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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby

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"Musta Been A Beautiful Baby" is the twenty-eighth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the twenty-eighth episode, it aired as the twenty-seventh episode during the show's original run.






The episode begins in the Laundry room, Scratch and Grounder have captured Sonic and Tails and thrown them in the gyro-sphere which spins them around like a dryer. Sonic and Tails escape but the static has built up onto their body so clothes start to stick to them. Scratch and Grounder begin to use the Automatic-Static-Schmatic Beam, but Sonic gets it to backfire on them. The blue hero then uses a giant Slingshot to fire them out the door along with a handful of clothes.

At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Dr. Robotnik is very angry that he has not caught Sonic for over so many years and that he will some day be too old to catch him. Scratch and Grounder tell Robotnik that Sonic will get older as well and will be easier for them to catch. The thought of Sonic becoming old gives Robotnik an idea to age Sonic prematurely so as to capture him easily. The evil genius creates a device known to be called The Decrepitizer which fires a ray that will age anybody and anything (either younger or older).

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails have decided to be food tasters for the Instant Food Factory. While they are busy eating the instant food, Scratch and Grounder appear and use the Decrepitizer to age Sonic and Tails. Grounder fires the Decrepitizer but pushes the wrong button which turns Sonic and Tails into babies. Scratch and Grounder begin to argue about what happened but as they argue Baby Tails plays with the Decrepit-izer and hits it against the table like a hammer. Baby Sonic wants to fix it, but Grounder grabs it from him so Sonic begins to cry. Scratch tells Grounder to give it to Sonic just to make him stop crying. Sonic starts to mangle the machine a bit, but it still works. Robotnik enters the factory and decides to give the Badniks another chance by allowing them to fire on Sonic and Tails while they are napping. Grounder accidentally fires the Decrepit-izer ray at Dr. Robotnik and he becomes a toddler.

Sonic and Tails wake up and see Baby Robotnik crying out of frustration, but they want to be friends with him. Robotnik refuses their friendship and begins to threaten them. Sonic and Tails begin to run away from Robotnik after throwing pies at his face and he chases them into the city until they come across an ice cream parlor and see a man scooping ice cream, and Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik began to cry. Fortunately, their tears were heard by Miss Saccharine, who takes them to the Day Care Center.

Scratch and Grounder try various attempts to get Robotnik back from the Day-Care Center to reverse the aging ray, but unfortunately these attempts don't seem to work. In Day-Care, Robotnik plans to terminate Sonic and Tails by setting up traps for them but they instead backfire on him. Robotnik's 'last' trap is to get Sonic's hands stuck in a rope that is tied to a car. Sonic wraps the ropes around Robotnik's wrists just before the car drives off. Robotnik gets dragged through a lot of hazards and eventually pulled out of the Day-Care Center. Once out of the Day-Care Center, Scratch and Grounder use the Decrepit-izer and turn Robotnik back to normal.

Robotnik returns to the Day-care Center to get baby Sonic and Tails. As Robotnik holds them up Scratch and Grounder use the Decrepit-izing Ray to shoot the two heroes in an attempt to make them old men. Miss Saccharine grabs the Decrepit-izer away from the Badniks to keep her Day-care safe. She makes the ray bounce off a mirror and the ray hits Robotnik. Sonic and Tails (now back to normal) are able to escape because of this. Scratch and Grounder look to see Robotnik is now an old man. He says, "I hate that hedgehog..." then falls asleep.

Sonic Says

Sonic warns kids about the dangers of climbing in a dryer.

Tails: "Sonic, help! I'm getting dizzy!"

Sonic: "Now does that look like fun to you? If so, your brains are scrambled! Believe it or not, every year some ignorant kid takes a ride in a clothes dryer (points to a nearby dryer) just like this one, and ends up getting hurt. It gets pretty hot in there, and those dryer fins can break your bones when they get going. (Sonic turns to the home audience) If you think it's fun to climb in a dryer, you're really all wet!"


  • While Robotnik sat on the stool sobbing and ripping date pages off the calendar, when he stopped at thirteen, the ripped edges disappear.
  • When the two rats are chasing each other running to the left, the boy rat was on the first line and the girl rat is on the last line. But when Robotnik zaps them, turning them old, the old girl rat is on the first line and the old boy rat is on the last line.
  • When the camera turns to the right while the kids are playing outside right at Baby Robotnik who was holding a plugin cord, his eyes were tan instead black.
  • An apparent continuity error in the German version of the episode: Baby Sonic continuously refers to the decreptizer as a "trumpet" yet later he asks "What is it?" to which Scratch replies "A camera."

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Cure de jouvence Cure of youth
German Aufstand im Kindergarten Uprising in kindergarten
Italian Bambini contro anziani Children versus the elderly
Japanese 赤ちゃんソニックちゃん Baby Sonic
Portuguese (Portugal) Sarilhos de Fraldas Diaper Trouble
Spanish (Spain) Debió de ser un bebé precioso It must have been a precious baby
Spanish (Latin America) Debió ser un hermoso bebé It must have been a beautiful baby


  • This is the second appearance of Baby Tails, the first being "Tails' New Home". In this episode, however, Baby Tails is portrayed as always either sticking out his tongue or sucking his thumb, and cannot speak as well as he did in his first appearance.
  • This is the second appearance of Baby Robotnik, the first being "Momma Robotnik's Birthday", though he looked much different in that episode.
  • Aside from becoming a baby, Sonic does not wear any costumes in this episode.
  • In the Sonic Says segment for this episode, Sonic and Tails show a small clip from the beginning of the episode.
  • Baby Sonic and Baby Robotnik can speak full sentences, despite being babies.
  • This is one of the rare times when Scratch falls apart. Another episode where this happens is "Road Hog".
  • Miss Saccharine saves the day in this episode, not Sonic.
  • The two lab rats make a cameo appearance in "Sonic the Matchmaker", on Breezie's talk show.
  • Scratch seemed really concerned when Robotnik was caught in the explosion just before he grew up to his main age again.
  • This episodes has been released on the following DVDs: