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Sonic Underground
Mobodoon (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Mobodoon".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): Everyone has a place that their heart yearns for - a place they call "home". Manic is about to find such a place. But his newfound home may mean the end of the Sonic Underground.
Sonia: Some birthday party! Please remind me why we're celebrating the date of our birth tracking down a fairy tale. [a branch hits her] Oof! In a forest where even the grubby old trees have a bad attitude, ugh!
Sonic: Grubby, yes! But whether Mobodoon's a fairy tale remains to be seen.
Manic: Come on, sis! You know the word is the Oracle said we were born there. And when the moon's full on the second even day of the third month, bam, it shows up just like clockwork! Today's the day and I just know when Mobodoon shows up, so will Ma!
Sonia: [strains] [pants] I wanna see Mother as well as you. But all I see now are dirty trees, yuck!
Sonic: In that case, the Super Sonic tree-trimming service is at your disposal.
Sonia: [yelps]
Sonic: Hey Manic, Sonia! Did you notice anything strange about that twisted old tree?
Sonia: Just that it's even filthier than all the rest.
Sonia: I've just about had it! In fact, if something doesn't happen soon, I'm heading back- [Dingo grabs her] Ahh!
Sonic and Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: Let go of me, you overgrown weed! [strains]
Sonic: Time to shake, rattle and roll!
Sonia: Okay, guys! Hit this dweeb with a downbeat!
Manic: One, and two!
Dingo: Mmph!
Sonic: And a one, two, three, four!
Dingo: Aargh! Timbeeerrrr!
Sleet: Whoaaa! Argh!
Sonic: Looks like Robotnik believes in the legend, too, or he wouldn't have sent his pet goons.
Sonia: Lucky their bark was worse than their bite!
Manic: Heads up! Mobodoon could be showin' up any minute.
Sonia: And Mother... just might be there waiting! Dirty or not, Mobodoon, here we come!
Sleet and Dingo: [moans]
Sleet: You idiot!
Dingo: Hey, I yelled "timber", didn't I?
Sleet: Hmm... Well, this time, I want you to yell "you're under arrest" to those criminal hedgehogs.
Dingo: Oof!
Sleet: Now burn rubber!
Dingo: Yeeee-haw!
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Uh-oh. That's our cue to cruise!
Manic: Whoa... dude, do you see what I see?
Sonic: Full speed ahead!
Sleet: Get them! [crashes into a statue of Aleena] Oh, excuse me ma'am... WHAT?!
Dingo: Er... I don't think we're in Robotropolis anymore.
Sleet: Mobodoon. It's got to be!
Dingo: Trees, flowers, and way too happy-looking. Yuck!
Sleet: It is disgustingly festive, but on the other hand, it also looks incredibly rich!
Dingo: Hey! There they go!
Sleet: You get them! I have things to handle on my own...
[commotion from citizens]
Sonic: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mobodoon.
Sonia: I can't believe it. It really exists!
Manic: Totally digging! Now the only thing we need to make this birthday complete is-
Sonic: Mom!
Sonia: Mother!
Manic: Hm, ah-hm, eh-yeah... [steals an apple] Yum!
Mayor: Wait!
Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: Trying to get us thrown out of here?!
Sonic: Whaddya doin'?
Manic: Oh, it's cool! It's not what you think! I-I was just-
Mayor: This one's not ripe yet. Here, take this one. It's better!
Manic: Uh, thanks ma'am, but I... don't have any money.
Mayor: [chuckles] We don't use money in Mobodoon! Everyone's welcome to all our town has to offer.
Sonic and Sonia: Really?
Sonia: In that case, there's a beauty spa that's playin' my song!
Sonic: [sniffs] [sighs] And I could swear there's the distinct aroma of chili dog on the breeze!
Manic: [slurps] [chews]
Mayor: Wait, Manic! I have something to show you.
Manic: Hey! My... you know my name!
Mayor: [snickers] Of course I do! I know all three of you.
Manic: How?
Mayor: You'll learn everything in due time. Please, won't you come with me? First, let me introduce myself. I'm Mayor Whinnyham, leader of Mobodoon. And, if I may say so, it's good to finally have you back where you belong.
Manic: So you're tellin' me? [a large jewel is shown to him] What is that?
Mayor: Our Power Stone. It gives us the ability to return to your world from our own dimension. As well as energizing the special beauty of our very special town!
Manic: Is this...?
