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Tekno the Canary confusing Badniks with her Multi-Image Creator from Sonic the Comic #118. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colouring by Richard Guildford.

The Multi-Image Creator is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a device created by Tekno the Canary in case Robotnik ever sent his goons after her. It emits numerous holographic images of Tekno, which apparently act independently of the original, running and flying around in the vicinity of the device. As holograms, they can apparently pass through other solid objects.


When Robotnik sent his Badniks to attack Tekno, she retrieved the Multi-Image Creator from her workshop and activated it, creating at least five other images of her. This so confused the Badniks, whose laser blasts passed straight through the holograms, that they ended up destroying each other. Robotnik ordered the Badniks to stop attacking Tekno and instead held Amy hostage, demanding that Tekno hand over the device, which she did.

Robotnik wished to use the device to create thousands of Badnik images to terrorize the populace, but Grimer found that the device only projected images of Tekno. In fury, Robotnik destroyed it.[1]


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