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Mountain Zone is the fourth Zone in Sonic Jump and its sequel Sonic Jump 2.


Sonic finally makes it to Dr. Eggman's helicopter and Tails is happy to see him. Eggman, however, isn't too thrilled to see his archenemy and Sonic asks Eggman what's he planning. Eggman replies that all he needs to say is that there is only one Chaos Emerald left and leaves. Tails tells Sonic that Eggman may be trying to gather all of the Emeralds for his next plan and urges Sonic that they must get the last Emerald before he does. Tails says that the final Chaos Emerald is on top of Angel Island knowing Eggman is heading there next and Sonic races off to the scene.


The Zone consists of three acts followed by a boss fight against Dr. Eggman at the end of the third act. If the player reaches the goal with at least fifty Rings, they will receive a fragment of the yellow Chaos Emerald.


Mountain Zone boss (Sonic Jump)
In this boss fight, Dr. Eggman is in a green mech with two large chains with spiked rods on them. Eggman mainly attacks by moving left and right across the screen attempting to hit Sonic with the spiked rods. During this battle, Sonic can stand on one of the four platforms to hit Eggman. Sonic can easily hit Eggman by standing on one of the farther platforms and hitting Eggman from there. Three hits are all that it takes to defeat Eggman.
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