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The Moto Bug is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a motorized beetle-shaped Badnik variant created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. They are among the first generation of Badniks Robotnik produced and have threatened the people of Mobius since the earliest days of the doctor's reign of terror.


Pre-Ruled by Robotnik

In the early days of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's tyranny, the Moto Bugs were the first Badniks Sonic met. One tried incorporating Johnny Lightfoot as its organic battery, but Sonic destroyed it with his first self-taught "Sonic Spin Attack."[1][2] Later, Moto Bugs and several other Badniks were sent to distract Sonic from Robotnik's latest doomsday device, but got quickly torn apart by the hedgehog.[3]

A Moto Bug and others Badniks in the Marble Zone would tormented Tufftee when he got trapped there trying to be a hero. As they tried to turn Tufftee into a Badnik with the Portable Badnik Processor, Sonic came and destroyed the Badniks. Rather than getting destroyed, the Moto Bug attempted to run into the lava and burn the animal inside it. However Sonic cut it off and destroyed it, freeing its animal.[4]

Ruled by Robotnik

One time, when Sonic and some residents ran away from a Badnik army invading the Hidden Zone (Sonic had lost his memory during the events), the Moto Bug acting as the leader taunted Sonic. However, its taunt made Sonic remember who he was and he destroyed all the Badniks.[5] More Moto Bugs would later find the Emerald Hill Folk. The initial wave was stopped by "Cosmic the Hedgehog" (Metamorphia in disguise trying to earn people's trust), but the second wave accidentally drove Metamorphia away when she posed as Sonic, before being destroyed by the Freedom Fighters.[6]

During one of the Freedom Fighters' missions, Porker Lewis invented a virus that turned Moto Bugs into a Nicenik variety of robots, which temporarily worked on Bim and Bom, but only ended up as a partial success due to B.A.R.F..[7][8][9] That same duo later used the Moto Bugs as templates for the Seven Badniks, including Metamoto and Motobotnik.[10]

Despite some Moto Bugs continuing to work at Robotnik's bases, those who failed to stop Sonic were scheduled to be recycled.[11] More Moto Bugs were sent to attack the Emerald Hill Zone only to be destroyed by the newly-instated Shortfuse the Cybernik.[12][13] Others would ravage the Casino Night Zone until Tails and his allies stopped them,[14] and take on the weakened Freedom Fighters only to be foiled by Shortfuse.[15]

Post-Ruled by Robotnik

After Dr. Robotnik was deposed, he stopped building many of his older Badnik models, including the Moto Bugs. However, D.R.A.T. acquired the plans to build their own Moto Bugs without the need for organic batteries, but Sonic and Tails handled them easily after they were unleashed.[16]

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