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Quotation1 That's a terrible thing you did. I am so proud of you. Quotation2
— Mrs. Dave's Mom, "Next Top Villain"

Mrs. Dave's Mom[3] is a character in the Sonic Boom television series. She is the evil-orientated mother of Dave the Intern.


The appearance of Dave's mom is unknown. What has been revealed is that she has a very hairy back.[4]


TV series


The mother of Dave the Intern, Dave's mom left her husband early on and eventually found a new boyfriend (who would pester Dave).[5] Some sources hint that Dave's mom contributed to a poor home life which would drive her son to villainy.[6] Admiring villains herself, Dave's mom pestered her son to become a proper villain, only for Dave to continuously disappoint her with his incompetence and worthless alliances.[3]

Season one

One day, after forcing Dave out to be a villain, Dave's mom brought her son a new pajamas to try out while Dave was making a video recording. Later, she heard someone else in her basement and threatened them into leaving. No sooner, her house came down on top of her. When Dave admitted that he did it, however, she became proud of him for his terrible behavior.[3]

Season two

Wanting her back shaved, Dave's mom reserved a weekend with her son so he could help her with this lengthy task.[4] When rumors about Dr. Eggman not being a real doctor then began circling around, Dave's mom helped spread them. Weeks later, she would argue with Dave over the mess he made in the microwave while he had his study group over.[7]


Dave's mom is very belittling, overbearing and has little patience, which is shown in her harsh treatment of her son. She is equally very scary[8] as both Sonic and Dr. Eggman cowered in fear of her wrath.[3]

Dave's mom has very twisted morals and preferences. She openly encourages her son to follow the path of villainy and clearly admires villains, going as far as to show pride at Dave when he proved his maliciousness by destroying her house, even through it meant getting herself buried under its ruins.[3]


Dave the Intern

Dave the Intern is her son, whom she consistently pushes to become a proper villain. Despite Dave's age, she is very overbearing with him. Overall, she treats him like a child and demands that he listens to her unconditionally. However, she usually only gets nothing but Dave's rebellious teenage sass in return.[3][7]

Fundamentally, Dave's mom just wants Dave to become a successful villain. Because of Dave's incompetence and her own high standards however, he often ended up being a disappointment to her, prompting her to nag Dave about doing better and follow others villains' examples. Eventually though, she would acknowledge Dave as a villain with pride after he destroyed their house.[3]

Dr. Eggman

While Dr. Eggman in part fears Dave's mom, she holds great respect for him, considering him a "wonderful, horrible" person, and wishes for Dave to be more like him.[3]

Lightning Bolt Society

Like many others, Dave's mom thinks the Lightning Bolt Society's members are a bunch of losers. She especially forbids Dave from hanging out with them as she does not consider them a bad enough influence on him.[3]



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