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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Moto Bug is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a mass-produced, ladybug-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


The Moto Bugs resemble robotic versions of the typical ladybug, but much larger. These Badniks have round red body armor with gray spots covering their backs and blue faces which come together with their bodies in a round shape. They also have white eyes with black pupils, two white mandibles, and yellow antennae. Their source of locomotion is reliant on the simple wheel mechanism located in their undercarriages. A small engine with a white exhaust pipe on both sides of their rear propels their wheels across the ground. They also have short arms with yellow forearms and a single claw at the tip.



Moto Bugs wandering aimlessly around after the disappearance of Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

At some point in the past, Dr. Eggman took many Moto Bugs to the Lost Hex for "The Lost World Project". They were soon taken over by the Deadly Six after Sonic the Hedgehog unwillingly freed them. Regardless, Sonic soon put a stop to their evil deeds, relinquishing their control of the Moto Bugs.[1] Later, after Sonic thwarted Eggman in their last encounter, the doctor disappeared while his Moto Bugs and the rest of his Badnik army remained. Without a leader however, the Moto Bugs were directionless and no longer a unified threat.[2] Even so, they would still randomly attack anyone they came across[3] (although such incidents were more accidental than aggression-based[2]).

During the Chaotix's search for Dr. Eggman, Charmy ended up having some fun with a rogue Moto Bug at an abandoned Eggman base that he and the Chaotix were investigating.[4]


Eventually, the Moto Bugs came under the control of Neo Metal Sonic, who made them and their fellow Badniks more cohesive.[2][5]

A group of Moto Bugs threaten civilians, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

Soon after, the Moto Bugs and some other Badniks launched an attack on a small town called Vista View. There, some Moto Bugs went after some civilians trying to seek safety, only for these Badniks to be destroyed by Sonic after he came to the town. Eventually, the Moto Bugs tried to escape the town when Sonic and Tails began overpowering their troops. As they neared the town's exit gate however, the Moto Bugs got cut off when Tails closed the town's gate, which caused them to crash into the gate and get destroyed.[2]

Some time afterward, a larger-than-average battalion of Moto Bugs sat their sights on attacking Spiral Hill Village. In the sky above the village was a battleship variant of the Buzz Bomber that was dropping Badniks into the village, including the giant variants of the Moto Bug. Sonic soon after met up with and joined forces with Tangle the Lemur and disposed of some Egg Pawns, but then a giant Moto Bug with a turret on its head and an Egg Pawn at the helm of its turret appeared and began shooting at Sonic and Tangle. Then, another giant Moto Bug without guns appeared, causing both Sonic and Tangle to be surrounded by the two giant Badniks as well as more Egg Pawns. Just then, Blaze the Cat made an appearance and disposed of some of the Egg Pawns. After some introductions, the three teamed up to defeat all of the surrounding Badniks, including the battleship variant of the Buzz Bomber that was dropping Badniks into the village as well as its load of Moto Bugs.[6]

Battle For Angel Island

While undergoing Dr. Starline's memory-restoring procedures, an amnesiac Eggman, who at the time was a reformed handyman, would built a Moto Bug that trimmed shrubs in the likeness of Sonic.[7]


After the Badniks came under the control of Dr. Eggman again (who had regained his memory and old personality), several Moto Bugs assisted Dr. Starline with clearing out the contents of an Eggman base in Frozen Peak while under the protection of Metal Sonic. With the aid of a wormhole provided by Starline's Warp Topaz, the Moto Bugs were able to quickly get the base's contents to safety.[8]

Tangle & Whisper

Several Moto Bugs were provided to Mimic by Dr. Eggman so that he could attack Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf at the former Diamond Cutters' base. They were transported to the base by a Blowfish Transporter but were knocked into the Clove Sea after Whisper destroyed the docks.[9]

The Last Minute

Some time later, Zavok used his electromagnetic powers to take control of a Moto Bug in order to demonstrate his powers to Dr. Starline.[10]

Bad Guys

Following the Zombot apocalypse, a group of Moto Bugs were sent to arrest Dr. Starline when he was trying to take control of Egg Base Sigma. However, these Badniks were destroyed by Starline with his Multi-Tool Heel Spurs. Later in Dr. Starline's repository, Moto Bugs in service to Starline would work around the base.[11] At some point, one of Starline's Moto Bugs would be unwillingly driven around by Rough.[12] Not long after, Dr. Starline's Moto Bugs would move Starline's items into Egg Base Sigma, after the scientist managed to seize the base for himself.[13]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Having gathered several used Moto Bugs in his suite at the White Park Grand Chateau, Clutch would activated them and have them attack Amy, Cream, Gemerl and Belle after they had crossed him. During the fight, Gemerl tore the head off of one of the Moto Bugs.[14] As the battle continued, Gemerl dealt with more Moto Bugs by destroying several of them. However, one of the Moto Bugs managed to hit Gemerl from behind. Fortunately, all the Moto Bugs were eliminated with the aid of the liberated Chao that Clutch kept imprisoned in his suite.[15]


Basically, the Moto Bugs are mindless and silent drones programmed to follow their leader's every command. As such, when left without a leader to follow, they become directionless and only able to cause harm by accident. Under a guiding force, however, they are cold and merciless machines who carry out their commands without question.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Moto Bugs do not possess any special abilities to speak of. However, they are equipped with claws sharp enough to cut shrubs with ease.[6][7]


Tank variant

The giant version of Moto Bug, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

The tank variant of the Moto Bugs is essentially a giant version of the basic Moto Bug, being several times larger than the average Egg Pawn. Some of them have twin Gatling guns mounted on their heads behind what would be antennae, in which case the holes where the antennae would be can be seen in front of and to the sides of the guns. The guns are strong enough to turn a regular Badnik to dust in a matter of seconds. The gun usually has a lesser Badnik controlling it.[6]





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