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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Mobius[1] is the main setting of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a planet inhabited by various lifeforms that include anthropomorphic animals, humans and mystical beings.

In the aftermath of the Great War, Dr. Robotnik overthrew the royal family of Mobotropolis, and began his campaign to replace all life on Mobius with robots via roboticization. The Freedom Fighters were soon after formed to end Robotnik's tyranny.


A map of the surface of Mobius.

Mobius is an earth-like planet largely inhabited by various sentient anthropomorphic animals and other creatures, some of which include prehistoric, mythological and mystical beings alike. Each such groups have different societies. However, most of the planet's population has already been roboticized by Dr. Robotnik.[2] The planet is also host to humans, the only two known specimens being Dr. Robotnik and Snively.

In addition to animals, due to the work of Dr. Robotnik, robots also maintain a dominant presence on the planet. Also, many places on Mobius suffers from heavy pollution and environmental damage as a result of the pollution from Dr. Robotnik's cities and machines. Despite this, the planet still consists mostly of unspoiled nature which most of its native inhabitants live in harmony with. The landscape of Mobius is also very diverse, with the planet's surface including forests, jungles, mountains, rivers, ancient ruins, seas, islands, and even flying landmasses.


TV series


Centuries ago, there was an wizard named Lazaar, who committed many evil deeds. He eventually went to sleep in his lair in the Forbidden Zone, awaiting someone vile enough to awaken him. However, his years of dreaming made Lazaar undergo a reformation.[3]

In 1543, Ironlock Prison was constructed. It was later abandoned around 3134.[4]

Mobotropolis during its prime.

In the past, there was a city on Mobius, named Mobotropolis, which was inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Years ago, the kingdom of Mobotropolis fought an unknown enemy in a conflict known as the Great War. Thanks to the technology of a man known as Julian, Mobotropolis won the war. What was not known was that Julian planned to establish his own global rule over Mobius.[5] In addition, at some point around this time, Julian betrayed Naugus by trapping him in the Void.[6]

In 3224, Julian rechristened himself Dr. Robotnik and used his army of robots to overthrow the King of Mobotropolis. Soon after, Mobotropolis was transformed into Robotropolis and most of the population was roboticized.[5][7] Robotnik would as well target other civilizations, destroying both the Wolf Pack's ansetral lands[8] and roboticizing nearly every dragon on Mobius.[9]

Eventually, five groups of Freedom Fighters would be formed individually, unaware of the others' existence, for the purpose of overthrowing Robotnik's rule.[8][10] The conflict between Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters would continue for over a decade.

Over the years, Mobius was overrun by Dr. Robotnik's tyranny. The greatest obstacle Robotnik encountered during his rule was the Knothole Freedom Fighters, led by the doctor's most hated enemy, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Season one

The Great Forest

While on a scavenger mission to Robotropolis to get parts for the Knothole Freedom Fighters' catapults, Sonic discovered Dr. Robotnik's plot to reveal the secret location of Knothole Village by destroying the Great Forest. Returning to Knothole Village safely, Sonic warned his friends, and together they foiled Robotnik's attack on the Great Forest.[11]

During a sabotage mission to Robotropolis, the Freedom Fighters received a message that seemed to be from the King. Investigating the message, the group travled to Ironlock Prison in hopes of find the King. Robotnik tried to stop them, but Sonic kept his team safe. At Ironlock, they did not find the King, although they did find a useful mal over Robotropolis' underground tunnel network. With that map, they got back to Robotropolis and carried out their original mission. However, the team lost Cat along the way.[4] During another of the Knothole Freedom Fighters' mission to Robotropolis, Princess Sally got captured while trying to destroy a Swat-Bot factory. Robotnik then created a robot duplicate of Sally that infiltrated the Knothole Freedom Fighters while he prepared to roboticize Sally. However, the "Sallybot" was unable to get Knothole Village's location, and when it accompanied the Knothole Freedom Fighters on their second attempt to destroy the Swat-Bot factory, her cover was blown. Sonic subsequently rescued Sally with the Sallybot while his team destroyed the Swat-Bot factory.[12]

The Crystal Mine.

