For the character in the Shogakukan manga, see Monica (Shogakukan)

Monica is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). She is a spokeswoman for Solsaliente, a traveling circus act that tours Soleanna, visiting New City on this occasion. She claims that Solsaliente is the best circus troupe in Soleanna, and that it gives hope to anyone who watches the shows they put on. One of Solsaliente's routines is known as the "Acrobatic Rings", which involves moving through large rings at a high speed; this requires remarkable agility.


Monica praising Sonic for his excellent display.

In Sonic's story, Monica gives Sonic his tenth Town Mission. At some point while practicing for one of Solsaliente's performances, an acrobat had an accident (presumably a physical injury) and was rendered unable to appear in the show. The loss of this acrobat meant that the show was in danger of being cancelled, unless a replacement capable of performing the Acrobatic Rings was found. Due to Sonic's incredible speed and athleticism, Monica considers him an ideal replacement. Before she can put him in Solsaliente's show, she lets Sonic try out the Acrobatic Rings to test his abilities.


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