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Momma Robotnik's Birthday

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"Momma Robotnik's Birthday" is the ninth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the ninth episode, it aired as the sixteenth episode during the show's original run.




Sonic's costumes

  • Ready Robot Repair Man
  • Game show host


Momma Robotnik storms into Dr. Robotnik's fortress to tell her son that she escaped the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers and that it is her birthday and as a present she wants him to destroy the Mobius National Park. Dr. Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder with a group of tree destroying robots to do as his mother wishes.

Sonic and Tails see the robots destroying the trees and Sonic begins to destroy them. Grounder comes up with a plan to catch Sonic, but Sonic buts in disguised as a robot repair man. Sonic convinces them that he is fixing their robots when in actuality he reset the robots to attack Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik. Robotnik and Momma Robotnik arrive in time to be attacked by the robots.

Moving on, Robotnik and Momma Robotnik are at home, watching Scratch and Grounder destroy a Mobian town using giant walking robot legs. Sonic, disguised as a game show host, tricks the Badniks into opening a door to a bunch of water and they get washed down a drain. Momma Robotnik is furious at her son for not being able to do anything right and says as a birthday present to herself, she is going to catch Sonic.

Tails comes across Momma Robotnik crying on the ground saying she lost her son because he has turned evil. She shows Tails a roll of film showing Robotnik as a baby and how he lost his Fuzzy Wuzzy and that turned him bad. She tells Tails that if he had his stuffed bear back, he would be a good boy again. She gives them an address to go get it in Chaos City. Tails leaves a note for Sonic. Momma Robotnik then says Tails is so gullible after he left.

Sonic finds Tails' note and goes after him. He gets lured into a trap by Coconuts disguised as a chef giving away free Chili Dogs. His pot of Chili turns into an angry robot which Sonic quickly defeats and continues on to Chaos City. After avoiding a trap set by Scratch and Grounder, Sonic makes it to the old Robotnik home and finds Tails tied up. Sonic frees him, but they cannot escape because Momma Robotnik turns a pile of trash into a birthday cake and turns the gate into an electric fence using a machine on her watch. She then releases Fuzzy Wuzzy from the birthday cake. Fuzzy Wuzzy is at first a cute little teddy bear, but he snarls loudly and then transforms into a large, muscular, four armed, two headed angry, stitched up bear monster. Tails is terrified of this and cowers in fear, realizing that was the little Fuzzy Wuzzy he was sent for. Sonic says that he would hate to see the big Fuzzy Wuzzy. They run away but Fuzzy Wuzzy grabs Tails with his two left arms.

Sonic ties a rope to Fuzzy Wuzzy and grabs Tails from Fuzzy Wuzzy, tripping him over. He then ties the other end to the electric fence. Robotnik is horrified as his Fuzzy Wuzzy is getting electrocuted and going bonkers, turning into a robotic skeleton, a skewered sausage with Fuzzy Wuzzy's two faces and a bat batting Fuzzy Wuzzy's heads attached to the bat by a string for each head. Robotnik begs Sonic to save him. Sonic says only if Robotnik promises to be good. Robotnik promises. Momma Robotnik hits her son with an umbrella for promising to be good. Sonic saves Fuzzy Wuzzy who then drops a big birthday cake on Robotnik and his mother and then sings "We wish you a happy birthday". Two workers from Momma Robotnik's home show up and drag her into their vehicle and take her back to the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers. Robotnik is glad to be rid of her. After saying that, the vehicle comes back and Mama Robotnik sticks out her umbrella and whacks Robotnik on the head. The vehicle then speeds off again.

Sonic tells Tails that he is the one who called the home and told them where Momma Robotnik was. The two friends run off to get some chili dogs.

Sonic Says

Sonic teaches the importance of trees and encourages people living in cities to plant trees.

"Pee-uuu! That's waste-ville guys! (speeds off to a forest, then inhales deeply) Nothing like the fresh smell of the forest to clear out the old grey matter. That's because plants and trees make oxygen with their leaves, and your body needs oxygen. You can't run without it, so if you live in the city, do your lungs a favor and plant a tree. Now if only chili dogs grew on trees..."


  • As Coconuts was on guard duty, there is a sign that says "Dr. Robotnis’s Lab - Get Lost".
  • In the Closed Captions, Grounder is named "Rounda".

Title in other languages

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  • When Tails first sees Momma Robotnik, he thinks Dr. Robotnik turned himself into a girl. When Sonic sees her, he thinks she is Robotnik in a dress.
  • This episode depicts Baby Robotnik as a very obese, onion shaped baby. In a later episode "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby", Baby Robotnik looks completely different.
  • The episode uses the Tarzan yell on the soundtrack.
  • Tails has apparently learned to write since "Slowwww Going".
  • Robotnik doesn't say "I hate that hedgehog!" in this episode. This is because Sonic helps him get rid of Momma Robotnik.
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