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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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The City of Mobodoon

The city of Mobodoon

Mobodoon is a location that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. It is a town that is accessible through a portal on Mobius once every four years, during a full moon. This phenomenon is considered a fairy-tale by most Mobians.


The portal to Mobodoon.

The Portal to Mobodoon that appears once every four years.

Mobodoon is currently run by Mayor Winniham and it is also the birth place of Sonic, Manic and Sonia, the three children of Queen Aleena. The town is based on the Cycladic-styled architecture of Greek cities, though the whole town is decorated with colorful crystals (of point-cut). Its existence is maintained by the Power Stone, and allows the town to visit Mobius once every fourth year; without the Power Stone, Mobodoon will quickly fade away and disappear forever.

Despite its rich exterior the town does not run on money or any form of currency, just simply share and give what they have to offer. Since Manic never really had a home to begin with, considered Mobodoon to be his ideal home since it was the place of his actual birth, however he later realized that his home is with Sonic and Sonia as a freedom fighter.


  • Mobodoon is a portmanteau of Brigadoon, a small village from the musical of the same name that appears for one day every hundred years (rather than four years, as in the series), as well as Mobius.
  • The Triplets birthday is on the same date as the portal to Mobodoon would usually show up every full moon.
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