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The Mother Dragon[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an adult anthropomorphic dragon and the mother of a future protector-class dragon.


The Mother Dragon is an anthropomorphic dragon with grayish pink scales and wings on her back. She also has yellow scales on her underbelly that reaches down to near the end of her tail and under her wings. She likewise has cyan eyes and pink lips. She also has a marsupial-like pouch which can hold anything she can carry. She also has spiky brown fins, reminiscent of hair, that sticks up most on her head and leads down her spine and tail. She also has yellow horns. For attire, she has a gold earring attached to her left horn and a red necklace with a yellow and blue medal attached to it.


TV series

Season two

Dulcy Episode 191

The Mother Dragon being interrogated by Dr. Robotnik.

The Mother Dragon came to Dragon's Nest to lay her egg there. After laying her egg however, she was caught by Dr. Robotnik, who had her shackled and locked in a cage. She was subsequently taken to Robotnik, where Robotnik interrogated her in order to find out if there were any other dragons left on Mobius. When the Mother Dragon told him that he had gotten all of them with her capture however, Robotnik showed her a video recording of Dulcy. Though the Mother Dragon was shocked, she said that even if she knew anything, she would not tell him. As such, Robotnik ordered her to be sent to the dragon Roboticizer. However, while the Mother Dragon was being driven to the dragon ROboticizer, she was saved by Dulcy and the Knothole Freedom Fighters. She was then taken to Knothole Village, where her egg, which had been brought there by the Knothole Freedom Fighters, jumped towards her. A moment afterward, a female baby dragon hatched from it. Afterward, the Mother Dragon thanked the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Dulcy for everything they had done. She also explained that her daughter was a protector-class dragon, just like Dulcy. She then said goodbye to the heroes and promised that they would meet again, before flying off to a place where Robotnik would never find her or her daughter.[1]


The Mother Dragon is very caring and sensitive towards her daughter.[1]

Powers and abilities

With the aid of the wings on her back, the Mother Dragon is capable of flight.[1]





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