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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I'm Morpho. A shapeshifting robot from another dimension.

— Morpho, "Eggman's Brother"

Morpho[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is a shapeshifting robot from another Zone built by his native Dr. Eggman, but would migrate to the Sonic Boom World to join this reality's version of Eggman.


Morpho's true appearance is unclear due to his nature as a shape-shifter. His most common appearance, however, is his "Steve Eggman" form, which is also his original "resting state".[2] As Steve Eggman, Morpho looks a lot like Dr. Eggman, possessing the doctor's upside-down egg-shaped torso, broad shoulders, relatively short legs and feet, thick neck, dome-shaped head, and pink sharp nose.

Unlike Eggman however, Morpho has a blonde mustache instead of a brown one, and long blonde hair. He also shares much of Eggman's attire, including his blue pince-nez glasses, black pants, black boots, and jacket with yellow cuffs, a front flap attached to one of the buttons and two flap hanging from the back. Unlike Eggman's jacket however, Morpho's is blue.


TV series


Morpho originates from a dimension parallel to the Sonic Boom World, where he was created by his universe's Dr. Eggman. When Eggman accidentally blew up their dimension, Morpho traveled to the Sonic Boom World. There, he sought to join the native Dr. Eggman by proving his worth to him.[1]

Season two

Morpho pretending to be a hero.

Following a convoluted scheme to weaken Team Sonic, Morpho came to Dr. Eggman in his "Steve Eggman" form, claiming to be Eggman's lost brother. After Eggman kicked him out regardless, Morpho found Sonic and saved him when Eggman attacked him with Decimator Bot, all under the pretence that he wanted to get back at Eggman. Having gotten Sonic's trust, Morpho joined up with Team Sonic and helped them save some Gogobas despite the other members' initial mistrust. He then posed as Team Sonic's members in different situations and set in motion events that tore Team Sonic apart. With Sonic vulnerable, Morpho came clean to Eggman, and the two tried to destroy Sonic. However, Team Sonic would reunite and beat the two and their army, leaving Morpho and Eggman to retreat.[1]

When Morpho later visited Mombot, who saw him as her son, he met Eggman again. As the two began arguing, Mombot persuaded them to work together. This prompted them to send Sonic to a dimension without him and then have Morpho take Sonic's place to destroy Team Sonic. However, Morpho failed to fool anyone with his acting, prompting Eggman to help him improve. When Sonic returned with his team and beat them up though, Morpho and Eggman would recover at Mombot's.[3] When Eggman and Morpho later fought over a failed attempt to defeat Sonic, Mombot took them, along with Orbot and Cubot, on a family vacation to Roboken to do some bonding. Although Morpho enjoyed the trip, he would also help Eggman steal Bolts' intelligence chip so Eggman could make his robots smarter. With Mighton and Cyborg Sonic onto them though, Morpho and co. returned to earth. Back on Seaside Island, where they got cornered by Mighton, Cyborg Sonic and Team Sonic, Mombot ended up with the chip, prompting the heroes to rush her. However, Morpho helped his family stand in the heroes' way to protect Mombot. Eggman then returned the chip to save Mombot.[4]

Morpho disguised as a unicorn figurine.

While at Mombot's, Morpho met Eggman, who needed his help escaping Shadow's wrath. Convincing him to hide in another dimension, Morpho gave Eggman his Inter-dimensional Portal Creators. When Eggman took off though, he advised Morpho to assume a form that Shadow could not mistake for him. Morpho thus became a figurine, which Mombot put on her shelf.[5]


Morpho is an evil, yet intelligent, manipulative and shrewd Eggman robot with self-awareness, sentience and a bit of an ego. Highly devious, he knows how to take advantage of people and their personality traits, and takes delight in tearing friendships apart by preying on peoples' vulnerabilities and disagreements.[1] He also tends to speak in a slang-based manner, often referring to others using the word "bro" (or words including it).[1][3] Like Dr. Eggman though, Morpho has a less malevolent side as well. He is pretty immature (especially in the company of Eggman) and is shown to enjoy some of them smaller things in life, like going sightseeing and the company of his Sonic Boom World family.[4]

