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Sonic Boom
Muckfoot (episode)/Transcript

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This a transcript on the Sonic Boom episode "Muckfoot"

[Scene: Seaside Island jungle, dusk.]

[Team Sonic is standing on a cliff with berry bushes and a hammock.]
Knuckles: [To Team Sonic] Well, I finally got a cool place to lay my head every night. Plus, I get to eat all the berries i want! [Picks a berry and eats it]
Sticks: Eating strange berry is nice and all, but aren't you afraid of... Muckfoot! [raises her hands as if to scare the others] You guys don't know about Muckfoot?
Sonic: Of course we do, but a little exposition never hurt anybody.
Sticks: Legends says, he walks his very jungle. A swamp monster covered in vines, leaving behind mossy footprints wherever he roams.
Tails: Well, I'm not gonna allow Sticks' superstitious ramblings to spoil my fun. Who wants to join me in a night of patiently watching the stars slowly creep across the sky?
[Tails looks around and sees everyone is gone. Meanwhile, Knuckles is snoring in his hammock. Tails moans.]

[Scene change: Seaside Island jungle, night.]

[Tails stands up on a rock with his Tail-escope to see the stars slowly creeping away]
Tails: So no one finds my research interesting, huh? Well, if I discover a new star, I'm totally naming it after myself!
[Mysterious sounds are heard in the bushes. Tails turns his Tail-escope towards them and discovers something]
Tails: Mossy footprints!? [Spots a walking figure] Muckfoot is real?! I should've known he'd pop up when Sticks delivered that exposition. This is a major breakthrough! It's the missing link between animal and anthropomorphic animal!
[Tails sets up traps and cameras to capture Muckfoot. While Tails sets a camera up, the Muckfoot-like figure steps on the trigger. The camera flashes and a picture of Tails pops out of the camera's printer while Tails is looking for the mysterious figure. A while later, Dr. Eggman shows up with clown make-up which scares Tails.]
Tails: AHH!
Dr. Eggman: AHH!
Tails: Eggman, why are you wearing clown makeup?
Dr. Eggman: Why are you wearing clown makeup?!
[Eggman runs away, leaving Tails confused.]

[Scene change: Seaside Island jungle, night.]

[Tails is waiting for Muckfoot to show up.]
Tails: [Yawn]
[Tails falls asleep, just as a Muckfoot-like figure steps on the camer trigger. The camera flashes and a blurred photo of the Muckfoot-like figure pops out through the camera's printer, ehich Tails grabs.]

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[Tails is standing on red curtained stage in front of the villagers]
Tails: Today, I'm here to tell you, MUCKFOOT IS REAL!
[Tails tries hard to pull off the cover the canvas showing his picture of Muckfoot. When he finally does, the crowd is surprised. The camera then zooms in to the canvas.]
Old Monkey: I always suspected that Muckfoot would be a blurry unintelligible mass.
Warthog Male: That's all the proof I need.
[The crowd cheers and carries Tails away. Sticks stays behind, looking suspiciously at the canvas.]

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[Villagers wearing Muckfoot merchandise are show. Admiral Beaverton gives Tails a medal.]
Soar the Eagle Muckfoot Mania is sweeping the Village! It's all thanks to a discovery by Tails the Fox. He's no longer second banana.
Sonic: Way to go pal, I’m really proud of ya!

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[Tails writes an autograph to Beth the Shrew, who runs away squealing after receiving it.]
Tails: Look at how many people lined up at the Muckfoot museum to see my photo!
[A shot of the villagers lined up to see the photo is shown.]
Tails: Rest assured, I won't be engaging in any cheap exploitation of my discovery.
[Tommy Thunder and the Walrus Camera Man shows up.]
Tommy Thunder: Tails! Ha ha ha. We're here to shoot a reality show called Muckfoot Hunters! Like that name? A focus group that came up with it. Anywhosies, Tommy Thunder wants you to be on the show.
Sticks: [Groans]

[Scene change: Seaside Island jungle, evening.]

