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Ms. Alpha 1

Ms Alpha. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Ms Alpha is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a female, anthropomorphic lizard, and leader of a gang of criminals consisting of Mr Beta, Mr Gamma and Mr Delta.

Together, they attempted to steal the Chaos Emeralds. They came very close to succeeding, repeatedly outwitting the Island's Guardian, Knuckles with the assistance of numerous gadgets. However, their plan was eventually thwarted by Porker Lewis.

She first appeared in Sonic the Comic #135.


Posing as new recruits, Ms Alpha and her gang join a D.R.A.T. mission to the Floating Island, promising their fellow operatives that they were capable of neutralizing the Guardian Robots Knuckles utilizes to assist him in his role as Guardian. Despite these assurances, Ms Alpha's crew betrayed the D.R.A.T. agents, leaving them to be captured by the Robots.

Meanwhile, Ms Alpha and crew ditch their disguises and make for the Emerald Chamber. Knuckles gives chase, and whilst Mr Beta holds off the echidna, Mr Delta temporarily blinds Knuckles. Then, on Ms Alpha's orders, Mr Beta throws Knuckles off the Floating Island. Presuming the problem posed by the Guardian to be dealt with, the crew proceed with their plan, only to be confronted by the Guardian Robots.

As Mr Beta moves to intercept the Robots, Mr Delta and Mr Gamma work frantically to configure the Chameleon Circuits, a device which make the crew invisible to the Robots' sensors. They eventually succeed, and proceed into the network of tunnels leading to the Emerald Chamber where they're confronted once again by Knuckles. As the echidna dealt with Mr Beta, he was ambushed from behind by Mr. Gamma, who successfully fixed a Shock Collar around Knuckles' neck at Ms Alpha's suggestion. Ms Alpha then produces a remote, electrocuting the echidna.

Trusting the collared Knuckles would now give up, the crew proceeded to the Emerald Chamber, but the persistent Guardian again gave chase. Tackling Mr Beta to the floor, Knuckles threw a stone, knocking the collar's remote out of Ms Alpha's hand. As the echidna dealt with Mr Gamma and Mr Delta, Ms Alpha retrieves the remote. However, it was then snatched out of her hand by a Guardian Robot. Shocked by the apparent failure of their gadget to neutralize the Robots, Ms Alpha and co submit, and are escorted away by the Robots.

It is only later revealed that the Robots were in fact being piloted manually by Porker Lewis.

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