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Sonic Underground
Mummy Dearest (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Mummy Dearest".

Queen Aleena: For all of us, the future is shrouded in mystery. But my children were about to learn that sometimes, the key to the future lies in the distant past...
Sonia: Cyrus gave this to me. It's called an intelliputer. It's so way beyond cool!
[Turns the device on, it flashes and loads of gadgets spring out of it]
Sonia: Well?
Manic: Whohhh, I'm soooo...
Sonic: Yeah, but does it make chili-dogs?
Sonia: Watch this!
[Presses a button, we see Robotnik and Sleet discussing their next mission.]
Robotnik: And post extra SWATbots at all locations! I don't want those infernal hedgehogs learning about this operation!
Sonic: Nice computer joke!
Sleet: Don't worry Sir, we'll be on our way by tomorrow morning, and he will never find us in Hamarapi.
Sonic: Are you getting this stuff down?
Sonia: No, the computer is recording it.
Robotnik: Good! See to it - I'm going to inspect the expedition myself! I want Aleena!
Sonic: Expedition? Find Mom? Follow them!
Sonia: It doesn't work that way - we can only monitor Robotnik's control room. Oh wow - that looks like...
Manic: An old book?
Sonia: Magnify... Oh my gosh!
Manic: What? What is it?
Sonia: The Royal Hedgehog Crest!
Sonic: So, what's the big deal with that book?
Sonia: Let's see - since that book is about the Royal Family...
Manic: And Robuttnik is geared up to go to hama-something...
Sonic: So there's a good chance they might be connected!
Sonia: We've got to get that book!
Sonic: Time to haul!

[Scene Change]

Sonia: Where is he? We've got to get that book!
[Sonic arrives with the van. He opens the back door, revealing three Swatbots.]
Sonia: Where'd you get these things?
Sonic: Check this out!
[Sonic picks one of the SWATbots up as easily as if it had been a feather!]
Manic: How'd you do that?
Sonic: Cool, huh? It's a new metal that Cyrus and the guys came up with - super-light, but super-strong!
[The back of the SWATbot opens revealing a cockpit]
Manic: Hoho, very cool!
[Sonic climbs in and starts moving the SWATbot arms and legs]
Sonia: Wow! Looks good, but do you really think these fake-bots'll get us in?

[Scene Change]

[The Sonic Underground are now inside the bots, and are walking straight past the normal Swatbots.]
Sonic: Not bad, huh?
Sonia: Ask me again when we're out of here, Sonic.
Sonic: Nobody home!
Manic: Just the way I like it!
Sonia: No! He'd lose the book!
Sonic: Bummer Majores!
Manic: He's gotta have a safe around here somewhere!
[Manic uses the Swatbot radar system to find the safe.]
Manic: Ah, electronic time-dials! That can only mean one thing!
[Manic opens the front door of the safe]
Manic: Score!
[He then tries to crack the combination of the inner door.]
Sonic: Well, how's it going?
Manic: This isn't working! Can't feel a thing!
Sonic: Go for it bro, we'll stand guard!
Sonia: Uh-oh! Trouble coming!
[Robotnik approaches. Meanwhile, Manic successfully unlocks the door and opens it.]
Manic: Alright!
Sonic: Stay cool, and follow my lead, sis!
[Manic takes the Royal Hedgehog Crest book out of the vault. However, he is spotted by Robotnik.]
Robotnik: Out of my way!
Manic: Huh?
[Robotnik is stopped by two]
Sonic: Entrance Denied By Order Of Sleet!
Robotnik: What? That's preposterous! Move aside!
Sonia: No Admittance!
Robotnik: Are you insane? I'm Doctor Robotnik!
Sonic: DOCTOR? Hey Doc, I got this pain in my elbow!
Robotnik: WHAT?!
[Manic tries to get out, but his SWATBot trips over a cable and falls over, breaking up.]
Manic: Whoa! Ooff!
Robotnik: What's going... huh?
Manic: Oops... [Waves at Robotnik] hello...
Robotnik: Hedgehog!
[Sonia and Sonic jump off the back of their Swatbots.]
Robotnik: Give me that book!
[Sonic comes along and whisks Manic away, with the book, and spins Robotnik around on an axis.]
Sonic: Hang on guys...
[The doors start to close from top to bottom.]
Manic: DUCK!
[They manage to escape to the outside.]