Tommy Thunder: That's right, viewers. This brave fox risk his life to get a photo of Muckfoot. The crazed beast grab him and open its ferocious jaws, revealing rows of chainsaw teeth! [Imitates chainsaw]
Tails: You know that didn't happen, right?
Tommy: It's called showmanship, kid. Trust Tommy, your viewers are going to eat it up. Oh! LOOK!
[A Muckfoot-like being shows up on a cliff above.]
Tommy: There it is: the rare magnificent creature. I'll shoot it with my bow and arrow!
[Tommy loads an electrified arrow and launches it. The arrows hits the Muckfoot-like being, who falls from the cliff. The team goes to where the creature fell, but finds nothing.]
Tommy: [Looks at Walrus Camera Man's camera] You folks at home witness the closest contact ever recorded of Muckfoot, thanks to Tommy Thunder and the greatest monster tracker of all time, Tails the Fox!
[Tommy puts his arm around Tails, who smiles.]

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

Gunther: Looks, it's Tails!
Perci: Way to go, Tails!
Old Monkey: I can't keep track of my opinion of you anymore.
Sticks: You're hornswoggling those saps!
Tails: Tommy Thunder explained to me. Lying's okay if it's done on television.
Sticks: [Growls]
[Knuckles shows up, with bandages wrapped around his shoulder.]
Sticks: What happened to you?
Knuckles: Craziest thing. No offense. Woke up with a burn on my shoulder. Must've got a sunburn from the moon. [Walks away]
Sticks: That doesn't make any sense. [Looks at Tails] This ain't moon burn season! I bet he got scorched by Tommy's arrow. Knuckles is MUCKFOOT!
Tails: Nah, there's a logical explanation. In this case, it's that there's a mythical monster roaming the forest and Knuckles had a completely unrelated moon-based injury.[Sticks looks at Tails upset] Ugh, fine. We'll check it out, after I finish this meet-and-greet.
[Tails walks up to a cheering crowd.]

[Scene change: Seaside Island jungle, evening.]

[Knuckles eats some berries, yawns and goes to sleep in his hammock. Tails and Sticks watch from behind a bush.]
Tails: He's totally out, I told you!
[Knuckles gets out of bed and starts sleep walking. Tails and Sticks walk up to the berry bushes. Tails picks some berries.]
Tails: Every time Knuckles eat these berries, he immediately falls asleep. It appears they induce a sleepwalking side-effect. [Puts some berries in his pouch]
[Knuckles falls down from the cliff and into a pit while sleepwalking and emerges covered in mud. Tails lowers Sticks down the pit, where they notice the Muckfoot-like foot print Knuckles has made. Dr. Eggman shows up and sees the mud-covered Knuckles walk by before encountering Tails and Sticks.]
Eggman: Huh. This is the busiest secluded jungle ever. [Walks away]
[Knuckles walks into a pond of water and comes out seconds later, the mud washed off. He then returns to his hammock. Sticks looks at Tails with a sceptic look.]
Tails: This is all my fault. But I'm sure Muckfoot Mania is gonna blow over in no time.

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[Mayor Fink is standing on a stage with several villagers in front of him.]
Mayor Fink: I now declare this as the first annual Muckfoot Day. Please welcome our senior Muckfoot-tologist, Tails.
[The crowd cheers.]
Sticks: I ain't gonna rat you out, because I know you'll do the right thing.
[Tails nods and begins walking towards the stage.]
Sonic: Real proud of you, buddy.
Amy: They grow up so fast.
Old Monkey: You're the man now, dawg.
Beth the Shrew: Mister, when I grow up, I want to be a scientist just like you, I betcha!
Tails: Ladies and Gentlemen. This isn't easy but after further research I can say with the utmost certainty that Muckfoot... [looks nervously over the crowd] 100% Real.
[Crowd cheers]
Sticks: Gah!
[Sticks walks away, revealing Barker and his Stunt Bears in the background.]
T.W Barker: These people are manic for Muckfoot. You think it's time to up my game?
Stunt Bear No. 2: [Growls]
T.W Barker: [Looks at Stunt Bear No. 1] Look who I'm asking...

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[Sticks confronts Tails at the stage.]
Tails: Before you say anything, i did it for the greater good. Muckfoot has come to mean so much for this village. Keeping him alive in their minds is my way of being a hero.
Stick:' So you're a hero, because you lie?
Tails: Hey, it’s a victimless crime!
Sticks: What about these suckers buying that phony Muckfoot junk?
Tails: Okay, it's a victimless crime except for victims.
Sticks: Euggh... [walks away]

[Scene change: Seaside Island jungle, night.]

