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The High Council and Mitre listening to Dimitri's proposal for a reunification in 3236.

Mitre is the title given to an Echidna spiritual leader.


In Echidnaopolis politics, the Mitre holds the highest position of power in the High Council of Echidnaopolis, and under him are the High Councillors. The Lost Tribe also had a Mitre as the group leader, with the position originally held by Arakkis and passed down through the generations to Himon, Athair and Knuckles. (StH: #108, KtE: #11)

Mitre Kali-Ca presided at Knuckles' funeral.[1]

The Mitre in Knuckles' times was involved in negotiations with Dimitri in hopes of reunifying the Dark Legion and Echidnaopolis. He, Dimitri, or both may have been the targets of an assassination planned by Lien-Da but thwarted by Knuckles.


  • A mitre is the ceremonial headgear of bishops and other clergy in various Christian churches.


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