[Scene Change]

[Back at the SU HQ, Sonia is using the Intelliputer to analyse the book.]
Sonia: Incredible!
Manic: [sarcastically] Oh yeah, an old scroll, that was worth it!
Sonia: Don't you get it? The book is showing us the Scroll of Aman-Rapi - our ancestor... and a prophet!
Sonic: For that I gotta tell Cyrus we lost his SWATbot disguises? [Groans]
Sonia: How about a step-by-step blueprint of how we can overthrow Robotnik?

[Scene Change]

Sleet: I can't believe the hedgehogs got the book!
Robotnik: Never mind that! I scanned the book's information into your ship's computer. And if the hedgehogs show up...
Sleet: Don't worry Sir, I'll have a little surprise waiting for them! Hehehahaha!
Robotnik: Get to the pyramid and find that scroll!
[Robonik's vehicle takes off. The camera cuts to the Camper Van.]
Sonic: So this Aman-Rapi guy predicted Robuttnik taking over?
Sonia: Ah-ha! Down to the last detail! Ooh, new information about this area...
Sonic: Like what?
Sonia: Dunno yet - it's slow going because this ancient language is hard to translate...
Manic: Are we there yet?
Sonic: Looks like it! Converting!
[Sonic exchanges the van's wheels. They become Caterpillar wheels. They leave their trail in the sand as the van drives on. Swatbot aircrafts hover up and follow the Camper Van.]
Sonia: There's something forming... looks like a warning of some kind... in a lovely shade of purple!
Manic: Just like this pretty sand!
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
Manic: What's wrong?
Sonia: Beware - purple sand is the home of the deadly Sand Snake!
[Manic gasps.]
Sonic: No biggie, we'll just stay in the van!
[Swatbots start shooting at the van. It swerves to dodge the attacks.]
Sonic: Since when did snakes have lasers?
Sonia: We've got bigger problems than lasers...
Sonic: And that would be?
Sonia: The average Sand Snake is as big as a Mobian-- Megawhale!
[--Sonic screams as a Sand Snake advances on the van.]
Sonic: Oh yeah, that's about right!
[Everyone screams. Sonic presses the brake pedal as hard as he can, but the Sand Snake swallows it whole.]
Robotnik: [Happily] YES! OH YES! It's too good to be true! Oh, this is a wonderful day Sleet! Wonderful day!
Sleet: Yes Sir!
Dingo: [Miserably] Poor Sohnia...
Sleet: Oh shut up you soft-hearted fool! The hedgehogs are finally gone! Should we return?
Robotnik: The hedgehog brats may be finished, Sleet, but Queen Aleena remains - I need that scroll!
Sleet: Shall I release my escort ships, Sir?
Robotnik: Yes - you won't need them any more! HAHAHAHA!

[Scene Change: Camper Van, Pitch Black]

Sonic: Y'know, I'm open to suggestions here!
Manic: A light would be nice!
[Sonic turns the interior lights on.]
Sonia: We're still moving!
Manic: This snake's probably looking for another meal.
Sonia: Flip on the headlights, Sonic!
[Sonic turns the headlights on, showing the snake's teeth. They gasp in horror.]
Sonic: No problemo! Whoa!
[Sonic starts to drive the van through the tonsil of the sand-snake.]
Sonia: Yuck!
[He stops behind the Snake's teeth.]
Sonic: [sounding horn] Hey! Open up!
Manic: He's not gonna open up down here - he'll get a mouth full of sand!
Sonia: Hmm... Manic, that's brilliant!
Manic: It is?
[Sonia produces a metal rod of some sort.]
Sonia: Here it is!
Manic: What's up?
Sonia: Follow me!
[Sonia opens the roof of the van and gets out.]
Sonia: Ewww!
[She jumps onto the wheel, and then onto the tongue, which is slippery. She walks towards the lips.]
Sonic: What're you doing?
Sonia: Watch this!
[Sonia uses the rod to puncture a hole in the Sand Snake's lips.]
Sonia: It doesn't like the sand coming in - it's heading for the surface!
Manic: Way to go, sis!
[The Sand Snake surfaces, opens its mouth and the Sonic Underground find themselves outside the pyramid.]
Sonic: Now that's what I call door-to-door service!