Regrouping underneath Robotropolis after failing their respective missions in the city, the Knothole Freedom Fighters discovered a roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog. Following him to the Crystal Mine, the group was able to temporarily restore Charles' free will with a Power Ring. In the time he had, Charles showed the Knothole Freedom Fighters Robotnik's excavation of a giant Energy Crystal. If that crystal was extracted, Mobius's eco-system would collapse. Though the heroes were able to stop the extraction, the Knothole Freedom Fighters were forced to leave Charles behind.[1] Later, the Knothole Freedom Fighters went on a mission Maga to retrieve the Secret Scrolls. Though Robotnik and his lackeys showed up to take the Secret Scrolls when the Knothole Freedom Fighters found them, they were able to defeat Robotnik and escape Maga with the Secret Scrolls.[13] Sally later had a run-in with Lazaar's Guardian while on a mission to Robotropolis that led to a visit to the Forbidden Zone. When the experience led to Sally telling Sonic about Lazaar, Sonic decided to acquire Lazaar's Computer with spells to use it against Robotnik. However, Robotnik, after learning of Lazaar, got to the computer first and stole it. He then used it to bring Sally and Bunnie to him and enslave them. When Sonic later met the reformed Lazaar, he promised that he would get him his computer back. In spite of Lazaar stripping him of his speed though, Sonic got the computer back, saved his friends, and returned the computer to Lazaar, who made his departure.[3]

After the Knothole Freedom Fighters destroyed Robotropolis' power generator (but not its backup generator), Robotnik and Snively held a race in order to lure Sonic into a trap. Although Sonic showed up to compete, the hedgehog used the race to distract Robotnik and his lackeys while the other Knothole Freedom Fighters attacked the backup generator. When things did not go entirely according to plan though, Sonic abandoned the race and helped his friends destroy the backup generator.[14] When Sonic later foiled Snively's attempt to destroy the Great Forest with the Shredder, Antoine got jealous and tried to earn recognition by capturing Robotnik. However, his plan backfired when Robotnik ended up capturing him and acquiring a Power Ring for his Sonic Radar. Regardless, Sonic managed to save Antoine from roboticization, destroy both the second Shredder attacking the Great Forest and the Sonic Radar, and escape back to Knothole Village (with a little help from Antoine).[15]

The Sky Spy orbiting Mobius.

Soon after, Robotnik sent a space station for locating Knothole Village into space. However, the Knothole Freedom Fighters discovered the space station and managed to get to it with the aid of one of Robotnik's abandoned rocket engines. After they sabotaged the space station and got back to Knothole Village, the Knothole Freedom Fighters made the space station crash far away from Knothole Village.[16] The Knothole Freedom Fighters later discovered that Robotnik was planning to create toxic rain with the Cloud Burster and chemicals from the Island of Nimbus. Although Sally, Bunnie and Antoine got captured by Robotnik when trying to sabotage the Cloud Burster, and Robotnik managed to launch the Cloud Burster, Sonic arrived on the Island of Nimbus in time to save his friends and make the Cloud Burster crash. As a consequence of that battle, the Island of Nimbus sank.[17]

When they almost got caught by Swat-Bots during a sabotage mission to Robotropolis, Sonic, Sally and Antoine were saved by Griff, who took them to the underground city of Lower Mobius, which was, unfortunately, suffering from a power shortage. After the Knothole Freedom Fighters spent some time there, Griff took them back to Knothole Village, where he was allowed to stay for the night after his Hover Sled broke down. While there however, Griff stole the Lake of Rings' Power Rock in order to use it to power Lower Mobius. After discovering the theft, Sonic went to Lower Mobius and got the Power Rock back. As a compromise though, Sonic gave Griff a fragment of the Power Rock to keep Lower Mobius going, and he and Griff made up.[18] Later, the Kraken's underground kingdom got destroyed by pollution from Robotnik's oil platform. Meanwhile, the Knothole Freedom Fighters went down the Great River in search of some green water that made plants grow rapidly. They eventually ended up in the caves of the Kraken, who blamed them for destroying his kingdom and tried to dispose of them. While Sonic, Sally and Antoine got caught, Rotor managed to save his friends. Afterward, they told the Kraken that Robotnik was the one behind the pollution in his kingdom. After Sonic destroyed the oil platform, the Kraken gave the Knothole Freedom Fighters a gift for revitalizing their dying trees.[19]

Boulder Bay

When a herd of Terapods showed up near Knothole Village during their yearly migration to Boulder Bay, the Knothole Freedom Fighters decided to help guide them to Boulder bay when they seemingly went in the wrong direction. Robotnik, wanting to roboticize the Terapods, soon came after them. In the end though, the Freedom Fighters and the Terapods escaped Robotnik's pursuit and got to Boulder Bay. In addition, the Knothole Freedom Fighters found a new weapon to use against Robotnik.[2]

Season two

Sonic caught in Robotnik's fortress.

After Ari's Freedom Fighters got captured by Dr. Robotnik, Ari made a deal with Robotnik: he would help him capture Sonic, and the doctor would release his team. After Ari earned the trust of Sonic, Sonic helped him get inside a fortress, only to Sonic to get caught in a trap that would sent him into the Void. In the meantime, Ari returned to Robotnik, with Sally and Dulcy, who had discovered Ari's deceit, hot on his tail. When Robotnik revealed he had broken his promise by roboticizing Air's friends, Sally and Dulcy saved Ari. The three then returned to the fortress where Ari saved Sonic from being pulled into the Void. Although Ari got pulled into the Void himself in the end, he managed to tell Sonic before he got sucked in that the King had a list of all the Freedom Fighter groups out there.[10] Later, after Sonic and Sally escaped Robotnik's new weapon, the Shriek-Bot, the Knothole Freedom Fighters seemingly perfected a De-Roboticizer. Sonic thus got Charles to Knothole where they managed to de-roboticize him after some technical trouble. However, Charles soon revered back to his Worker-Bot form and kidnapped Tails and Antoine. Eventually catching up to Charles with some aid from his friends, Sonic got Charles to regain his free will on his own. However, against Sonic's wishes, Charlies decided to remain in Robotropolis as a spy for the Knothole Freedom Fighters, using his robotic body as a disguise. Afterward, Sonic destroyed the Shriek-Bot and got his friends home.[20]

During another trip to Robotropolis, the Knothole Freedom Fighters had to call off a mission. However, Sonic used this opportunity to go after a chili dog. Along the way, he saved some Freedom Fighters from roboticizatiobn, but he also got hit by a Memory Scrambler. Using the now-amnesiac Sonic, Snively was able to find Knothole Village and invade it. However, some of Sonic's allies discovered Snively's plan. After getting most of the others to safety, Charles, Sally and Tails got Sonic back to his senses. Sonic proceeded to incapacitate Snively with his own Memory Scrambler while Sally and Charles called off the airstrike on Knothole Village. Afterward, they changed Knothole's location in Robotnik's database.[21]

The Floating Island

After a mission to Robotropolis went wrong and learning of the legendary Time Stones' existence from Dulcy, Sonic and Sally decided to got back in time with the aid of the Time Stones and prevent Robotnik's coup before it began. Arriving on the Floating Island, the duo got into the local temple and got the Time Stones from the Keeper of the Time Stones. Using the Time Stones, Sonic and Sally went over ten years back in time, but soon discovered that they had arrived a bit too late, as Robotnik was already preparing his coup. Though they managed to warn the King, Robotnik arrived a moment later and surrounded them.[5] Sonic and Sally were soon after captured and put in prison, where they set to be roboticized, along with their younger counterparts from that time. However, Sonic and Sally soon broke free and delayed the scheduled roboticization procedure. While shifting through Robotnik's computer in an attempt to find their younger counterparts however, Sally discovered that they had to stop the Destroyer as well before it could destroy the Great Forest (which did not happen in the original timeline). Along the way, Sonic saved Dulcy's mother, Sabina. With her help, Sonic and Sally destroyed the Destroyer. The two then proceeded to save their younger counterparts from roboticization. After then ensuring that the children were safely evacuated to Knothole Village, Sonic and Sally returned to their time. Back home, they realized that though they had failed to change history the way they wanted, they had saved their nanny, Rosie, from roboticization.[7]

Having nearly messed up a mission to Robotropolis, Antoine tried taking martial art lessons to better himself. However, he did not do well. Soon after, he met the Nasty Hyenas, who took him in as their king. When the Knothole Freedom Fighters later found Antoine, he resigned from the Freedom Fighters in refusal to abandon his new title. However, the Knothole Freedom Fighters soon discovered that the Nasty Hyenas ate their kings. As such, they returned and saved Antoine just before he was cooked.[22] Sonic and Antoine later took Tails out into the forest to train him to become a future Freedom Fighter. After a day of training though, Tails would hear ghost stories from Sonic at the campfire. As such, Tails became convinced that ghosts were haunting the woods (especially after he saw a sleepwalking Antoine walk around with glowing moss on him). Eventually though, everything was cleared up for Tails. The next day, however, they found evidence of the Gopher Highwayman, and ran away.[23]

Dragon's Nest

Following another mission to Robotropolis, the Knothole Freedom Fighters noticed that something was up with Dulcy. Eventually, Sonic and Sally saved her from being caught by Hover Units when she flew off in a trance. Afterward, they learned that Dulcy was being called to Dragon's Nest. Soon after, Dulcy left for that location. Sonic and Sally followed though after learning that Robotnik was heading there as well. There, Robotnik caught a Mother Dragon, leaving Dulcy to take care of that dragon's egg. After getting the egg to safety, the Knothole Freedom Fighters rescued the Mother Dragon from roboticization. The Mother Dragon left afterward with her newly-hatched child for a safe haven for the both of them.[9] Not long after, Sonic came across a strange artifact which he gave to Sally. Soon after, while Sonic was in Robotropolis to hear about the Doomsday Project from Charles, Sally and Bunnie got sucked into the Void. Discovering his friends' kidnapping, Sonic headed to the Great Unknown to find a portal into the Void. Meanwhile, having detected Void activity in that region, Robotnik assembled his army in the Great Unknown in fear that Naugus would return. Upon seeing Sonic there, Robotnik believed Sonic to be in cahoots with Naugus and forced him into a Void portal. However, Sonic soon returned from the Void with Naugus, who began to torture Robotnik before scaring him off. After Sonic got everyone out of the Void though, including Ari and the King, the King and Naugus were forced to return to the Void or risk death. Before departing though, the King gave Sally his list of the Freedom Fighter groups.[6]