Mayor: This is where you were born. It's your home.
Manic: [gasps] Aw, man! Someone really cared! About Sonic and Sonia... and me! Wow... I never thought I'd see this day. Sonic's always been cool, havin' his mondo world as his home. And Sonia, heh! With all those servants and stuff, I always thought she had too much of a home! But me... [sniffs] I always wanted to just have one place where I really belonged. A place I could call my own.
Mayor: You have that now, Manic. Truly, you do!
Sonic: [chews] Wow! These chili dogs are worth a four year wait. Supremo to the extreme!
Sonia: Hmph, I feel so much better! [Dingo zooms along and splashes her] What?! Sonia Spin!
Dingo: Whooooaaaa! [lands in a dumpster] I hate hedgehogs!
Sonic: I'm waitiiing!
Sonia: Sorry Sonic, but there are just some things you can't rush.
Sonic: Whereas some people are just naturally good lookin'!
Sonia: Where's Manic?
Sonic: Good question, sis. We'd better track him down before Buttnik's henchgoons do.
Sonic and Sonia: [all yell]
Manic: Guys, look! You're not gonna believe it! Can you dig where we are?
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Is this... nah, couldn't be! You serious?
Manic: It's the place where we were born! We're home! And I'm here to stay.
Sonic and Sonia: Huh?
Sonia: Manic, get serious! You can't stay here.
Sonic: I hate to say it, but she's right! What about the Sonic Underground? What about our freedom fightin' cause?
Manic: I can relate to that. But what about finding Ma? Isn't that important too?
Sonia: Of course, but what does-
Manic: Listen and learn, dear sibs. Mayor Whinnyham was here when we were born.
Sonic: Wait a Mobius minute! That means you know our mom as well?
Mayor: She's one of my very best friends.
Sonic: Which means you'd also know if it's true that she comes here when-
Mayor: For all I know, she may have already arrived.
Manic: You see?
[commotion and cheering]
Manic: Wow! Oh, man! This town is incredible!
Sonic: Oh, sure, but where's the adventure? Can you imagine being stuck with all this bliss for years with nowhere to go?
Sonia: Not only that, but I haven't seen a single designer boutique! On the other hand, it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
Manic: So I say we introduce ourselves to our hometown homies! [gets his drumkit out] Sonic Underground style!
["I've Found My Home" plays]
Sleet: Can't you do anything right?
Dingo: Aarrgh!
Sonic and Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: Oh, ahh!
Sonic and Sonia: [both scream]
Mayor: How dare you and your metal misfits barge uninvited into my town!
Sleet: How dare I? This is how I dare! I have come in my official capacity as tax collector extraordinaire, representing Doctor Robotnik, supreme tyrant of Mobius! Here's an assessment for Mobodoon's back taxes. Unpaid since the last time you showed up in our world!
Sonic: Nice try, Sleet-meat! But Robuttnik has no jurisdiction here.
Sleet: Au contraire, my little blue one! These SWATbots say he does.
Mayor: But Mobodoon doesn't run on money! How could we ever pay this?
Sleet: From where I stand, there are plenty of items of value in this town. But that's not really your concern. [rips the key from the mayor's sash] Because you've just been officially impeached as mayor of Mobodoon!
[crowd gasps and mutters]
Sonic: You're not taking anything from Mobodoon, dog-breath!
Sleet: Security! Front and center!
Sonic: It's time to rock 'em and sock 'em, gang! Sonic Underground style!
Sonia: Oh, no! The medallions are still drained from our song.
Sleet: Well, well, well!
Sonic: Slight change in strategy, sibs. Let's juice, jam and scram!
Sleet and Dingo: [laughs]
Sleet: It's moments like these that I live for. Anything that has the least value, sentimental or otherwise, haul it away!
Citizens: Aaarrgh!
Sleet: Paradise, hah! This town is history! But we mustn't forget the most important thing.
Dingo: What's that?
Sleet: This incredibly valuable-looking... whatever it is.
Sonic: If only we recharged our medallions on the Power Stone before Sleet and his goons-
Mayor: It would have been too dangerous. The energy surge would have destroyed the entire town. On the other hand, without the Power Stone, Mobodoon will possess only a pale remnant of its former glory. And once it fades from this world, it will never return.
Manic: Aw, man! I can't believe it! I finally find a place to call home and now Mobodoon is... Mobodoomed!