[Scene Change: Hamarapi]

[Sonic and Manic walk towards the entrance. At the same time, Sonia opens her laptop.]
Sonia: Wait a minute! That's not the only entrance - and I don't think it's the right one!
[Sonia brings up a hologram of the pyramid entrances.]
Sonia: It's really tiny, but there's some kind of marking above this one.
Manic: Let's go!
Sonic: Now what? There's no way in!
Sonia: What's that?
[They look up and see a sign covered in sand. The hedgehogs arrange themselves into a tower and Sonia wipes the sand away.]
Manic: Hurry up Sonia!
Sonia: The Royal H!
Manic: Whoa!
Sonia: Whoa!
Sonic: Whoa!
[They fall off and hit the ground.]
Sonia: Yes! This must be the right place! But how do we get in?
[Sonia leans against a wall, and inadvertently opens the door.]
Sonic: We could try the entrance.
[No sooner have the hedgehogs entered the pyramid, when they are caught in a force field by Hothep, the guardian of the pyramid.]
Hothep: Infidels! How dare you defile the tomb of Aman-Rapi! You will pay for this! What shall I do with you... feed you to the Sand Snake? No, I've done that... Bury you alive? [Notices Sonia's medallion] What's that? A Royal Hedgehog medallion! [He bows] Please forgive me. How may I atone?
Sonic: Well, you could start by letting us down!

[Scene Change]

[Sleet and Dingo are walking across a corridor.]
Sleet: Hmm... it changes here - better check for traps.
Dingo: [Worried] No, Sleet! I don't wanna...
[Morphs Dingo into a soft ball shape.]
Sleet: Somebody's got to do it!
[Sleet rolls Dingo through all the traps.]
Sleet: Look around the corner!
[Sleet morphs him back to normal.]
Sleet: What's there?!
Dingo: Dead end!
Sleet: Okay, come back! We'll have to try that other entrance!
[Dingo gulps.]

[Scene Change: Hamarapi]

[Hothep is guiding the hedgehogs.]
Hothep: And this is your ancestor, the beloved prophet Aman-Rapi.
Sonic: [Desperate] Yeah, yeah - so where's the scroll?
Sonia: [Elbows Sonic] SONIC!
Hothep: It is alright. This tunnel will lead you directly to the main chamber. I will disarm the traps as we go.
Sleet: That is all we need to know!
[They all gasp as Dingo and Sleet arrive. The latter blasts them one by one with a glue-gun.]
Sleet: You all look like mummies. How appropriate.

[Scene Change]

[Sleet and Dingo now have the group on a trolley.]
Sleet: So nice of you to survive so you could lead me to the scroll!
Sonia: [Angrily] You don't have it yet, Sleet!
Sleet: True, but I will... if you want to save the hedgehogs, you will tell me how to deactivate the traps!
Hothep: I can deactivate them.
[Sleet melts the glue around Hothep's legs so he can walk. Meanwhile, Sonic is trying to struggle out of the glue.]
Manic: What're you doing?
Sonic: Super Spin - shh!
[Sleet melts the glue around Hothep's arm.]
Sleet: Now do it!
Hothep: Now let me see...
Dingo: I was so sorry when you died!
Sonic: [Straining loudly]
Dingo: Hey! What's...
[Sonic breaks free of the glue and spins across Dingo's chest, causing him to fall over on his back. Sonic spins around Sleet and just as he is about to aim, takes the gun off his hands.]
Sleet: Hey!
[Sonic uses the gun to melt the glue on Sonia and Manic.]
Sonia: DINGO!
[Sonia chases after and tries to attack Dingo.]
Dingo: Sohnia NO!
[Dingo receives one of Sonia's mid-air stomps.]
Dingo: Ooff! Whoa!
[He falls on his chest. He then sees Sonic aiming the glue gun at him.]
Dingo: Uh-oh...

[Scene Change]

[We see Sleet and Dingo with glue on them now.]
Dingo: [Sings] The joke's on you-u! We called for a SWATBot battal--
Sleet: [Interrupting angrily] Shut up you idiot!
Sonia: A SWATBot battalion! Oh we don't have much time!
Hothep: I know a fast way to the burial chamber - but...
Sonic: Please don't say BUT! But's never a good thing!
Hothep: But we have to go through the two chambers of death!
Sonic: Only TWO? No problemo!

