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A chatterbox who appointed himself the local tour guide. He's thorough, make no mistake: give him a chance, and Musaid will treat even the grungiest restroom like the Eighth wonder of the world. It takes him half a day just to show people around one block.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Musaid (ムサーイド Musāido?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Shamar who works as an independent tour guide for tourists that come to town.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

While residing in Shamar, Musaid made himself the local tour guide for tourist and established his own shop. During his carrier, Musaid proved himself as a thorough tour guide, making sure tourists saw everything to the point where he would spend half a day showing people around the block. Additionally, Musaid would not take no for an answer or give up until a potential customer went on one of his tours.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Musaid found his business stagnating due to the earth breaking apart due to Dark Gaia's awakening, which lowered the number of tourists coming to Shamar. This proved troublesome for Musaid, since he could end up closing his shop.

Some time later, during the day, Musaid was in deep thought about how the planet's state had negatively impacted the tourism while hoping there was some tourists nearby to give a tour. He then noticed that Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip were trying to communicate with him and explained how he was lost in thoughts. During the following nightfall, Musaid met Sonic and Chip again and explained how they used to get many visitors from overseas at this time of year, but now got fewer than normal due to the planet's shattering, which Musaid noted was terrible for a tour guide.

Some time later, Musaid met Sonic and Chip again and offered them a tour, but became depressed when they declined before explaining about the issues he had with the lack of tourists. Musaid then asked Sonic if he knew someone who had arrived in Shamar that he could give a tour, and heard that Ana, a girl from Mazuri, had just arrived. Musaid then thanked Sonic for the tip and left to find Ana. When Musaid then found Ana and introduced himself to her, Ana, who had been looking her true love, believed that Musaid was her destined love upon seeing him and called him her "sweetie" and "prince". Musaid, however, was very confused over Ana's proclamation, and asked why she was calling him that as he only wanted to give her a tour. Ana, however, took Musaid's statement as a sign of affection and began talking about it was fate that they met, while Musaid was confused of what was happening. After Ana had calmed down, Musaid asked Sonic of what was going on.

Later, Musaid tried to explain the situation to Ana, but as she kept ignoring him, Musaid wondered if she was listening to him. When Ana then began talking about taking him to Mazuri to get her her father's blessing, Musaid tried to reject Ana gently by telling that he could not come with her as his job as a tour guide in Shamar was important because he made sure tourists did not get lost. However, Ana thought that Musaid meant that she had to find someone to take over his job, promoting Musaid to try and explain that he did not mean it like that. As Ana then enlisted Sonic to find someone to take over Musaid's business, Musaid tried to stop her and convince her that he was not her "darling" several times, but failed. When Sonic returned and revealed he had gotten Sadiq to take over Musaid business, Ana proclaimed that Musaid could come with her to Mazuri. Musaid tried to explain that he never agreed on going with Ana, but to no avail, and he was dragged away by Ana to pack his things for the travel to Mazuri while he screamed for help while asking Sonic of what he had done to deserve this. 

Eventually, Musaid was taken to Mazuri by Ana, where he met Sonic and Chip again and told them of impression of Mazuri and about how unfortunate he was to face Ana's father, Kwami, who Musaid thought was scary. Some time after, Musaid met Kwami who told him that he wanted to talk to him and Ana during the evening. Musaid met Sonic and Chip later and told them about his meeting with Kwami and how he nervously wondered what it could be Kwami wanted. When meeting with Kwami the same night, Kwami told Musaid Ana that he would give them his blessing and let Musaid marry Ana, if he passed a test by collecting an object from outside the village, which only confuse Musaid even more and made him worry as he did not want to marry Ana. After the meeting, Musaid met Sonic and Chip again, and explained his situation, but then realized to his joy that if he did not pass the test, Ana would give up on marrying him. Realizing that Sonic could help with the test, however, Musaid begged him not to help him. Regardless, Sonic passed the test on behalf of Musaid on Ana's request. When Sonic returned to Musaid and Ana after clearing the test, Musaid was left in shock before yelling in agony as Ana told him that they Kwami's blessing tomorrow.

The next day, Musaid chose to resign to his fate of marry Ana. However, Ana's heartfelt devotion and unshaken belief that Musaid was the right for her slowly began to grow on him, making Musaid start to care for Ana. Later, Musaid met up with Sonic and Chip again, where he explained to them that he had given up and allowed Ana to marry him. He also explained that he felt like no one in the world could love him more than Ana did, which made him accept marrying Ana while wondering if it this was fated.

Wii/PlayStation 2

While living in Shamar, Musaid made a living as a tour guide for visitors. During the events of Sonic Unleashed, however, Musaid found his business stagnating due to the earth having broken apart due to Dark Gaia's awakening which lowered the number of tourists coming to Shamar. This proved to be a troublesome issue for Musaid, since it meant that he was getting a low income.

Some time later, Musaid met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they first arrived in Shamar, where he explained to them in a gloomy and hopeless mood about the impact that the planet's shattering had on the tourist industry and that it was tough times to be a tour guide.

After moping around for a while, Musaid met Sonic and Chip and began a new conversation with them, though with a change in perspective. Though Musaid still told Sonic and Chip thing about how the state of the world impacted the tourist industry in Shamar, he was sure things would pick up soon. As Sonic and Chip asked him how he knew that, Musaid explained that he was an "every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining" kind of guy. Sonic and Chip then told Musaid that this was not the attitude he had before handed, but Musaid told him that they must have confused him with someone else.


Musaid is a chatterbox and an "every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining" kind of guy. He is very dedicated and thorough with his self-appointed work; it takes him half a day to show people around just one block and he treats all sights as wonders in their own rights.


  • If all of Ana's missions involving Musaid in Shamar are cleared in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version right after they become available, a glitch is caused: Musaid can be found in Shamar's hub world for a short while, despite the fact that he has relocated to Mazuri.
  • The name "Musaid" (مُسَاعِد?) means "helper" in Arabic. This is a reference to Musaid's work as a tour guide.


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