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For the levels in Sonic Jump and Sonic Jump (2012), see Mountain Zone and Mountain Zone (Sonic Jump) (2012) respectively.

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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

The Mountain[1] is the fourth level introduced in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. It is a route that leads through a beautiful mountain range.


The Mountain is set inside a mountain valley and has an eastern setting. Snowcapped mountains and clouds dot the horizon and on both sides of the level is a mountain ridge. The Mountain has a beautiful environment: grass with white flowers cover the ground, pine trees and cherry blossom trees grow on the ridges, gray rock formations (some of which have miniature waterfalls) adorn the land, the bottom has ponds with water lilies, and cherry blossoms blow through the wind. Cutting through the level is a three-lane stone road with potted bonsais on their pillars.

The Mountain has two random day settings: midday and twilight. During midday, the sky is blue and the air is clear. During twilight, the sky and the land is covered in a tint of pink.


In the Mountain, the playable characters are stuck running down the level's road and can only move left and right between the road's three lanes (akin to the Quick Step). While running, the player can pick up powerups like the Shield, Score Doubler, Magnet, Enerbeam and Super Ring, and utilize gimmicks like the Springs, Hoops, Rails and Boost Pads. There are also occasionally Junctions that the player can enter to switch characters, change level, and bank Rings.

  • Bonsai blockade: Move around it.
  • Bonsai pot blockade: Jump over or move around it.
  • Well blockade: Jump over or move around it.
  • Wall blockade: Jump over it.
  • Bonsai pillar blockade: Move around or roll under it.
  • Gate blockade: Roll under or move around it.
  • Spike obstacle: Jump over or move around it.
  • Mine obstacle: Jump over, move around or blow it up.

The Mountain has many environmental obstacles which the player can either jump over, roll under or move around. Obstacles like mines and spikes will inflict damage upon touch without protection, and falling into a pit results in a game over. There are also area-themed blockades that cause a game over when hitting them without protection. All of these obstacles are otherwise rendered moot when Dashing.


The Mountain has no set goal to reach. The only objective is to keep running for as long as possible. As such, the level cannot be completed in the conventional sense; it only ends when the player switches level or gets a game over.


  • The Mountain was not an original part of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Instead, it was an additional level added to the game as a part of later updates following its release.
  • The Mountain uses the same background music as the Jungle and Village.
  • The Mountain is the only level in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom that is not based on a location from the Sonic Boom television series.
  • The Mountain is the only level in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom which has two standard layouts.


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