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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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Momma T is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an adult Terapod and the mother of Baby T.


Momma T is a large Terapod, a quadruped dinosaur-like creature resembling a protoceratops with a long tail, a short elephant-like trunk for a nose, and a standing flap on the back of their heads. Her skin is light brown and she has beige spots on her back. She also has brown eyes.


TV series

Season one

Momma T with Sonic, Sally and Rotor on her back.

Momma T and her herd of Terapods eventually migrated through the Great Forest on their way to Boulder Bay. There, she encountered Sonic, who directed her and her herd into a dead end. There, Sonic explained to them that they were migrating in the wrong direction. Momma T was initially hostile towards Sonic, but Baby T calmed her down. Momma T thus allowed Sally to put a translator around her neck. Soon after, Momma T and her herd resumed their journey, but with the Knothole Freedom Fighters accompanying them. Eventually, the herd decided to go to Boulder Bay through the Great Jungle. There, however, Momma T and the Terapods detected the Dr. Robotnik's approaching forces and dispersed. During their journey through the Great Jungle, Momma T praised Baby T for pulling Tails away from a Scorch Plant. She then proceeded to demonstrate how dangerous the Scorch Plants were to the Knothole Freedom Fighters by pushing a rock into the Scorch Plant, which melted the rock. Later, Baby T and Tails called upon Momma T to help Sonic, who had been pulled over a mud pool by a jungle vine. Arriving in time, Momma T knocked down the trunk of a tree, which Sonic used to bounced back on dry land. Afterward, Sonic thanked her with a kiss. Momma T later took a break at a watering hole until she sensed something. Using her translator and Nicole, Sally translated the speech of Momma T, who warned them that Stealthbots were coming. Momma T subsequently took Sonic, Sally and Rotor up on her back and started to run away from the robots with Baby T and Tails. Robotnik, however, locked the heroes inside a force-field. When Momma T tried to breach the barrier with brute force, she got bounce back and the heroes fell off her back. Momma T was then caught in a cage, which got pulled up to Robotnik's hovercraft. Fortunately, Sonic and Bunnie saved Momma T. Sonic then created a hole in the force-field that allowed Momma T and everyone else to escape. After escaping from Robotnik, Momma T suggested using the Scorch Plants to destroy the Stealthbots and make Robotnik abandon his pursuit. After Dr. Robotnik lost track of the Terapods, Momma T and Baby T reached Boulder Bay, where they were would be safe from Robotnik.[1]


As a Terapod, Momma T is remarkably intelligent for an animal. Also, like other members of her species, she speaks in a special and well-developed language that is incomprehensible to other beings without a translator.[1]

Possessing strong maternal instincts, Momma T protects both her herd and Baby T, whom she feels very attached to. Despite this, she does not mind being helped by strangers.[1]

Powers and abilities

As a full-grown Terapod, Momma T can run quite fast and has enough strength to knock down even large tree trunks and carry several people on her back without showing any strain. Momma T can also use her trunk as an additional limb to grab items, or even people to distract them from danger. She also possesses expert knowledge about the Great Jungle.[1]





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