When Sonic's hut got destroyed, he decided to move in with Antoine until he could rebuilt his hut. However, Antoine was soon driven insane by Sonic's behavior, prompting Sonic to start rebuilding his hut right away.[24] Later, Antoine accidently brought Rotor's robot assistant, Ro-Becca to life. With Ro-Becca being volatilely in love with Antoine, shenanigans soon ensued.[25]

The Wolf Pack's hideout.

Not long after, the Knothole Freedom Fighters went in search of the Wolf Pack in order to establish a Freedom Fighter network. Upon finding the Wolf Pack, the group agreed to help the Knothole Freedom Fighters. They also joined forces in order to destroy a test Doomsday Pod that had been destroying the Wolf Pack's lands. After destroying the Doomsday Pod, the Wolf Pack made contact with the Eastern and Southern Freedom Fighters. The five Freedom Fighter groups' leaders soon after formed an alliance to bring down Dr. Robotnik and his Doosmday Project.[8] Sally and Dulcy later learned that Dr. Robotnik was searching Drood Henge for the Deep Power Stones, which he planned to use for his Doomsday Project. In the meantime, Sonic and Tails infiltrated Drood Henge and delayed Robotnik's operations. When Sonic and Sally later got the information they needed on the Deep Power Stone, they went to Drood Henge and tricked Robotnik into thinking that they destroyed the second Deep Power Stone (with the first one having already been claimed by Robotnik). They later found the real Deep Power Stone and decided to keep it. In addition, due to his pivotal role in the mission, Tails was made a Freedom Fighter.[26]

The Knothole Freedom Fighters would later sabotage a fuel convoy heading for Robotnik's Doomsday Machine. Growing tired of the Freedom Fighters' recent interference, Robotnik suspected a spy was in his midst. As such, Robotnik set a trap for that spy. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie infiltrated the Doomsday Machine and got the inforation they needed. However, they also learned of Robotnik's plan to catch Charles. Sending a warning to Knothole Village, Antoine decided to pass this warning on to Chuck himself. Meanwhile, Sonic met up with Chuck and helped him replace a bug in Robotnik's headquarters. Antoine followed them, but he was soon caught by Snively and was interrogated by him. Eventually though, Sonic saved Antoine and had Dulcy take him home. In the meantime, Charles's cover was blown. Caught by Robotnik, the doctor began to interrogate him. Fortunately, Sonic saved Charles, with some aid from Sally and Bunnie. Afterward, Charles showed the Knothole Freedom Fighters his new hideout and disguise so that he could still spy on Robotnik.[27]

The site of the Doomsday Machine.

Not long after, Robotnik launched his Doomsday Project, which would lay waste to everything on Mobius within 24 hours with an army of Doomsday Pods. After averting an attack on Knothole Village, the Knothole Freedom Fighters called upon their fellow Freedom Fighters to launch a counterattack on the Doomsday Machine. While the other Freedom Fighters distracted Robotnik's forces, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine snuck into the Doomsday Machine. As things got more severe though, Sonic went on alone while having the others escape. After then failing to destroy the Doomsday Machine's generator, Sonic barely escaped being roboticized. As Chuck came up with the idea of using the Deep Power Stones to destroy the Doomsday Machine, Sonic got to Robotropolis and stole the other stone. He and Sally then entered the Doomsday Machine and used the Deep Power Stones to wipe out the machine and seemingly Robotnik. After that, the Freedom Fighters would celebrate Robotnik's fall, not knowing Snively was ready to make his move with a ally.[28]

Main locations


Cities and territories



Production background and future plans

According to Ben Hurst, due to the fast-paced production of the stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, the developers of the show never had time to map out Mobius, as they only gave the locations names while the artists filled them in.[29]

In some of the plans for the show, the writers wanted to establish Mobius as a future version of earth. While Julian and Snively were out on a space expedition, a nuclear holocaust had destroyed all human life on the planet, while the animals who survived mutated into sentient beings over several thousands of years and built the society which would become Mobius. Having traveled into the future due to the time dilations effects of space travel, Julian and Snively arrived on Mobius, and Julian would set out to take over this animal-dominated planet, believing it to be his right as human.[30]

A similar concept would later be utilized in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xorda Attack on Earth in Sonic the Hedgehog #124.


  • The name Mobius may be a reference to a shape known as the Möbius strip, a shape with no clear start or end that appears to have multiple sides, when in fact there is only one.

See also


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