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This transformation exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Mr. Fry[1] is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the violent and powerful alter-ego of Proctor Speckle, brought forth when Speckle drinks his Transforming Serum. Like Speckle, he is a member of Lord Sidewinder's team of enforcers.


Unlike the frail and skinny Proctor Speckle, Mr. Fry is a monstrous orge-like behemoth with green skin. About two to three times taller than his alter-ego, Fry has a bulky body with enormous hands and feet, and an equally large head with large, sharp teeth and a colossal lower jaw with four chins. He has fur-like dark green hair growing on his hands and feet, and he has long and spiky, light green hair on his head with dark green stripes. He also has claw-like nails and different-colored eyes: Usually, his left eye is green with white sclera, like Speckle's, and his right eye is red with black sclera. However, in Heroes & Villains, his left eye has yellow sclera, and in #88, #99, and #150, both his eyes were black with white sclera. For attire, he wears a gray pinstripe suit with a purple collar and purple buttons on the sleeves, a purple shirt with a purple collar, and a bolo tie, though in #88, he wore an orange necktie and in #150, he wore nothing around his neck. The shoes he wears as Speckle disappear while he is transformed, most likely because his feet become so much larger.[2]


Heroes & Villains

When Super Sonic broke his deal of joining Lord Sidewinder's group after he brought Sonic the Hedgehog, Speckle transformed into Mr. Fry with his serum to fight Super Sonic when they demon attempted to kill everyone, but was easily knocked aside.[2] When the Chaotix then arrived and joined the battle, Fry fought against Mighty the Armadillo for a while until he and his cohorts escaped after Sidewinder's residence was demolished in the battle.[1]

The Ultimate Nightmare

Soon after, Mr. Fry, Sidewinder and his group tried to claim Super Sonic after he had been trapped inside the Omni-Viewer and placed inside the Chaotix' Satellite Base. Using Lightmare's Box of Nightmare, the group invaded the base, but when Bio-Hazard poisoned Sidewinder during his battle with Sonic, Fry and his group left to treat their leader.[3]


When Speckle was kidnapped by Captain Plunder's Sky Pirates and forced to walk the plank, he drunk his serum to become Fry and save himself from some sharks.[4] Fry quickly managed to beat one of the sharks to death and crawled back onboard Plunder's ship with the shark where he proceeded to pummel the entire crew. After the fight, Fry offered his services to Captain Plunder and cooked his beat-up shark as lunch to the crew, though not before reminding Filch not to call his Speckle. During the meal however, some sharks, which had drunk Speckle's stray Transforming Serum, attacked the ship.[5] Feeling the sharks were his responsibility, Fry attacked the sharks with Simpson the Cat, tearing down the ship's main sail in the process. During the brawl however, the Transforming Serum wore off for Fry, making him revert back to Speckle who managed to flee the ship.[6]


A while afterwards, Fry and his group followed Sidewinder as he attempted to take control of Super Sonic again. Using a rocket, the group traveled to a small asteroid near the Black Asteroid, which Super Sonic had been imprisoned and was trying to escape, and waited for the time to take control of him. However, Sonic and the Chaotix then arrived, and Fry and his associates were quickly taken out.[7]

Hunter & the Hunted

Sometime later, Fry and his group managed to escape from prison before regrouping in their hideout in New Tek City. There, they managed to track down Super Sonic on Mobius, though Fry thought their new hideout was a risky place to be.[8] From there, Fry and his associates awaited Bio-Hazard's return when he was sent to retrieve Super Sonic while he was in a weakened state, but they were all soon after found and arrested by Lieutenant Furor and the New Tek police.[9][10]


When Dr. Robotnik obtained omnipotence, he created a new timeline where Fry, Sidewinder and their group ruled the Special Zone. There, Fry and his associates showed up to face a powerless Sonic, and Fry and Bio-Hazard began playing tennis with the hedgehog. However, when Robotnik heard Sidewinder planned to betray him, he turned Fry and his associates to stone. Fry and history were later returned to normal when Sonic defeated Robotnik.[11]

The Trickster

At some point, Fry was imprisoned in Metropolis City High Security Prison. However, he was freed from his prison cell by the Trickster and then broke out of the prison thanks to a smart missile send from the Trickster. As soon as he got out, Fry met Sonic and tried to fight him, but the hedgehog quickly took him out.[12]


Mr. Fry is a short-tempered brute, being much more violent and aggressive than his alter-ego, Proctor Speckle. He also exhibits animalistic behavior, such as roaring and running on all fours.[1][4] Unlike Speckle, Mr. Fry also speaks with a British accent and uses British slang, such as addressing people as “mate”, calling people blighters, and calling Lord Sidewinder “the guv’ner”. Mr. Fry considers himself a separate person from Speckle and possesses a strong hatred for his alter-ego. Mr. Fry calls Speckle a runt and says that he smells bad, constantly drinks his potion to avoid turning back into the alchemist, flies into a rage when someone calls him Speckle, and does not even hold a grudge against Captain Plunder for trying to kill Speckle, despite sharing a body with him.[5] For all his aggression, though, he does possess common sense, as demonstrated by his skepticism about some of Sidewinder's riskier plans.[7][8] He is also somewhat vain, complaining that he does not want any of Bio-Hazard's toxic waste to get on his suit.[3]

Powers and abilities

Mr. Fry possesses superhuman strength and impressive hand-to-hand combat skills, being capable of defeating Captain Plunder's entire crew of pirates without them laying a finger on him and beating up a bunch of sharks in their own element. He is also strong enough to easily carry a whole shark with one hand or his mouth,[5] and smash through a stone wall,[12] though he is not as strong as Mighty the Armadillo.[1] Mr. Fry also possesses amazing durability, able to survive being blasted by Super Sonic's eye-beams[2] and punched by Mighty with seemingly no injuries, though not without feeling some pain. By drinking more of his Transforming Serum, he can increase his strength even further and become even stronger than Mighty.[1] Mr. Fry is a talented chef as well.[5]


If Mr. Fry does not keep drinking more of his Transforming Serum, after a while, he will change back into Proctor Speckle.


  • Mr. Fry and Proctor Speckle are based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, Speckle is willing to become Mr. Fry, unlike Jekyll who would do anything to prevent the transformation. Also, with Jekyll and Hyde, only Hyde is evil, while Speckle and Fry are both evil.


Concept artwork


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