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For the character, see Mombot.

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"Mombot"[2] is the seventy-third episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 1 April 2017 in the United States and on 1 May 2017 in France.


Feeling the need for unconditional love, Eggman creates "Mombot." Unfortunately, she's overly critical of everything he does and she's constantly embarrassing him in front of Sonic.



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In his lair, Dr. Eggman is showing Orbot and Cubot his latest invention: a scientifically groundbreaking machine called the Eggs-Boson Super-configurator, which can create a miniature black hole and make broccoli taste like applesauce. Orbot asks Eggman what he intends to do with it, to which Eggman answers that he will use it to eat his broccoli and get recognition as the greatest scientist in history. Demonstrating the device briefly (which costs Orbot his eye), Eggman heads to Hedgehog Village with Orbot and Cubot to showcase his invention by winning the local Science Fair Awards (a children's competition) with it.

At the awards, Eggman is confident in his victory after seeing the other participants. Meanwhile, Team Sonic is observing Beth the Shrew's entry: a diorama of the Solar System. Beth's inquisitiveness towards Sticks' theories, however, makes Sticks suspicious. Eggman also tries to get interviewed by Soar the Eagle on his invention, but Soar discards him in favor of the Reindeer Girl's potato clock. Eventually, the awards' science judges (Tails, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver) have deliberated, and Comedy Chimp cracks an unsuccessful joke at the podium before announcing Beth's Solar System diorama as the winner, much to Eggman's anger. Comedy Chimp then gives Beth her award and present the other participants with their participation trophies, which are handed out by Tails and Fastidious. When Eggman comes to get his trophy however, Tails reveals that he got disqualified for being too tall for a children's competition. Adding insult to injury, Eggman sees Beth get her other reward, which is a week worth of observation rights of the Village's top scientist, who is announced to be Tails instead of himself.

Having retreated to Meh Burger, Orbot and Cubot try to cheer up Eggman, but are quickly brushed off. Eggman then sees Lady Walrus praise her son for his work at the Science Fair Awards nearby, and, after a short burst of rage, begins feeling the need for unconditional love to cheer him up. As he disregards his lackeys love for him, Eggman gets the idea to make a robot mother. Returning to his lair, he creates "Mombot" and programs her to be an ideal mother figure - a being who will love and praise him unconditionally. Bringing Mombot online, Eggman is met with a loving greeting. Meanwhile, in Tails' Workshop, Tails is showing Beth his Hover Cycle. Although his invention fails, Beth is nonetheless impressed by Tails' scientific prowess.

In Eggman's lair, Eggman is hanging out with Mombot, who asks her son on what they should do next. All giddy, Eggman have them do a montage, where Eggman and Mombot do all kinds of mother-and-son activities together. Eggman enjoys it all, and eventually heads out to defeat Sonic and make Mombot proud. Back in Tails' Workshop soon after, Tails detects Eggman's arrival while he is educating Beth in science, and has to leave. Because of the dangerous tools hanging around in the workshop however, Tails has Beth come along. As Tails and Beth arrive in the Village Center, Team Sonic is in full swing defeating Eggman's minions, so Tails has Lady Walrus look after Beth. With Knuckles destroying the last minions in a display of strength, Eggman takes his leave. Tails prepares to get Beth back to show her his experiments, but Beth is now more interesting in Knuckles and his strength, which Knuckles gladly embraces. Meanwhile, Eggman has returned to his lair and tells Mombot about his defeat. Although Mombot sympathizes with him, she suggests he should become an air conditioner repairman since villainy does not seems to work for him. Eggman is surprised that Mombot is not praising him, and her hopes for him to become a real doctor annoys him. Furthermore, as Eggman rants about defeating Sonic, Mombot decides to call Sonic and pay him to go to the movies with Eggman in hopes of making peace between the two.

