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Moon River is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She was a native North American human from the year 1860 on Earth.


Moon River was a young woman with brown skin and eyes, and long black hair. As attire, she wears a white dress and sandals.


Moon River was a native American whose village and land was pillaged by U.S. soldiers. In 1860, when the Shaman's magic failed to protect their tribe from invaders, Moon River tried cheering the Shaman up following Chief Thundercloud's sharp criticism. Although Moon River insisted that he should allow her tribe to fight, claiming that the invaders deserved to be punished, the Shaman told her that violence was not the answer.[1]


Moon River greatly respects Chief Thundercloud, but still does not really know what actions her fellows should take in the wake of attacks on her home. She understands the plight of the Shaman, but realizes that the spirits may not exist and perhaps faith should be put in the warriors of the tribe.[1]


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