Mayor: Oh, our poor town. It's lost so much of its life and beauty, and soon it will fade from your world forever!
Sonic: Listen up, Underground. We gotta regroup, recharge, wreak maximum havoc on our mangy pals Dingo and Sleet, and bring that Power Stone back where it belongs.
Mayor: You must hurry, before Mobodoon fades from your world for good!
Sonic: I'll stall the convoy while you slowmos catch up. Adiós!
Sonia: But what about your plans to stay in Mobodoon?
Manic: Hey, if we don't save the Power Stone, Mobodoon won't be worth staying in for anyone.
Sonia: You know, there are times when I don't half mind being your sister. Now if Mayor Whinnyham can just help me with some supplies, we can be outta here!
Manic: What? Like hair spray, nail polish...?
Sonia: Yeah, along with grappling hooks, rope, not to mention high explosives, if you got 'em!
Manic: Oh, I had no idea they taught that kind of stuff in charm school!
Sonic: Excelente! I've got ya right where I want ya.
Sleet: Why are we stopped for a puny tree? [Sonic shows himself] Ah, that's why. Eliminate him!
Sonic: Nuh-nuh, missed me!
Sleet: Ram those trees!
Dingo: Oops.
Sleet: Everybody, put on the brakes!
Sonic: Stylish entrance, sibs!
Sonia: I have to say your delaying tactics show a certain flair as well.
Sonic: Do I know this girl?
Manic: Trying to save Mobodoon seems to bring out the best in us all.
Sonia: You got that one right, bro! So what's the plan?
Sonic: I'm glad you asked! Manic, you take all our medallions.
Sonia: How do we know he's not just gonna sell 'em at some pawn shop?
Manic: You don't!
Sleet: Stop her!
Sonic: You heard him, Dingo, you doofus! [pulls face] Agh! Stop her!
Dingo: Raaaggghh! [gets stuck in the roof] Oof! Grrrrrr...!
Sonic: Care to try your luck again, metalheads?
Manic: Oh... Here we go... [places his medallion on the stone] One, two... Two and a half!
Sonic: Thar he blows! [Manic rejoins them] Nice goin', bro!
Sonia: The medallions.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Wow!
Sonic: If Mayor Whinnyham's right...
Manic: Only one way to find out!
Sleet: That awful noise! I can't take it!
Sonic: Okay! Let's get this convoy up and back to Mobodoon, while there's still a Mobodoon to get back to.
Sonic: Pedal to the metal, gang! We're goin' through.
Sleet: Stop, thieves! You're stealing our stolen loot!
Mayor: You did it! But hurry. There are only minutes to spare.
Dingo: Oof!
Sleet: Dingo, it's up to you. Get our loot, grab the queen if she's in there... [throws Dingo] Hyuh! If I don't see you until the next time Mobodoon shows up in our world, it'll be way too soon. Sucker!
Sonic: What can I say, Dingus, old sport? You're out!
Mayor: How can I ever thank you?
Sonic: You can take good care of our brother.
Mayor: But of course!
Sonic: Good luck in your new home, bro.
Mayor: Quick, you two! This is your last chance to go!
Manic: Wait a second, guys!
Sonic: We're waitiiing! But make it snappy.
Manic: Don't forget to visit.
Sonic: Like we'd forget our bro! [is about to leave] Wait a minute! What about Mom?
Manic: Yeah! Did she ever show?
Mayor: Oh, I almost forgot! She dropped by while you were saving the Power Stone. She's sorry she couldn't stay, but she said to wish you all a very happy birthday!
Sonic: Whoa! Gotta jam!
Manic: Why all the long faces, guys?
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Manic!
Sonia: You're back!
Manic: You got that right! See, the thing is, Mobodoon's a beautiful place. But I finally figured it out. My real home has always been... with the two of you! Besides, Freedom Fighters all over Mobius are counting on the Sonic Underground. And without a drummer, you guys couldn't play your way out of a paper bag!
Sonia: Yes! We're family again! Together at last!
Sonic: Yeah! Together again, all right!
Sleet: Alas, poor Dingo. Parting is such a sweet, sweet sorrow.
Sonic: Hey, Sleet!
Sleet: Huh?!
Sonic: Catch!
Sleet: Oof!
Manic: Catch ya next time, Mobodoon! What are you guys hangin' around for? We've gotta jam if we're gonna catch up with Mom!
[an excerpt of "I've Found My Home" plays]
[The credits roll]