the rope is no longer there, and stops jumping. He scratches his head with his left hand as he and the Elephant Girls look around for the rope, but they can't find it. They then whisper to each other, and the Elephant Girls tie their trunks together to use as a substitute for the rope.]

Baby Sonic: Way to go, girls! Watch me now!

[The Elephant Girls spin their trunks, and Baby Sonic jumps over them. Meanwhile, Baby Robotnik, who is holding the rope in his left arm, is revealed to have tied it all around the daycare center. He walks out the door, pushes the gate open with his right hand, and ties the end of the rope to the back of a green car.]

Baby Robotnik: Now they see! Wobotnik not born yesterday!

[Baby Robotnik tiptoes back into the Daycare Center's yard.]

Baby Robotnik: Day before yesterday!

[The other end of the rope is now tied all around the play yard. Baby Robotnik is now holding the rope in both his hands, and standing next to Baby Sonic, who is holding a yellow ball with an orange stripe in both his hands.]

Baby Robotnik: Bet you can't do this!

[Baby Robotnik forms a cat's cradle with the rope.]

Baby Sonic: Can too!
Baby Robotnik: Can not!

[Baby Sonic is no longer holding the ball.]

Baby Sonic: Can too!
Baby Robotnik: Not!
Baby Sonic: Too!

[Baby Sonic takes the rope from Baby Robotnik with his right hand. He tries to form a cat's cradle, but doesn't succeed. Baby Robotnik giggles at him.]

Baby Robotnik: Told you!
Baby Sonic: Show me again!

[As Baby Sonic tries to form a cat's cradle again, Baby Robotnik giggles behind his back. Baby Sonic then ties the rope around Baby Robotnik's wrists, then blows a raspberry at him, implying he intentionally tried not to form a cat's cradle with the rope. In the distance, the sound of the car engine starting up can be heard, and the rope begins to rewind, as Baby Robotnik sees it do so in the sandbox. The rope then pulls Baby Robotnik through the sandbox.]

Baby Robotnik: D'oh!

[Baby Robotnik then spits out the sand.]

Baby Robotnik: Ptoo! Ptoo! Ptoo!

[Baby Robotnik stares in shock at what's up ahead.]

Baby Robotnik: [screams]

[The rope pulls Baby Robotnik through a bunch of rings.]

Baby Robotnik: D'oh!

[Inside the Daycare center, Baby Sonic is waiting by the rope and tapping his right foot. Baby Robotnik passes by him, and Baby Sonic waves a pink flag, which he is holding in his right hand.]

Baby Robotnik: Whoo!

[The rope pulls Baby Robotnik all over the daycare center, and into the bathroom.]

Baby Robotnik: Whoa! Ow! Whoa! Ow!

[The rope pulls Baby Robotnik through a sink, and into an air vent.]

Baby Robotnik: Oooh, ow!

[Baby Robotnik passes by Baby Sonic, who is holding a stopwatch in his left hand.] Baby Sonic: Yay! Yay! Yay! [The car drives across the road, and the rope pulls Baby Robotnik away.]

Baby Robotnik: Whoo! [screams] Oooh!

[Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are trying to dig a hole large enough to get under the fence. Scratch is holding a shovel in both his hands, which he is using to dig the hole with, and Grounder is holding a bucket in his left hand. The car drives past them, pulling the rope and Baby Robotnik]

Baby Robotnik: Help!
Scratch: Hi, boss!

[Scratch stares in shock, then turns around.]

Baby Robotnik: [screams] Waaah!

[The car explodes. Scratch then realizes that Baby Robotnik is in great danger.]

Scratch: Boss? Bo-ho-hoss!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place on a hill. Baby Robotnik is now wrapped in bandages, looking like a mummy. Grounder, who is wearing a medical headband on his head, is tying the bandages onto Baby Robotnik's left arm with both his hands as Scratch looks through a first-aid kit. Baby Robotnik stands up and jumps furiously.]

Baby Robotnik: I wanna gwoow up!

[Baby Robotnik cries, and Scratch turns to face Grounder.]

Scratch: I say, it's worth a try!

[Grounder turns to face Scratch.]

Grounder: But what if he gets even younger?
Scratch: Now, remember, try the blue button!

[Scratch runs away, then comes back, carrying the newly-repaired decrepitizer in both his hands. Scratch aims the decrepitizer at Robotnik and zaps him with it.]

Baby Robotnik: Me mad! Me vewy...

