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For the rings native to Mobius, see Golden Ring of Mobius.

The Mobius Ring from Sonic the Comic #106. Art by Richard Elson.

Mobius Rings are objects that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are giant gold rings created by the Drakon Empire.


Doctor Ivo Robotnik and the Mobius Ring from Sonic the Comic #108. Art by Richard Elson.

When the Drakons abandoned their outpost on Mobius in the ancient past, they left behind a single Mobius Ring on Flickies' Island, realizing that someday the Mobians would become advanced enough to understand how it worked, on which day they might become a threat to the Drakons.[1] The Flicky birds native to the Drakons' dimension regularly traveled through the Mobius Ring, appearing on Flickies' Island for a few weeks every year. This attracted the attention of Doctor Robotnik, who traveled to the island to find out where they went.[2] When Robotnik tampered with the Mobius Ring in order to catch the Flickies for use as organic batteries in his new Badniks, a Drakon Prosecutor arrived to take Robotnik away for interrogation.[1]

Robotnik soon returned, having made a deal with the Drakons, and was able to control a Mobius Ring (summoning it wherever he wished) by means of a device on his glove. He used this to travel from the Drakon homeworld to Mobius and back again,[3] and Sonic was also transported back to Mobius (having won his trial by combat) by means of a Mobius Ring.[4]

Emperor Ko-Dorr also used a Mobius Ring to transport himself and his Sentinels to Mobius.[5]


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