[Scene Change]

Sonic: Problemo...
[He looks from top to bottom. At the bottom is a water lake with crocodiles swimming around it.]
Sonic: Water?! Why'd it have to be WATER? Oh well!
[He peels back and then spins forwards. He jumps at the right moment and hangs on to a rope.]
Sonic: Phew.
[The cord breaks. Sonic screams and falls onto a crocodile's back. He jumps from each crocodile until he panics and falls afloat into the water.]
Sonia: Sonic!
[One crocodile dives down. The others dive down too. Trying to think quickly, Sonic dives into the water and spins up and out of it. He makes it to the other side, panting in exhaustion. The crocodiles look at him from close range.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Get your dinner somewhere else!
[Sonic puts his hand on a handprint. A bridge connects the two sides so the rest of them can cross.]

[Scene Change: Hamarapi: Outside the Pyramid]

Sleet: Get to the radio. Order an attack - I want this place opened up!

[Scene Change: Hamarapi: Inside the Pyramid]

Hothep: The door to the burial chamber - but to reach it you must cross the fires of Aman.
Sonic: On my way!
[Sonic prepares a peel out but Hothep holds him.]
Hothep: Beware for the flame elementals.
Sonic: Haha, they gotta catch me first!
[Sonic zooms across and touches all the flame traps unharmed. He makes it to the other side and stops in one place. He celebrates.]
Sonic: Ha!
[A flame trap gushes fire at him, leaving him with scars all over his body. He exhales]
Sonic: Woo!
He sees the handprint and touches it. Another bridge is created. Manic and Sonia give high fives.]

[Scene Change]

Sonia: Wow!
[Mummies come out of their resting places and start advancing on the group.]
Manic: Somebody do something, quick!
Mummies: [noticing Sonic and starts bowing] Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi!
Sonic: This is cool!
Aman-Rapi: Who summons me?
Sonic: Way past cool!
Aman-Rapi: What a handsome lad!
Sonia: Oh yeah, they're related!
Aman-Rapi: Why have you come here?
Sonia: [Whispers and elbows Sonic] The scroll.
Sonic: Huh? Oh yeah! We've come for the scroll of Aman-Rapi, your ghostliness! We need it to kick some Robotnik butt!
Aman-Rapi: You may take it, but first...
Sonic: [Groans] Not another BUT! Okay, okay, spill.
Aman-Rapi: There is a price.
Sonia: What if it's some kind of quest that takes years?
Manic: Oh, man!
Aman-Rapi: The price is - a song! I have been waiting an eternity for music!
All: Phew!
Sonic: No problemo, your ancestorness!

[The song: "Mummy Wrap", plays.]

Aman-Rapi: Thank you my children, you have given me a wonderful gift! Take the scroll!
[The scroll appears and hovers into Sonic's hands. Suddenly the pyramid starts to shake.]
Sonic: What's going on?
Mummy: Intruders! They seek to destroy the pyramid!
Aman-Rapi: Do not fear, they will suffer my curse of immobility!
[A bright light generates from Aman-Rapi's hand to the rest of his body. It shines the entire room.]
Aman-Rapi: Go in peace my children!
[After a while, he and the bright light disappears.]
Manic: Crashin!

[Scene Change]

[Outside we see Sleet, Dingo and the SWATBots standing motionless.]
Sonia: They never looked better!
Sonic: I'm liking this!-- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
[--He tickles Sleet. He and the others laugh.]
Hothep: I do not know how long the spell will last... perhaps it would be prudent to leave now.
Sonic: Yeah, you're right Hotie - we should blast! Thanks for everything!

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs are gathered around a table with the scroll.]
Sonia: This is it, guys - our blueprint for getting rid of Robotnik!
[Sonia takes the scroll out of its case but it immediately disintegrates. They talk over each other.]
Manic: Bummer Majores!
Sonic: All that for nothing?
Sonia: Look! Etched into the glass!
Manic: What does it mean?
Sonia: I remember this one from school - translated, it means "Hedgehogs Will Prevail"
Sonic: Or in other words, Hedgehogs Rule!
Manic: Alright! So like we didn't know that!
[The brothers give a high five. They laugh again. The screen circles out on them and goes black. The credits appear.]