[The decrepitizer succeeds in aging Robotnik back to his normal age.]

Robotnik: ...very, incredibly, indescribably angry with you two idiots! It's me! The old me! I'm back, and I'm bad!

[The next scene takes place inside the daycare center as Robotnik rings the doorbell. Miss Saccharine opens the door and peers out the doorway.]

Miss Saccharine: Can I help you?
Robotnik: I'm here to claim my children! They were lost today, I've been quite frantic!
Miss Saccharine: Hmmm, do I know you?

[Robotnik opens his suit with both his hands, revealing various awards to be attached to it, including a certificate that says, NASTY, a certificate that says, VILLAIN OF THE YEAR, a certificate that says, BADNESS AWARD, and a trophy that says, BADDEST GUY. Robotnik is also wearing an undershirt that says, I BRAKE FOR DEPOSITS! and boxer shorts with skulls and crossbones on them.]

Robotnik: Well, I have conquered most of this planet.

[Miss Saccharine backs up as Robotnik walks in.]

Miss Saccharine: That might be it!

[Miss Saccharine sniffs Robotnik.]

Miss Saccharine: You smell familiar, too!

[Robotnik notices a can of baby powder on the table next to the doorway. He picks it up with his right hand, pours it into his left hand, and powders his right armpit with it.]

Robotnik: Baby powder, I tend to chafe!

[Baby Sonic and Baby Tails walk up to Miss Saccharine. Baby Sonic rubs his eyes with both hands.]

Baby Sonic: Miss Saccharine, is it nap ti...

[Baby Sonic and Baby Tails suddenly notice Robotnik.]

Baby Sonic: Whoa!
Baby Tails: Goo goo poo poo!

[Baby Sonic and Baby Tails try to run away, but Robotnik pounces at them, grabbing Baby Sonic in his right arm and Baby Tails in his left.]

Robotnik: Goo goo poo poo to you, too! Now, you idiots!

[Scratch and Grounder peer through the doorway. Scratch is holding the decrepitizer in both his hands, and aims it at Baby Sonic and Baby Tails.]

Grounder: We got em' now, boss!

[Scratch fires the decrepitizer at Baby Sonic and Baby Tails.]

Baby Sonic: Uh-oh! There goes my childhood!

[The decrepitizer zaps Baby Sonic and Baby Tails.]

Robotnik: Quickly, quickly, turn it up!
Scratch: You got it, boss!

[Miss Saccharine walks angrily up to Scratch and Grounder and takes the decrepitizer from them with her left hand.]

Miss Saccharine: There'll be none of that sort of play in my daycare center!

[Miss Saccharine is now holding the decrepitizer in her right hand as she waves her left index finger at Scratch and Grounder. The beam from the decrepitizer bounces off the walls and aims at Robotnik.]

Robotnik: No!

[The beam zaps Robotnik, who drops Baby Sonic and Baby Tails.]

Robotnik: Yeow!

[Sonic and Tails are now back to their normal ages.]

Sonic: Gotta buzz, cuz!
Tails: Me too!

[Sonic runs away, with Tails flying behind him. The decrepitizer's beam stops.]

Scratch: Are we still gonna get revenge and conquer the planet, boss?

[Robotnik is now very old, and is sitting in a rocking chair. He has a long, grey beard, and is holding a cane in his right hand.]

Robotnik: You're darn tooting, we are!

[Robotnik waves the cane in his right hand.]

Robotnik: Uh, I hate that hedgehog!

[Robotnik falls asleep and snores, and the screen irises out on him, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic and Tails are in the spinner from the beginning of the episode, which is at the laundromat, also from the beginning of the episode. The spinner spins them around.]

Tails: Sonic! Help! I'm getting dizzy!
Sonic [to the viewers]: Now, does that look like fun to you?

[Sonic and Tails are now out of the spinner, and are standing next to a tumble dryer, which is turned on.]

Sonic: If so, your brains are scrambled! Believe it or not, every year, some ignorant kid takes a ride in a clothes dryer just like this one, and ends up getting hurt!

[Sonic opens the dryer with his right hand, and the dryer turns off. He points inside with his left index finger.]

Sonic: It gets pretty hot in there!

[A view inside the dryer is now shown, revealing fins inside it.]

Sonic: And those dryer fins can break your bones when they get goin'!

[Sonic points to the dryer, then to the viewers with his right index finger.]

Sonic: If you think it's smart to climb in a dryer, you're really all wet!