Normally, Morpho stays completely incognito while misleading people with his shapeshifting. Ironically though, he is not a very good actor and has trouble emulating those he impersonates.[3] When he can make his disguise work however, he becomes very dedicated to preserving his cover. As such, he will on the rare occasion drop his disguise and take direct action to stop others from ruining his plans. For all his deception though, he does have a small sense of courtesy; when he has misled someone he supports, he will come clean and apologize for what he did. He also offered Amy a turnip after trapping her.[1] Also, when others are aware of his true identity, he wants them to refer to him by his real name instead of one of his aliases.[3]

Morpho has an extremely arrogant attitude which makes him think his plans are infallible. This also makes him prone to underestimating his opponents, like when he underestimated Team Sonic's unity, which led to the downfall of one of his plans.[1]

Powers and abilities

Morpho shapeshifting.

Morpho's most notable strength is the ability to alter his physical appearance and voice. He can cause himself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any life form or robot, of either gender, wearing virtually any kind of clothing. His shapeshifting is so advanced that he can even assume the form of inanimate objects with all their functionalities available to him, like a working pogo stick. When he shapeshifts, Morpho twirls around like a tornado, and he can even move about while doing so.[1]

Morpho is also fairly good at manipulation, so long as nobody catches onto him. Even though his impersonations are poor, Morpho knows how to provide alibies for his behavior and mislead people's suspicions.[1]

Other than that, Morpho has also displayed some skills with certain gadgetry, such as a handheld laser-firing device.


Dr. Eggman

Like many other Eggman robots, Morpho is very loyal to Dr. Eggman; even after Morpho parted ways with his original Eggman, he would seek to join up with an alternate version of him. As a part of his plan to lure Sonic into a trap however, he initially introduced himself to the alternate Eggman as his long-lost brother. This led to their relationship coming off to a rocky start, as Eggman had trust issues when it came to family. This prompted Eggman to reject Morpho, and the two of them would even, ironically, fight like siblings whenever they met after that. Morpho did not hold this against Eggman though, and when he came clean to him, the doctor immediately took him in. When Eggman later admitted that Morpho's knack for convoluted schemes made him wish that he was his real brother, Morpho appreciated the gesture.[1]

While Morpho does not live with Eggman, they do occasionally work together to defeat Sonic. However, they still have their share of arguments due to their clashing egos. Also, while they stick to the fact that they are not related, Morpho and Eggman's relationship has, despite this, evolved into one that is typical for two brothers; when they get on each other's nerves, they argue and fight harmlessly, and when they are on good terms, they are shown to appreciate each other. They also have their own handshake.[4]

Although they have their differences, Morpho only wants to be helpful to Eggman, and the two of them are very much capable of working together under a common goal.[3]


Mombot is a robotic mother that Dr. Eggman built for himself so he could have a motherly figure that would treat him like a son. After learning about Morpho's existence, Mombot took him in as her legitimate son as well, mainly because Morpho initially introduced himself as Eggman's long-lost brother.[3] However, Morpho does not want Mombot to think of him as Eggman's actual brother.[4] Also, while he may have some issues with Mombot's strictness, he still seems to enjoy her company. In fact, when Mombot was in danger of being destroyed, Morpho put himself in harms way to protect her.[4]

Like Eggman, Morpho considers himself Mombot's son and visits her on a regular basis. He also cannot help but obey Mombot whenever she gets stern with him.[3][4]




"Nothing personal, I just wanna destroy you and all your furry friends! I guess that is personal, but I can't have you blow my cover. Here, have a turnip."
—Morpho after trapping Amy, "Eggman's Brother"
"Nope. Negatory. Nuh-uh. Nah. I'm in no way, shape or form your or anyone else's brother. Not in this or any dimension. I am so totally not your brother."
—Morpho telling Eggman that he is not his brother, "Eggman's Brother"
"It's over, Sonic. You fell right into my trap!"
—Morpho gloating, "Eggman's Brother"
"Guess my plan was not as good as I thought..."
—Morpho admitting defeat, "Eggman's Brother"


  • Morpho's name is a play on the word morph, which is a reference to his shapeshifting abilities.


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