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This transformation exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Mover Mode[1] is a transformation that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a form that the male members of Cosmo's species can trigger at will, allowing them to assume powerful dinosaur-like forms for a short time.


Two members of Cosmo's species using the Mover Mode.

When entering Mover Mode, the user's eyes glow as he grows several times his normal size. In the process, he gains sharp teeth, the horizontal horns on his head become huge branches, his tail gets longer, and his torso and legs become bulkier while his arms stay relatively small and clawed, giving the user a tyrannosaurus-like frame. Additionally, the user's hair merges with his spine, giving him moss-like scales that run down his back. The user's eyes also become more reptilian. Otherwise, each Mover Mode features unique physical traits depending on the user, like different skin colors, eye colors and horn shapes.

If the user dies while in Mover Mode, his eyes will turn dull and his body peels.[2]




Landar initiating the Mover Mode.

When an enemy attacked Green Gate, the Mover Mode was used by the male population of Cosmo's species to battle the invaders. One user was Landar, who used Mover Mode to protect his wife and the innocent from enemy warplanes despite the strain from the transformation costing him his life. With even children starting to enter and die from using Mover Mode to fight, the council of Cosmo's species realized their species would kill itself this way. As such, Earthia made an amulet to block the transformation while they searched for a new home.[2]

Lucas and an unknown warrior injured.

Unwilling to run away, Lucas, a member of the council of Cosmo's species, stole Planet Eggs from nearby planets to empower himself and his male followers so they could maintain Mover Mode as much as they wanted. After Earthia's and her female party left Green Gate, 230[1] males remained, using their enhanced Mover Modes to continue the war. However, Earthia later dropped nuclear bombs on the planet, killing most of the enhanced males in the progress.[2]

Powers and abilities

With the Mover Mode's incredible size and dinosaur-like features, this transformation grants the user an immense increase in strength, endurance and combat prowess. A single Mover Mode has enough strength to easy hold a fighter jet in its hand and can crush an entire jet with its sharp teeth. Mover Mode is also highly resilient to damage, taking hits from several missiles without flinching. However, this form is not invulnerable.[2]


While Mover Mode is powerful, this transformation cannot be sustained for long since its usage heavily drains the user's life energy. Extensive usage of this form will ultimately kill the user.[2]





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