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"Muckfoot"[2] is the seventy-fourth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 8 April 2017 in the United States and on 1 May 2017 in France.


Tails sets out to prove that the mythical creature Muckfoot is real.[3]



Races and species:





It is sunset on Seaside Island, and Knuckles has finally gotten himself a place to sleep, having set up a hammock on a hill in the jungle, with the rest of Team Sonic there with him. He also expresses happiness over being able to eat berries from a nearby bush, which he does immediately after. Sticks asks if he is scared of Muckfoot, explaining the mythical creature's legend; he is a vine-covered creature that leaves mossy footprints wherever he goes. However, Tails, refusing to allow her superstition to ruin his fun, asks if anyone wants to watch the stars with him; he gets his answer upon noticing that Sonic, Amy, and Sticks have left and Knuckles has spontaneously fallen asleep.

That night, Tails, having set up his Tail-escope on a flat mountain peak to look at the stars, is annoyed that no one wanted to join him. Suddenly, he hears a strange growling noise and turns the Tail-escope toward the jungle floor, noticing a vine-covered creature leaving mossy footprints. With no doubt in his mind that it is Muckfoot, an excited Tails decides to investigate further, believing Muckfoot to be "the missing link between animal and anthropomorphic animal". He sets up a camera with a tripwire to catch a picture of Muckfoot when he trips it. However, his first attempt fails. As he resets the camera, Tails is scared by Eggman, who suddenly appears in clown makeup; upon asking why that is, Eggman (nonsensically) redirects the question to him and runs off.

Later, Tails has hid the camera in a bush along with himself and begins to fall asleep when the camera finally takes a picture of Muckfoot. The next day, in the Village Center, Tails reveals the picture to the villagers, much to their excitement and Sticks' suspicion. Soar the Eagle reports as Hedgehog Village enters Muckfoot Mania, and Tails becomes a local hero for his discovery. However, he promises Sticks that he will not exploit his newfound fame. At that point, Tommy Thunder appears and announces that he wants Tails to join him on a show called Muckfoot Hunters.

At night, Muckfoot Hunters is being filmed, with Tommy making up a grandiose story about Tails' encounter with Muckfoot; when Tails objects to the story, Tommy explains that it is just showmanship. However, they soon spot Muckfoot on a cliff, and Tommy fires an electric arrow at him. It hits him in the shoulder, causing him to fall into mud. Tommy and Tails run to investigate, but find nothing. Regardless, Tommy hails Tails as an expert monster hunter.

The next day, Tails' reputation continues to grow, with everyone in the Village praising his actions the previous night. However, Sticks is not convinced and is angry at Tails for tricking them; Tails explains that "lying is okay if you do it on TV". At that point, Knuckles shows up with bandages on his shoulder; he explains that he woke up with a burn there and believes it must have been from the moon before leaving. Sticks comes to the conclusion that Knuckles is Muckfoot, but Tails believes the events are separate, only deciding to look into the theory when Sticks responds with a growl (though not until after his meet-and-greet session).

That night, Tails and Sticks watch as Knuckles eats berries near his hammock and almost immediately falls asleep afterwards. Tails at first believes himself to be right, but Knuckles then begins to sleepwalk. Tails notes that the berries are responsible for Knuckles' sudden sleepiness and sleepwalking episodes as he puts some of them in his belt pouch. He and Sticks watch as Knuckles stumbles into some mud and comes out looking like Muckfoot. As they follow him and his mossy footprints, they briefly run into Eggman, still wearing clown makeup. Soon, Knuckles returns to the hill, stepping in a deep puddle of water that cleans him off before returning to his hammock. As Sticks judges him, Tails admits his mistake, but he is certain Muckfoot Mania will blow over soon.

The next day, Mayor Fink, having declared the day "Muckfoot Day", welcomes Tails to the stage. As Tails walks up, Sticks promises not to tell on him because she knows he will do the right thing; however, hearing positive remarks from the villagers (Sonic and Amy included) makes it harder on Tails, and when he eventually gets to the stage, he lies and tells them Muckfoot is real, much to their excitement and Sticks' disgust. Meanwhile, T.W. Barker is observing nearby with his Stunt Bears and decides to capitalize on Muckfoot Mania. After the villagers leave, Sticks calls Tails out on lying to them, but Tails defends his actions by saying that the Village loves Muckfoot and keeping him alive is his way of being a hero. Now completely disgusted with his behavior, Sticks ends the conversation by walking off.

That night, as Knuckles sleepwalks in his Muckfoot guise, he is captured in a cage by Barker. The day after, Barker displays Knuckles in a cage and pays for pictures with him while also announcing that he is about to take him on a tour; Tails, watching this unfold, becomes consumed with guilt and runs to Amy's House to inform the rest of the team about Knuckles and his predicament. Later, Barker is driving through the jungle with his cage in tow, and Knuckles awakens, believing himself to be surrounded by Muckfoots (when in reality, he is simply seeing mirrors on either side of the cage). However, Barker is stopped by the remaining members of Team Sonic. When Tails explains to Barker that Knuckles is Muckfoot, Barker reveals that he was aware of that from the beginning, but where he is going, no one is smart enough to know that, and he plans to profit off it; he then calls his Stunt Bears to stop the heroes. Sonic is unintimidated, but Scorpion Bots and Ball Bots then reveal themselves.

As Team Sonic begins to fight back, Sonic wonders how Barker got his hands on high-tech minions, at which point he is hit by a rubber chicken; Eggman, still wearing clown makeup, makes his presence known and reveals that he took a break from villainy to pursue his childhood dream of running away with the circus (Tails believes that to be his reasoning for wearing clown makeup in the jungle, but Eggman insists that is unrelated). Upon Sonic making a smart remark, Eggman responds by spraying him into a tree using a seltzer bottle. As Tails watches this, a Ball Bot blindsides him, knocking him onto his pouch; he notices a red liquid ooze out of it, then remembers the berries he put in his pouch earlier. He thus pulls some out and tosses them to Sonic while telling him to feed them to the bad guys. The hedgehog quickly enacts this plan, and the villains fall asleep and sleepwalk away, the remaining Ball Bots and Scorpion Bots following.

Later, Tails has gathered the villagers for an important announcement. Knuckles, still looking like Muckfoot, reveals himself, causing the villagers to cheer; however, their cheers turn into boos once Knuckles rubs the mud off his face, and they leave disappointed. Tails is upset over losing his hero status, but Amy assures him he did the right thing, and Knuckles is excited over the idea of being Muckfoot. Team Sonic walks off, leaving no one there to notice the real Muckfoot come by and put on a discarded Muckfoot-branded hat.


  • In this episode, Lady Goat's fur has the same color it had during season one of the Sonic Boom television series.
  • In this episode, Gunther has the same character design he had during season one of the Sonic Boom television series.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Boufoot Muckfoot
Italian Il Muckfoot The Muckfoot
Polish Brudna Stopa Dirty Foot
Portuguese (Brazil) A criatura The creature
Portuguese (Portugal) Muckfoot Muckfoot
Spanish (Latin America) Pie Mugre Dirtfoot
Ukrainian Макфут Muckfoot
Russian Легенда о Мохфуте The Legend of Mossfoot


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