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This exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this location before the Super Genesis Wave, see Multiverse (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).

The Multiverse, from Mega Man #52

Quotation1.svg I bet there's still Genesis Portals out there! And there's probably even more worlds to explore! And I bet'cha at the middle of it all is some sort of nexus! Quotation2.svg
Sticks the Badger, Mega Man #52.

The Multiverse is a concept described in the Archie Comics. It is the collective name of all the alternate realities that exist in conjunction with that of the Prime Zone. This multiverse came into being as a rebooted version of a previous multiverse, which was destroyed by the effects of the Super Genesis Wave.[1]


The Multiverse refers to the collection of alternate universes and dimensions that share a universal hierarchy. The amount of alternate zones in each multiverse is unknown, though possibly infinite, and include different versions of the same dimension or vastly different ones, often accessible only through advanced science or powerful magic.

The exact properties of the multiverse are currently unknown. The Prime Zone supposedly at the centre of it, with other realities with varying similarities to the Prime Zone surrounding it. The multiverse has been relatively unexplored for the most part, with at least two alternate realities known to exist.[2][3]

There are other multiverses that exist independently from the one containing Sonic's World, such as the dimension of Mega Man's World, among various others.[4] Normally, these multiverses are incapable of contacting each other, and it has only been through extensive efforts by villains such as Dr. Eggman or Dr. Wily, and other anomalies such as the Genesis Portals, that it has become possible.[5][6][7][8]


  • Ian Flynn revealed in a Q&A that most of the zones that existed prior to Worlds Collide have been destroyed. He also revealed that Worlds Unite may end up showing a whole new multiverse.[9] What that means has yet to be explained.


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