Back at Meh Burger, Sonic confides in Tails about Mombot's arrangement, which he had accepted after she made him a new scarf. Although Tails is suspicious about this, he is occupied with how Beth seems more interested in seeing Knuckles break stuff than learning about science from him. With Beth watching Knuckles (who enjoys Beth's admiration of him) nearby, Tails tries persuading Beth with an experiment that involves a metal pipe, but Knuckles steals the show by bending the pipe. Later, Sonic meets up with Eggman at the movies (with Amy and Sticks watching nearby) where he teases Eggman with how Mombot made him go on a playdate with him. In response, Eggman tries to blow Sonic up with a popcorn-disguise bomb, but fails and is cornered by Amy and Sticks. Beaten up, Eggman returns to Mombot, who decides to make peace between him and Sonic herself. Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles have decided to work together and share Beth's attention. As such, the two play a game for Beth where Knuckles must hit a coconut with a bat while Tails educates Beth about the scientific mechanics behind it. However, Tails gets amazed by how far Knuckles can hit the coconuts and continues the game with him to see how far Knuckles can hit. Feeling ignored, Beth begins listening to music.

At Eggman's lair, Mombot has brought Sonic, Amy and Sticks over for dinner, where Mombot takes a shine to Sonic and his company. Whispering to Orbot and Cubot nearby, Eggman decides to defeat Sonic with some Mantis Bots to make Mombot respect him as a supervillain. However, Mombot notices the ambush (thanks to the eyes in the back of her head) and scolds Eggman for ruining her dinner. Eggman demands that Mombot respects him as her creator. Instead, she grounds Eggman and sends him up to him room, embarrassing him in front of Sonic, Amy and Sticks. Back in the Village Center, Beth is still being ignored by Tails and Knuckles, who are occupied with their game. It is then that Sticks arrives and warns Beth about how the government is using headphones for music to control people, among other things, catching Beth's interest. Back with Tails and Knuckles, the two are enjoying their game until they notice that Beth is leaving with Sticks.

At Eggman's lair, Eggman has decided to erase Mombot memory with a magnet as payback for her grounding him. As Eggman tries to confront Mombot with his decision however, he cannot bring himself to do it, and instead tells her that he is sending her on a cruise around the world while he has Orbot and Cubot get rid of the magnet behind his back. With Mombot hugging Eggman in gratitude, Eggman looks at the camera and says "What? Does it always have to end on a joke?"



The Eggs Boson Super Configurator clipping.

  • When Orbot asked what makes a potato clock, the Eggs-boson is clipping into its display.
  • In the scene where Beth is first left with Lady Walrus, Sticks can be seen keeping the top of a Scorpion Bot's tail down. However, in the following scene, which occurs right after the previous one, Sticks can be seen holding onto the lower half of Scorpion Bot's tail, which is now held up.
  • When Eggman enters the cinema music could be heared, but when he tries to run out, nothing is being displayed.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Maman-bot Mom-bot
Italian Mamma bot Mom bot
Polish Mamabot Mombot
Portuguese (Brazil) Mombot
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America) Mamibot Mommybot
Ukrainian Мамбот Mombot
Russian Мама-Бот Mom-Bot


  • Ten days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[3]
  • Cubot's comment about climate changes at the beginning of the episode is a nod to the real-world debates about climate changes at the time.
  • Sonic's remark about the tossing of the solar system's dwarf planet is a reference to how Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet in 2006.
  • One of the drawings Mombot hangs up on the fridge during her and Dr. Eggman's montage is the blueprint of the amusement park Eggman wanted to build in "Unnamed Episode".
  • The music that plays during Dr. Eggman and Mombot's montage is based on the music for the song "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones.
  • The score that Dr. Eggman plays on his piano is "Für Elise", a composition written by Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • The four buttons on Mombot's phone are based on the four primary buttons on a Sony PlayStation controller. They have the shapes of X, circle, square, and triangle imprinted on them.
  • Sonic's remark about his fans' disdain with his scarf may be a reference to the real-life backlash that Sonic fans has demonstrated towards Sonic's redesign for the Sonic Boom franchise.
  • In the movie theater, Dr. Eggman's theme from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Runners plays.
  • Amy does not have any dialogue during the whole episode.
  • Eggman breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode, questioning if everything they did had to end with a joke.


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