[Knuckles walks around in his muckfoot disguise until a cage falls on top of him. T.W Barker shows up.]
T.W Barker: [Laughs]

[Scene change: Village Center, morning.]

T.W Barker: Come one, come all! Witness a marvel like you've never seen before. [Pulls the sheet that covered Knuckles' cage]
Tails: He pulled the sheet out in one tug. That was impressive.
[The crowd walks up to the cage. Knuckles is still fast asleep. The crowd gasps.]
T.W Barker: For just for a "small" fee, you can take your picture with Muckfoot. And for a large fee, I'll let you keep that picture. But act fast! Soon, I'll be taking the beast on a world tour!
[The crowd approaches Barker to take a photo with Muckfoot]
Tails: Oh no!

[Scene change: Amy's House, day.]

[Tails quickly runs towards Amy's house.]
Tails: Knuckles is Muckfoot, and Barker has him! It's my fault!
Sticks: Well, there it is. The story of Tails' personal journey has come to a satisfying conclusion. Who wants to go get some za?
Amy: What about Knuckles?
Sticks: Oh yeah. We should probably rescue him before we eat, but I'll call in the order now so it's ready when we get there.

[Scene change: Seaside Island jungle.]

[Knuckles is being driven away in his cage by Barker. Knuckles wakes up and realizes he is being kidnapped by Barker.]
Knuckles: [Groans] How i get in a cage?
[Knuckles sees himself in a mirror.]
Knuckles: [Screams] I'm trapped in here with Muckfoot!
[Knuckles runs into another mirror on the opposite side of the cage.]
Knuckles: [Screams] Muckfoot's more attractive brother! I'm surrounded!
[Team Sonic blocks Barker's vehicle. Barker done an impromptu braking.]
T.W Barker: Out of the way! I got ten cities full of saps just waiting to cup up their cash for a glimpse of Muckfoot.
Tails: But that's Knuckles!
T.W Barker: Of course it's Knuckles. You can't count the con man. I recognize an echidna covered in mud when i see one, but the rubes in the countryside won't. They'll pay top dollar to gawk at that thing. Stunt Bears, dispose of these uncultured deadbeats!
[The Stunt Bears comes in the front of Barker to fight against Team Sonic.]
Stunt Bears: [Roaring]
Sonic: You think a couple of trained bears can stop us?
[Several Ball Bots and Scorpion Bots appear.]
Amy: Must you always instigate with rhetorical questions?
[The Scorpion Bot shoots fire. Everyone on Team Sonic dodge the attack and begin fighting the robots.]
Sonic: Where did they get all these high-tech weapons?
[A rubber chicken hits Sonic in the face while he is running. Eggman shows up, still wearing his clown make-up.]
Eggman: Funny story, I've planned to take a short break from villainy to pursue my childhood dream of running away with the circus.
Tails: So that's why you've been wearing clown makeup in the jungle in the middle of the night.
Eggman: No, no, no. That's a different thing.
Sonic: You've always been a clown to me, Egghead.
Eggman: Well, hardy har har! My face paint makes it look like I'm smiling, but I'm not. [Sprays Sonic with water spray]
[A Ball Bot attacks Tails. causing Tails to land on the sleeping berries in his pouch.]
Tails: Ewww... wait, that's it! Sonic, feed these to the bad guys!
[Sonic gives the berries to the bad guys]
Sonic: There you go. One for you. Here you go. Down the hatch.
[The bad guys fell asleep and begin sleep-walking to nowhere]

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[The crowd is talking to each other, while Team Sonic are eating a pizza. except for Tails, who is on the stage.]
Tails: Attention Villagers! I have an important Muckfoot announcement.
[The mud-covered Knuckles makes his appearance.]
Crowd: Yay!
[Knuckles cleans the mud off his body.]
Crowd: Boo!
[The crowd leaves immediately.]
Tails: So much for me being a hero.
Amy: Oh I'm not sure about that. We know telling the truth wasn't easy. You did the right thing.
Sticks: Eventually.
Knuckles: So, I'm Muckfoot? But I'm turned into Knuckles? I'm an aware echidna!
[Team Sonic leaves. Soon after, the real Muckfoot shows up and puts on a Muckfoot cap that has been left behind.]