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Mobian Prairie, from Sonic the Comic #87. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The great Mobian Prairie is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is, as its name suggests, a vast expanse of prairie on the planet Mobius.


Mobian Prairie is situated between the Mobian Channel and the Metropolis Zone. Knuckles the Echidna attempted to pass through the Mobian Prairie on his way home to the Floating Island.[1]

The Mobian Prairie is home to a species of large, flightless birds known as Apterix, the meat of which is a growing market in Metropolis Zone. Certain ranchers, most notably Rooster and Boss Krouch (the mayor of Backwater City), rear Apterix specifically to sell in the Metropolis Zone.[2]

Backwater City is located in the Mobian Prairie.

Known residents


  • While identified as a prairie, the arid landscape of the Mobian Prairie and its tall rock formations make it look more like badlands.


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