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"Multi-Tails" is the sixty-first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 7 January 2017 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


Tails takes a failure during a battle with Eggman to heart. He feels that even though he's the smart one in the group, he's just not smart enough to help Sonic and the gang. So he creates a machine to duplicate himself and form a "brain trust." But will he and his duplicates be smart enough to defeat anything that Eggman can come up with?







In the Village Center, Tails shows his new invention to his friends to which they hope to be ice cream, only to find out that it is something else, much to their dismay. Just then, Dr. Eggman and his Bee Bots appear to attack the heroes. Tails activates his new invention, creating a force field surrounding the Unnamed Village, successfully repelling the Bee Bots. Tails calls it the "Village Fortifying Electromagnetic Protective Hemisphere" which his friends are unimpressed about until he renames it the "Dome-pocalypse". Eggman tries to take down the barrier which results the destruction of the remainder of his Bee Bots. He then commands Obliterator Bot to the job, but it only ends up knocking Eggman away and destroying itself.

The villagers praise Tails for his invention, and the fox is presented with the "Trophy of Valor" from Mayor Fink. Tails proudly claims that the Village is now safe from all aerial attacks with his "fool-proof" Dome-pocalypse, only for Eggman to emerge from underground in a drill-equipped Egg Tank with a group of new minions: the Scorpion Bots. Team Sonic deals with the robots, but Eggman is able to fire shots at the Dome-pocalypse, causing them to bounce off the inside of the force-field and damage much of the Village. Sonic tells Tails to turn off the barrier, but Tails cannot reach it due to the Scorpion Bots nearby. He therefore tells Knuckles to do it, but not knowing how to turn it off, Knuckles grabs the device and tries to push its force-field against Eggman's Egg Tank, causing even more damage to the Village. Sonic, however, is able to destroy the Egg Tank, causing the doctor to retreat on foot.

Shortly after, a public gathering is held where Mayor Fink decides to revoke the Trophy of Valor from Tails as a result of the Dome-pocalypse's flaws while the crowd boos negatively at Tails. Sonic steps in to defend Tails, stating that no one can expect Tails to think of every possible outcome himself, though Tails still accepts the blame. Mayor Fink then decides to reward the same trophy to Tails, but re-lables it the "Trophy of Shame".

Back at his workshop, Tails ponders about Sonic's statement earlier and comes up with the idea of splitting himself into five geniuses to form a "brain trust". He steps into a cloning machine and out comes five identical clones of Tails. However, each of them behaves very differently compared to the original Tails in front of his friends namely showing a considerable lack of intelligence. The first Tails clone visits Sonic at his shack who shows him a simple invention. Thinking Tails might not be feeling well, Sonic visits Meh Burger to get Tails some food, only to find another Tails clone there, already eating a burger. Sonic then returns to see the Tails clone resting in his hammock in a strange manner. Meanwhile, another Tails clone is over at Amy's House and tries helping Amy hang up a picture on a wall, only for him to smash a hole in the wall. At Sticks' Burrow, another Tails clone annoys Sticks by constantly responding "Why?" until she pounces him in anger. Additionally, Knuckles and a Tails clone compete to squirt cream cans into their mouth although the Tails clone remains idle, only following instructions via "Simon Says".

Eventually, each of Tails' friends and their respective Tails clone meet up at Tails' House and come to the realization there are more than one Tails. Sonic deduces that Tails decided to use his cloning machine to split himself, while Sticks notes that each of the clones "have only one-fifth of [Tails'] brain power", explaining their questionable behavior. Tails' friends lead the clones into the cloning machine to fuse them back together, only to split Tails even further. Each clone goes crazy in the Village while Tails' friends struggle to gather them up. As all seems lost, Knuckles is able to keep the clones in order and along with Sonic, Sticks and Amy, they rally the clones back to Tails' Workshop.

However, one Tails clone ends up travelling all the way to Eggman's lair and interrupts Eggman in the middle of a shower. While surprised at first, Eggman uses the clone's stupidity to his advantage as a potential ally and asks him to fetch him a towel. The Tails clone, however, eventually returns with pudding, and then a hand towel, so Eggman is forced to cover himself with the shower curtain. Upon leaving the bathroom, Eggman is shocked to find more Tails clones making a mess in his lounge with his pudding.

At the workshop, Sonic discovers there are some clones missing, only for Eggman to appear in the workshop with some of them. Eggman and the heroes thus work together (while leaving Knuckles to look after the clones) to round up the remaining Tails clones in the doctor's base and bring them back to the workshop. Eggman turns to leave, but Sonic gets the doctor to stay and configure the cloning machine into fusing the Tails clones back together, as currently only Eggman is smart enough to figure out how to work the machine (which the doctor handles easily). Moments later, the Tails clones are gathered together inside the machine and are successfully merged back into the original Tails. Emerging, Tails admits his idea was not smart and what he really needed was his friends. The doctor refutes with his involvement and then tells Tails how mad he is at him for forcing him to go on a pudding run, to which Tails asks why, prompting him to get tackled by Sticks.



  • When Sticks attacks her first Scorpion Bot, the robot's legs can be seen passing through its armor.
  • As the Egg Tank spins around in the Village Center, its drill passes through several objects, as if the drill was intangible.
  • When the Egg Tank first appeared, it was inside the force-field, yet when Knuckles picks up Dome-pocalypse, it has somehow gotten outside the force-field.
  • In some scenes of the cloning machine, the handle bar near the exit chamber is black instead of yellow.
  • When Sticks said "Stop asking me 'why'", two of Tails' clones' mouths (one on Tails' bed and the other one following Sticks) moved when it sounds like one of them responded with, "Why?".
  • Eggman's room is shown to be covered with pudding when Team Sonic arrives in the lair. When Sonic captures five Tails clones, the room appears clean (with the exception of the drawing).
  • When Amy runs to the cloning machine, her skin is darker.
  • Knuckles' mouth is a little darker.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Arabic تايلز المضاعف Double Tails
French Multi-Tails Multi-Tails
Italian Multi-Tails Multi-Tails
Polish Multi-Tails Multi-Tails
Spanish (Latin America) Multi-Tails Multi-Tails
Ukrainian Мульти-Тейлз Multi-Tails
Russian Плохая идея The bad idea



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